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Transcript for How to Sign Up for Website Hosting and Automated Marketing and SEO BusyBusinessHosting com

Aloha everyone

I'm Rick Kirkham of Today I'm going to show you how to get signed up for website hosting and for automated marketing or even full-service website management.

To do that, I'm just gonna go over here to and we're going to scroll down and click here for done for you (DFY) website hosting and or promotion. I also promote people that already have websites. I help them with that, don't worry.

We click on that and here we go, Rick I need a website, website hosting, and marketing. I'm too busy to do any of that, so we scroll down and we click right here order your done for you hosting for the busy business owner. You can also register a domain.

Sorry about that, so we just click on order your hosting for the busy business owner. Click on that and that will send you to right here where I try to do an entire sales pitch for you here in this one column. It didn't look very good, but all you have to do is just click here on order now.

Okay, that's $49 a month for the automated marketing and the website hosting, and you put in your website right there. Then you either click on transfer domain from a register or from another registrar, so you can transfer your domain over to busy business hosting or you could click on this. A lot of people already have an existing domain.

Now, I know I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot here, but you really, and this is based on experience you note the gray hair, okay? That's not from being married, that's from working on websites and SEO since the 90s. So this is based on experience, keep your domain and your website hosting separate.

I know I'm shooting myself in the foot when I say that but if you can keep them separate, then whoever is your website hosting provider does not have as much power over you. I've been in before I started finally deciding, you know, uh, please excuse my language but you know, screw this crap, I'm just gonna start my own website hosting company. But before that, I dealt with several website hosting companies and I don't want to name any names because I'm sure they're just anxious to sue somebody to try and make another you know, ten thousand bucks or whatever.

But, each one of these times, I had my own domain. In fact, I used namecheap, by the way. I'm not an affiliate of namecheap or anything like that, I just like them. And from namecheap, whenever one of these hosting companies would screw me over, I just, oh, there it goes again, sorry. I just told them they were fired. I actually, I looked for other hosting first, I told them they were fired, and then I got other hosting and then I pointed my domains names to my new website name servers. And that, that's really the best way to do it right there. And I'm thinking of you folks when I say that, I'm not thinking of myself. I try to be a good Christian, but anyway, that's how you get signed up.

If you have any questions, once again, you can email me at

And that's it, so just head on over to there, get signed up. Now, you know what, one more thing. One more place that you can go to get signed up if all of this confuses you. I actually made another page.

Let me go there now, I really wasn't planning on doing this, but let me show you. You can also go to and you could use PayPal to get signed up. This is especially for people that have never had a website and not really sure what to do. So, you know, I'm here to help. I'm a dual certified teacher, and I'm kind of got an OCB for helping people. So, you know, you can also go over there to busy business hosting, a bunch of stuff on what you, again, you say Rick I've already spoken to you. When you click on that, that takes you right down to the sign up page. There's some legal stuff, a note from me, and here you can sign up.

Now I know it says website promotion, but website promotion hosting is included in website promotion, and that's whether you have a primary website or not. I still build a secondary website so that I can promote you even better. Nobody else does that, and anyway, so there's a yearly and then a monthly sign up and then if you need to hire me by the hour to make some changes to your website, that's also possible to do.

And that's it. I plan on showing you that, but I wanted to anyway, so, good luck in your business. Consider me for your website hosting, and God bless you.

-Rick Kirkham

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Writing Articles For Seo To Rank High In The Search Engines A Unique Teacher's Perspective By Seo And Sales Psychology Expert, Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham

enter image description here

Long before my ADHD brain hyper-focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increasing search engine rankings, I went to college to become a teacher. In this article, I'm going to teach you a unique and interesting way to look at Google and other search engines to help you understand how to write articles for SEO and rank them in the search engines higher than your competition.

Before We Discuss Writing Articles for SEO to Rank Higher in The Search Engines, A Bit of Writing Advice from a Teacher….

Write for your guests, THEN for the search engines to increase your search engine ranking.

The longer your guests spend on your webpage, the more the search engines such as Google and Bing give your article relevance. Therefore, making your article informative will help increase your search engine ranking for the keywords you're targeting in your article.

Use proper punctuation.

I do a lot of substitute teaching at the middle school level. Texting is ruining people's ability to write coherently. Capitalize your I's, use commas and other forms of punctuation.

To help with both grammar and spelling I use the this grammar and punctuation Chrome extension and app. Sometimes proper Grammar needs to be sacrificed. The average person reads at a middle school level. So keep that in mind while you're writing your SEO article.

Even for an SEO article to increase your search engine ranking, I'd advise using conversational writing. That means writing the way we talk and even ending a phrase in a preposition now and then. Though I admit to cringing when I do :-).

Okay Mr. Kirkham Or Mr. K As Your Students Call You, What's This Unique Way Of Looking At Google, Bing And Other Search Engines For Seo And Improving My Search Engine Ranking?

When you're writing an article for SEO, treat Google and other search engines like a five-year-old child!

Repeat your keywords in the SEO article just like you have to repeat things to a 5 year old. Sometimes the 5-year-old doesn't understand the way you're saying something, so state it a different way. The same thing applies to SEO and search engines. Using your keywords in the article differently implies a natural, organic way of writing, as opposed to keyword stuffing.

Use complete sentences and complete thoughts in your SEO article for search engine ranking just like you would a 5-year-old. Let each sentence answer as many questions as possible.

You don't use abstract or incomplete language when you're speaking to a 5-year-old. For example;

I can help you with it there.

Now compare that to

Affordable private in home tutoring in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

This is an example of a complete thought and there are no questions that have not been answered in this sentence.

How much is the service?

What is the service?

Where is the service?

Statements like that will satisfy both the search engines for SEO and search engine ranking purposes and a five-year-old.

"Where" for SEO articles to improve your search engine ranking

If you're a local business, every one of your SEO articles should have your nap.

Business name

Address or service area

Phone number

And your website address

Affordable private in home tutoring

Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

Text or call 808.224.1870


Your 5 year old child or the search engine should be able to find out where you're at on any of your SEO articles. Just like a five-year-old, search engines want you to be consistent with your nap, name address and phone number. Don't change them. Stay consistent, don't confuse the five-year-old and don't confuse the search engines.

The same information should also go in the description on your YouTube videos, local directories and social media.

SEO for multiple business locations or service areas

If you have offices in more than one city or service more than one city be sure to take advantage of my service city web page generator. You should have a web page for each city or even state that you service. Once again, when the five-year-old wants to know where you work you tell them all the places you work. When Google wants to know where you work you tell Google all the places you work separately so that the five-year-old or Google does not get confused.

One of my fully managed website promotion clients One Team Realty, who offers both property management and buying and selling homes right here on Oahu, is located in Kapolei Hawaii. I recently instructed Darren, the president and founder of One Team Realty, to use this phrase

"One Team Realty is your locally owned one team for property management, renting, buying and selling homes located in Kapolei Hawaii covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu. Text or Call phone"

This way two major cities in Hawaii on Oahu are mentioned on a regular basis on his website. This does not replace having a list of cities such as One Team Realty's in this example, you service or have offices, since Google loves lists, which links to individual webpages targeting each city as created by Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator.

Internal linking of other applicable web pages on your SEO article

A five year old will follow the shiny objects, usually toys, from one room to another. Similarly, Google and other search engines will follow links. One old term for indexing a website is spidering the website. Note the term web in website due to the links.

If you have other articles related to an article, service or product be sure to add a link to it in your article. A guest clicking on an applicable link and then staying on that web page for a while also helps to give that article more authority thus possibly increasing the search engine rankings of webpages linked to your article.

That's about as far as I can go with the 5-year-old analogy to Google for SEO and search engine ranking

Just remember when you want to keep the attention of a five year old or Google, use complete sentences and complete thoughts. Make it very easy for the five year old and Google to find the next shiny object by linking to on topic web pages. Speak (write) with confidence because you are the authority. You know more about the subject of the SEO article than a five year old or Google.

About SEO and sales psychology expert J Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

J. Richard Kirkham spent over 20 years in sales and P.R.. As a self-employed SEO expert, website promoter and in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD since he has ADHD himself, Mr. Kirkham still considers himself to be in sales and P.R..

His unique background in both teaching and sales offers an effective, unique perspective to increasing sales and search engine ranking.

Mr. Kirkham is currently for higher to edit, tweak and even create sales pages for the purpose of increasing sales and SEO. Currently, his rate is $95.00 per hour. You may reach Mr. Kirkham for an estimate by emailing him

You're Being Upgraded for Free! BusyBusinessHosting Website Promotion and Hosting Clients

a new upgrade is now available from to help increase your search engine ranking through a special search box

Why should you be excited about your new Google Search feature being installed for all business promotion and website hosting clients?

The more that people click your various webpages in Google search the more this signals Google's algorithm that people are interested in that particular webpage on your website. This is a factor in increasing your search engine ranking.

Okay now hold on I know what you're thinking.

"Great I'll stay home and click my own links all day!"

That may have worked 20 years ago to increase your search engine ranking and indeed was an old SEO black hat trick, but hundreds of clicks from the same location and IP address will no longer impress any search engine including Google.

How does a search box on the promotion website help my primary website, Rick?

I just gave away a secret, didn't I?

It's true! For my website promotion clients who already have a website, I build a flexible website system and optimize it with both SEO and automated programs I've written myself. All backlinks created lead back to my website promotion client's primary website. Contact information is also added for service businesses. After all, the goal is for your prospect to hire you not visit your website.

This is no different than being found via an article or press release. I had one business promotion client who was concerned about this so I thought I'd bring it up.

Thanks for explaining Rick, but that still doesn't answer the question. Why does a Google search box help me and my search engine ranking?

Originally the search box I created would only allow your prospective buyers to search the promotional website on Google. Since my goal is to get more people to your website, I didn't t like that idea.

This new Google search box solves that problem!

Your new Google search box which will go on your website promotion site will search two websites at the same time!

I set the Google search box variables to search your website first, then your promotional website. So if your website has the keywords that your prospective buyers are searching for then the Google search box will take your future buyers to your website. If your website doesn't have the keywords your prospective buyers are searching for, then your prospective buyers will land on your promotion website. This will then take your prospective buyers to your primary website!

This Google search box you came up with Rick to get more people to click on your website links to help improve search engine ranking sounds like a great idea. Does it have any other features?

There's one feature I worked very hard on. Have you ever noticed Google withholds webpages from your search results unless you click a link at the bottom of the search page? You then click the link and you see results Google doesn't think are important.

ALL of Googles search results show with this special Google search box by Rick Kirkham of

The trouble is not too many people will click the link. The Google search box I created SHOWS ALL SEARCH RESULTS!

Why’s it so important to show all search results Rick?

Remember earlier when I told you Google will give more authority to links that are clicked on a lot by your prospective buyers? You now have a chance to give those links enough authority so they’ll show up in normal search results!

So now website promotion-wise, you get the best of both worlds!

Even as I'm helping you to make changes to your primary website to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines to help increase traffic to your website in order to increase your sales, I'm creating a website with customized and automated features linking back to your primary website to help you in the background. Backlinks continue to be an important factor in search engine ranking.

This two site Google search box is an additional feature to help people and search engines find your web pages. Getting clients to your website, increasing your business's traffic to your website and increasing sales by helping you make more money online is what I do best and why I can help you!

Are you one of my website promotion or website hosting clients yet?

I will not accept clients with similar products or services. So make sure you get signed up as quickly as possible at for both hosting and automated marketing or get signed up here for my SEO, website promotion and sales service.

If you have questions email me at You may also Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 if you’re in the Unitied States. I ask that you not call me due to time differences here in Honolulu Hawaii and everywhere else. Don’t worry, we’ll set a time to Zoom or talk on the phone.

Make Multiple City Targeted Webpages for Local SEO and Sales

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator your local business solution to SEO targeted cities

  • Is your local business located in multiple cities?

  • Does your local business service multiple cities?

  • Have you tried to target multiple cities to make it easier for customers to find you but find it cumbersome?

  • Is it too time consuming to update every city targeted web page for your local business?

Why Do I Need a Web Page for Each City Where I Conduct Business?

You need a separate webpage for each city where your local business has offices or your local business services to make it easier for your prospective customers to find you through the search engines such as Google and Bing. Basically the more you mention your location for your local business web page the easier it is for the search engines to rank you above your competitors for local keyword phrases. Local keyword phrases are what people type into search engines to find your local business or service.

This is referred to as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you with your search engine ranking placing you above your competition and making it easier for customers to find your local business or local service.

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator is Your Solution

What is Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator is a program written to solve the problem of both creating and updating multiple city targeted webpages to help promote your multiple city local business or service.

So Do I Have to Make a Local Web Page for Each City with Different Content to Help with My Local SEO?

That's what some SEO "experts" will tell you. I have never seen a local business reduced in search engine ranking due to duplicating local business city pages. Even search engines must realize if the local business is the same in one city it's the same in another city.

What are The Unique Features of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

Google and other search engines love lists.

List are an excuse to legitimately repeat your local keyword phrases in a natural manner.

Therefore Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator Work for My Local Business makes an index page. Take a look at one of my website promotion client's Any Kine Junk's multiple city service index page listing all of it's service cities here in Hawaii on Oahu for junk removal

Features of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator Index Page

The index page of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator has the same organization as the rest of the website. This is because the program grabs the template city page and uses it. Note Any Kine Junk's index page and compare it to the Any Kine Junk's main website you'll see the same format and style.

The Titles and Descriptions

All mention the cities, state, business and service.

Look At The URLs (website addresses)

I listed those on purpose in the generated index page because local keywords are part of the URL.

EVERY Instance of The City Name is Changed to The Target City

In the case of Any Kine Junk junk removal service, I used another program I use for all of my website promotion clients Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service. I targeted Oahu news since the business is based on Oahu, adding Any Kine Junk's own keyworded ad at the end of each news title.

If you look at Any Kine Junk's Ewa Beach city targeted webpage you'll note even the article titles along the side, or bottom on a mobile device, have been renamed to Ewa Beach. There will be no confusion for the search engines as to what that web page is about.

Automatic Promotion to Social Media

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator produces an RSS feed. Don't worry, if you just clicked that link and saw what you thought of as gobbly goop that's what most people see, but to programmers and search engines, it's information candy! Plus I always tell my website promotion clients,

"You don't have to understand it. You have a Rick." :-)

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It's a way to share information from or to another website including a social media sharing website I pay for so my website promotion clients will get their local business targeted cities automatically posted to social media.

Twitter and Blogger are Especially Targeted for Social Posting

Google and Twitter are dating. :-) Twitter's fast paced user generated content makes Twitter feed posts very popular with Google and other search engines. Often you'll see a Twitter post get ranked on Google before your own web page post does. That's a good thing by the way. It will help raise your web page post higher in the search engines due to the social backlinks.

Here's an automated city targeted Twitter post from Any Kine Junk. As one of my website promotion client's, I edited their Twitter account myself to ensure optimal prospect and search engine contact opportunities.

Duplicate City Targeted Social Media Posts Are Made Through Rick Kirkham's Social Media Post Repeater Online Service

See The Date in The Twitter Post above?

That's the date this Any Kine Junk's city targeted link was posted. If you click this search link for the same post on Twitter you'll see that the post has been repeated at least once a day some times more. Feel free to follow my client for the best Oahu breaking news while you're there.

Rick, Your Program Looks Great. It Looks Like You've Covered All The Digital Marketing Bases for The Local Businesses

Thank you! Believe me it helps that I'm a local business owner myself

How Do I Get Started Rick?

We can get started one of three different ways

  1. I need a link to one of your web pages that targets a city where your local business is located or where your local business services your clientele. You may send that via email if you like to or include it in your startup form when you get signed up.

  2. Hire me to write the city targeted web page for you. I charge $95.00 per hour and will require 2 hours. Give me one week to write the city targeted web page.

  3. On the Website Promotion Page select the Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing service. Then I write one and about anything else as part of this all encompassing website promotion service.

What is The Investment for Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

I'm happy to, at least for a limited time, give my fellow local business owners a break in their investment of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator. I am, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE making Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator part of Your Website Promotion Package.

So Click Here to go to your Local Business Website Promotion Page and scroll down for pricing details or feel free to read the other digital marketing goodies you get with your website promotion package.

By the way my wife keeps telling me I should be charging more for all these services. So get signed up now before the words "yes dear" come out of my mouth.


I'm happy answer any questions you may have. Emal me at US only residents may also text me. I ask you not to call due to time differences here in Hawaii. I know you're excited to get started, but please respect my wishes. Otherwise I'd be on the phone all night with no time for my family.