Video - Why MLMers and Network Marketers Need Their Own Website Even Though The Company Gives Them One by

I cannot express the importance of having your own website better than I did in this video. Companies shut down, change owners and even stop programs for online marketers. Having your own website and web presence in Google and other search engines makes you look more professional, you're easier to find and stand out from the 1000's of other MLMers and network marketers selling the same products or services.

I've Actually Seen These Things Happen to Network Marketers Including Myself!

I've been around long enough to see all those things happen. This same advice in the video also applies to affiliate marketers and anyone else in business who's promoting a link to a website they have no control over.

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Don't worry. Even if you have no control over your company website I can still help you.

  • Increase sales

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