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a new upgrade is now available from to help increase your search engine ranking through a special search box

Why should you be excited about your new Google Search feature being installed for all business promotion and website hosting clients?

The more that people click your various webpages in Google search the more this signals Google's algorithm that people are interested in that particular webpage on your website. This is a factor in increasing your search engine ranking.

Okay now hold on I know what you're thinking.

"Great I'll stay home and click my own links all day!"

That may have worked 20 years ago to increase your search engine ranking and indeed was an old SEO black hat trick, but hundreds of clicks from the same location and IP address will no longer impress any search engine including Google.

How does a search box on the promotion website help my primary website, Rick?

I just gave away a secret, didn't I?

It's true! For my website promotion clients who already have a website, I build a flexible website system and optimize it with both SEO and automated programs I've written myself. All backlinks created lead back to my website promotion client's primary website. Contact information is also added for service businesses. After all, the goal is for your prospect to hire you not visit your website.

This is no different than being found via an article or press release. I had one business promotion client who was concerned about this so I thought I'd bring it up.

Thanks for explaining Rick, but that still doesn't answer the question. Why does a Google search box help me and my search engine ranking?

Originally the search box I created would only allow your prospective buyers to search the promotional website on Google. Since my goal is to get more people to your website, I didn't t like that idea.

This new Google search box solves that problem!

Your new Google search box which will go on your website promotion site will search two websites at the same time!

I set the Google search box variables to search your website first, then your promotional website. So if your website has the keywords that your prospective buyers are searching for then the Google search box will take your future buyers to your website. If your website doesn't have the keywords your prospective buyers are searching for, then your prospective buyers will land on your promotion website. This will then take your prospective buyers to your primary website!

This Google search box you came up with Rick to get more people to click on your website links to help improve search engine ranking sounds like a great idea. Does it have any other features?

There's one feature I worked very hard on. Have you ever noticed Google withholds webpages from your search results unless you click a link at the bottom of the search page? You then click the link and you see results Google doesn't think are important.

ALL of Googles search results show with this special Google search box by Rick Kirkham of

The trouble is not too many people will click the link. The Google search box I created SHOWS ALL SEARCH RESULTS!

Why’s it so important to show all search results Rick?

Remember earlier when I told you Google will give more authority to links that are clicked on a lot by your prospective buyers? You now have a chance to give those links enough authority so they’ll show up in normal search results!

So now website promotion-wise, you get the best of both worlds!

Even as I'm helping you to make changes to your primary website to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines to help increase traffic to your website in order to increase your sales, I'm creating a website with customized and automated features linking back to your primary website to help you in the background. Backlinks continue to be an important factor in search engine ranking.

This two site Google search box is an additional feature to help people and search engines find your web pages. Getting clients to your website, increasing your business's traffic to your website and increasing sales by helping you make more money online is what I do best and why I can help you!

Are you one of my website promotion or website hosting clients yet?

I will not accept clients with similar products or services. So make sure you get signed up as quickly as possible at for both hosting and automated marketing or get signed up here for my SEO, website promotion and sales service.

If you have questions email me at You may also Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 if you’re in the Unitied States. I ask that you not call me due to time differences here in Honolulu Hawaii and everywhere else. Don’t worry, we’ll set a time to Zoom or talk on the phone.

Video - The Best Ways to Promote Your Website When You Have Time

Here are some proven marketing tactics to increase traffic and sales for your website. Some of my automated marketing clients and website promotion clients of have asked me how they can promote their websites and products when they have time to add to the automated marketing content and social media posts.

Write Articles on Your Website

This establishes you as an expert as well as creates more keyworded content for Google and other search engines.

E.A.T. stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It comes from Google's Search Quality Rater Guidelines. What I like to say it E.A.T. to eat :-)

Obviously, I can write articles for you. It would save you time and allow you to do what you do best for your business. I need about two to three hours to write a good keyworded customer and search engine loving article for you. Thus far my going rate is only $95.00 per hour. You can hire me and send me instructions on my main webpage.


More and more people are listening to podcasts. Think about something you're doing that's unique and start contacting podcasters. Local businesses look for local podcasts.

Press Releases

Search Google and Bing for submit press release free. Press releases are a good way of getting quality backlinks while building authority. As a cheapskate, they also happen to be one of the few services I would consider paying for.

Use the third person in your press release.

Make your press release newsworthy, not just advertising. Think of watching the news or reading the paper. Does your news fit in there? Then it's newsworthy.

In the about the author section make sure you use your citations. See the definition of those below.

Feel free to hire me to write your press release for you.

For Just Adding Links

Use my Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More

Search for Your Service or Product In Google and Bing

The purpose of the search is not to find your own product or service. It's to find directories, forums, and social media sites where your competitors are listed. Why? SO YOU CAN LIST YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE THERE AS WELL.

Stay away from paid submissions for now. You could always email me or ask a question below about a paid submission site. Every time I add my website promotion and hosting business to a website they have some type of paid upgrade. I get an email from them and reply asking for proof or references that the upgrade works and every single time I hear crickets. No response whatsoever.

Social Media

Don't just post on social media. Make a profile. See BusyBusinessHosting's Twitter profile. Feel free to follow me while you're there. By the way, DO NOT ignore Twitter. Google loves Twitter.

My Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More has social media sites.

How to Format Your Profile

When you make your profile be as consistent as you can. The search engines such as Google and Bing like the consistency but, possibly more importantly, the people visiting various social media will see the consistency as well.

If I've made a Twitter banner for you use that banner or something like it as part of your profile on other social media.

Free Twitter Tip

I try to include my website address along with keywords in my profile name. You can even change your user name for keywords which is rare amongst social media.

Keywords are what people type into search engines to find your website.

For Local Businesses

Local directories such as Yelp, Bing Places and Google Business Profile which now uses Google Maps are where your time sensitive efforts should be placed. After finding all the free local directories move onto social media.

Local Businesses Check Out Your Brand New Automated Service to Help You with Local SEO

Make Multiple City Targeted Webpages for Local SEO and Sales

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's how we adjust a website to make it more clear to search engines what your intentions are with your website. Fortunately, this also helps make it more clear to your prospective buyers as well.

Local businesses should have a web page for each city in which they're located or where you service your clients. It's easier for search engines to figure out the importance of that location and therefore you are placed higher in your search engine ranking.

Citations for Local Businesses

Citations are a fancy term that means placing your NAP all over the place. NAP stands for



Phone number

Whenever possible the website address should also be included.

Once again Google Business Profile and other directories like consistency. So be certain to use the same EXACT name address and phone number for your business. There's an old website tracking trick where you place ?camfromhere at the end of your URL which is your website address. I do not recommend even doing that for your citations.

Don't worry BusyBusinessHosting clients. I'm working on something to automate this.


Video Reviews

If a picture is worth 1000 words a video is worth a million. Use YouTube AND other video sharing sites to post video reviews from happy clients. Then take that video and embed it on a page of video referrals on your website. When I do a video I always make sure the word Video is in the title. For search engine purposes make sure you have the word review for each review. The word review is searched for more than the word testimonial according to Google Trends.

Convert Articles Into Videos

Next, convert some of your most popular articles you've written into video. I'm an in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD since I have ADHD myself. Don't worry, I hyperfocused on SEO and digital marketing :-).

One of my favorite articles I wrote for this venue is

ADHD - The Gift and Superpower of ADHD and How to Use It Not Manage It - Use It! by In Home Tutor Covering Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Text 808.224.1870 Note the phone number right in the title so prospective students don't have to search for my number to call me. Having my phone number in the title tag also means it will appear in Google and other search engines.

I did this same article on YouTube. Note in the description I linked back to the original article on my website. YouTube allows affiliate links so there are also some Amazon affiliate products related to ADHD.

I then made a new webpage and embedded the video into the page like so

So now we have new material, a video on a high traffic website and a link from the high traffic website back to my website. Adding a video to the original article would have also help with search engine optimization. I believe especially a YouTube video due to the old saying,

"Google loves Google."

Now Advertise Your Best Products or Services on YouTube

I just finished telling a prospective website hosting and website promotion client the importance of tracking and knowing what your most popular products and services are. Also which products or services make your business the most money?

Do a separate YouTube video for each popular product or service. Create a separate playlist for each product or service if they're different enough to require one.

Easiest Way to Do All This

Obviously, the easiest way to do all of this is to hire me to do it for you. For more information on my very affordable rates visit my main web page

You may email me at

US only residents may also text me. I ask you not to call due to time differences here in Hawaii. I know you're excited to get started, but please respect my wishes. Otherwise I'd be on the phone all night with no time for my family.

SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

Baner for SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

STOP! If you've landed on the website marketing and promotion explanation webpage looking for ways to passively make money online working from home don't worry you're on the right website. Just click here to visit the webpage on making money online working from home.

If you've never had a website before and need help even selecting your domain name which is your website address, you found the right webpage. Just scroll down, get signed up and I'll take you step by step. Don't worry, I'm here to help you.

And Now Back to How You Can Benefit from These SEO and Sales Increasing Services....

Rick, I've already spoken to you about increasing my sales and SEO. I'm clicking here to order your business enhancement services

What makes this SEO, website promotion and digital marketing service for you unique is the fact that I'll help you with your webpage to increase your sales as well as help you be found in the search engines and social media....

  • Do you need to increase your sales?

  • Do you need more traffic on your website?

  • To be blunt do you need to make more money for your business either online or offline?

Here's a video example of an increasing sales and SEO analysis to give you an idea of how I'll help you increase your sales and traffic to your website

I'd like to thank Core Hire Desk, the best worldwide, bilingual virtual assistant company, for allowing me to share these important sales and SEO tips with our fellow business owners. As my latest website promotion client, they're going to get EVEN busier. So contact them right away to take the daily burden away from you, freeing you up to do what you do best and increase your business!

Noncustomers of May Now Benefit From The Same Features and Advice Customers Do

To help increase sales on your website I will:

  1. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  2. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website to increase your sales

  3. Edit and tweak or make suggestions for your website to improve your call to action

For this, I'm normally paid $95.00 per hour.

You'll also receive these products and services to improve traffic and sales to your website

I'll make a separate domain (website address) for you using the proper keywords to attract customers from search engines. All links will lead back to your primary website. Don't worry. It won't confuse your customers. It's just like linking from an article or press release except a lot better.

Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service A $29.00 Per Month Value will bring you fresh content from news sources linked back to your website or special offer.

Rick Kirkham's Post Repeater Script Also a $29.00 PER MONTH VALUE will be set up for any posts made on your website provided your website has an RSS feed (almost all websites do).

Types of Services for You to Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Basic Website and Marketing Management of Any Hosting Service

I'll create another blog for you on If this is your first website this will be your primary website. Building a promotional website is done because some websites such as Wix and Groovefunnels do not support PHP. I'll use your website as an example but tweak the text for sales and search engine ranking. All links will lead back to your main website. Despite what some SEO "experts" tell you backlinks continue to be very important for search engine ranking.

Don't worry! This will not confuse your prospective customers. It's not any different than finding your website through a published article or press release on another website.

You'll get one critique of your website per month and ALL the auto marketing programs listed above for only $49.00 per month.

Rick do you have an example of the free blog I get to increase my traffic, search engine ranking and sales

Take a look at Any Kine Junk's free blog to increase sales and backlinks .

Note that all of these keyword phrased links from the blog lead to Any Kine Junk's primary website.

Any Kine Junk's Twitter account which is populated automatically with Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service

Any Kine Junk's LinkedIn account also populated with Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service.

All of these links lead to Any Kine Junk's main webpage thus automatically creating new keyword phrased locally targeted backlinks every six hours!

I'm sure the owner would admit the improvement in sales closes on the website and descriptions for both sales and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were due to yours truly, Rick Kirkham.

For all of this, the only investment for your business is $49.00 per month!

If you think that's amazing wait till you see this....

Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing

I'll treat your website with as much care as you do. I got this website and marketing.

You get all the features above and...

I'll help get your primary website listed in directories such as Google Maps and Bing Places. I'll also help get you listed in as many local business directories as possible WITH the right keyword phrases to make it easier for your prospective buyers to find you.

I'll add and edit content or make suggestions whenever it's needed to your promotional website as well as help you edit and add content to your primary website.

All this for only $150.00 per month.

Time to Decide on Your Future

If you continue to do what you're doing you will probably get the same results. You're an expert in your product or service. I'm an expert in getting your prospects as excited as you are. Let us do our jobs and help you....

Legal stuff

Increases in sales and or traffic to your website are not guaranteed. Hard work and investments in time and money on my part are necessary to help you increase sales and traffic. Therefore no refunds will be granted. By ordering one, some or all of my services you agree to these conditions.

Note from Rick Kirkham

SEO, advertising and marketing are processes not events. There's a lot going on in the background you will not even see. Anytime you want to see your statistics just email me with your details.

My point here is though be prepared to commit to six months before seeing any significant results. Once again legally speaking results are not guaranteed.

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