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Transcript for How to Sign Up for Website Hosting and Automated Marketing and SEO BusyBusinessHosting com

Aloha everyone

I'm Rick Kirkham of Today I'm going to show you how to get signed up for website hosting and for automated marketing or even full-service website management.

To do that, I'm just gonna go over here to and we're going to scroll down and click here for done for you (DFY) website hosting and or promotion. I also promote people that already have websites. I help them with that, don't worry.

We click on that and here we go, Rick I need a website, website hosting, and marketing. I'm too busy to do any of that, so we scroll down and we click right here order your done for you hosting for the busy business owner. You can also register a domain.

Sorry about that, so we just click on order your hosting for the busy business owner. Click on that and that will send you to right here where I try to do an entire sales pitch for you here in this one column. It didn't look very good, but all you have to do is just click here on order now.

Okay, that's $49 a month for the automated marketing and the website hosting, and you put in your website right there. Then you either click on transfer domain from a register or from another registrar, so you can transfer your domain over to busy business hosting or you could click on this. A lot of people already have an existing domain.

Now, I know I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot here, but you really, and this is based on experience you note the gray hair, okay? That's not from being married, that's from working on websites and SEO since the 90s. So this is based on experience, keep your domain and your website hosting separate.

I know I'm shooting myself in the foot when I say that but if you can keep them separate, then whoever is your website hosting provider does not have as much power over you. I've been in before I started finally deciding, you know, uh, please excuse my language but you know, screw this crap, I'm just gonna start my own website hosting company. But before that, I dealt with several website hosting companies and I don't want to name any names because I'm sure they're just anxious to sue somebody to try and make another you know, ten thousand bucks or whatever.

But, each one of these times, I had my own domain. In fact, I used namecheap, by the way. I'm not an affiliate of namecheap or anything like that, I just like them. And from namecheap, whenever one of these hosting companies would screw me over, I just, oh, there it goes again, sorry. I just told them they were fired. I actually, I looked for other hosting first, I told them they were fired, and then I got other hosting and then I pointed my domains names to my new website name servers. And that, that's really the best way to do it right there. And I'm thinking of you folks when I say that, I'm not thinking of myself. I try to be a good Christian, but anyway, that's how you get signed up.

If you have any questions, once again, you can email me at

And that's it, so just head on over to there, get signed up. Now, you know what, one more thing. One more place that you can go to get signed up if all of this confuses you. I actually made another page.

Let me go there now, I really wasn't planning on doing this, but let me show you. You can also go to and you could use PayPal to get signed up. This is especially for people that have never had a website and not really sure what to do. So, you know, I'm here to help. I'm a dual certified teacher, and I'm kind of got an OCB for helping people. So, you know, you can also go over there to busy business hosting, a bunch of stuff on what you, again, you say Rick I've already spoken to you. When you click on that, that takes you right down to the sign up page. There's some legal stuff, a note from me, and here you can sign up.

Now I know it says website promotion, but website promotion hosting is included in website promotion, and that's whether you have a primary website or not. I still build a secondary website so that I can promote you even better. Nobody else does that, and anyway, so there's a yearly and then a monthly sign up and then if you need to hire me by the hour to make some changes to your website, that's also possible to do.

And that's it. I plan on showing you that, but I wanted to anyway, so, good luck in your business. Consider me for your website hosting, and God bless you.

-Rick Kirkham

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