Basic Sales Techniques to Increase Sales on Your Website or In Person by sales psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham

You always hear business owners talking about increasing their sales by getting more traffic to their website or local business, but what if, when people land on your webpage, or hear your sales pitch, or receive your email your ad copy sucks? What if you could increase your sales simply by improving what you say to prospective buyers already on your website or listening to your sales presentation…?

Basic sales techniques and tactics are a must for any business whether you have an online business, global or local business. Yet, sales techniques are often one of the most neglected means of increasing your business and making more money online and offline. Furthermore, by not understanding sales psychology you’re losing money because you think lowering the price is always the answer. The price is a lot less important than the perceived value of the product or service.

In fact, you can sell your product or service for whatever you want to sell it for, as long as the price is lower than the perceived value of the product or service!

Here's your list of basic sales techniques to increase your business, sales and make more money online and offline….

Talk to the prospective buyer

No third-person stuff. Use you in your website sales page, radio commercial or YouTube video.

“You've finally found the right webpage to help increase your sales with the following basic sales techniques every business owner and salesperson should know!"

Use conversational English on your sales page or in your sales pitch

In other words, use your contractions! Talk as though you were talking to the person. It's amazing when I do a website analysis for SEO and sales the number of highly intelligent people that completely forget to use contractions when they're writing is astounding. Heck, you might stand out just by using contractions. For those of you who don't know what a contraction is,

Don't instead of do not

Is an example of a contraction. Write the way you speak!

Create or show value in your sales presentation or webpage of your product or service

Uniqueness of your product or service increases value

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This concept of showing uniqueness in your product or service, even if it's an affiliate product, must be demonstrated in order for you to make sales. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people just dropping affiliate links on social media like everyone else. If you're not standing out, you're not being noticed and therefore you're not making sales. To aid in this uniqueness and increase your sales make sure you have your own website hosting and domain name.

DO NOT listen to the gurus who tell you that you can make $1,000 a day with no website. Usually after that it's followed by for more information visit my website. See my article Video - Why MLMers and Network Marketers Need Their Own Website Even Though The Company Gives Them One This applies to affiliate marketers and anyone else in business local or global.

Bonuses increase the value of your product or service and will increase sales

Usually, this is followed by a limited call to action.

“For a limited time, you’ll also receive this widget as a bonus with your order. This widget is valued at $1,000,000 and will make your life easier as well as take your dog for a walk. So act now while supplies last."

Note the phrases “Act now while supplies last" and “For a limited time" as limited calls to action. A limited number of products or openings or a limited time to act to purchase your product or service also increases the value. I’ll discuss that in more detail later on in this basic sales technique article.

The bonus is used by affiliate marketers as well to help them stand out from others. That is yet another reason why affiliate marketers need their own website to do a presell and offer a bonus if the prospective buyer orders from that affiliate marketer. Direct sales representatives can do the same bonus technique on their own presell website.

Empathize with your prospective buyer to increase your sales

People buy from someone with whom they can relate or feel like they have something in common.

For example, let’s use this humorous made-up product example for men.

I was once like you, ugly. People avoided me. I couldn’t keep a job and women, no woman would even look at me or if one did she’d scream and call the Area 51 authorities. I had no friends and stayed at home in the dark, covering all the mirrors.

Then someone told me about The Handsome Man System hoping I would go away.

The Handsome Man System gives you everything you need to look attractive to people. I now have a successful job, I’m the life at parties and I’m dating Miss Ultimate Universe, Miss Entire World and Miss Infinity all at the same time AND they don’t mind sharing me!

There’s hope for you now. No more screaming children, laughing women and being fired from your job because you too, are ugly.

Get The Handsome Man System while supplies last.

At only $999.99 it’s a steal. The price will be going up soon due to demand from the Quasimoto family so order now!

Don't argue with your prospective buyers. This will decrease sales

Use Feel Felt Found instead.

I used to feel the same way you do. I felt The Handsome Man System was too expensive too, until I found out how much more money I actually make as a handsome man. This system pays for itself and then some!

Versions of Feel Felt Found can be used to solve verbal objections or can even be used on websites in the FAQ section. FAQ for those unaware stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

A.B.C. Always Be Closing to Increase Your Sales

Closing a sale basically means asking for the money, signing the contract, or clicking the order button. Don’t always use hard closes though use soft closes throughout your presentation whether it’s verbal or on your website. This basically means subtle hints of ordering and buying. Such as using the

Assumed Sales Close

When you order your widget I’d suggest you order it in green. A hard close using the assumed sale technique would be

What color do you like in that shirt?


I’ll ring up a blue shirt for you


Did the customer ever say he/she wanted to buy the shirt? Did the salesperson ever ask if the customer wanted the shirt? No! The assumed sales technique was used.

Try this if you’re single.

Is Friday a good time to meet at Joe’s Tavern for a drink? Yes it is Would 7 or 8 be better for you? (Choice Close) 8 Great I’ll see you then

As you can see learning good sales techniques helps in all aspects of your life.

Speaking of the choice close to increase sales….

You see the choice close all the time especially online or if you're listening to a sales presentation.

Which one of my website promotion packages would you like?

I have the automated marketing package for only $49.00 per month or my fully managed package for just $150.00 per month.

Redirect close to increase your sales

My own son at around 6 years old gave me a great example of the redirect close. He saw something he wanted while we were shopping and said to me,

“Dad, can we buy this? I'll carry it."

Just as I was about to say there's no need to carry it son just throw it in the cart I thought to myself,

“Hey wait a minute."

And that's when I started laughing and I bought it for him. In real life you can combine the redirect close with the choice close. Let's say you're selling something heavy like refrigerators.

I see you looking at both of these refrigerators. Which one would fit best in your home?

The one on the left

How are you going to get it home? We could arrange delivery."

No need I have my truck.

Let's get the paperwork out of the way.

Nodding to increase your sales in person or on videos

“So John shall we get started with your automated marketing today?" and give a slight nod as you ask the question to close your sale. It's a psychological thing and it works especially for prospective buyers on the fence about buying your product or service.

NOT a huge obvious nod. Think subtle. Barely noticeable.

Asking a series of questions that are answered yes

Are you too busy to advertise and market your own product or service?

Do you need to expand your business but just don't have the time?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a system that would advertise, market and promote automatically taking none of your valuable time away from you?

Then order your automated SEO and social media advertising system by programmer, SEO and sales enhancement specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. today!

The handshake as a close to increase sales

This example is done actually before the deal has been made.

Our van stopped working, was making weird noises and would barely accelerate. We barely got the van into a car dealership. I wasn't aware that car salespeople could move at the speed of light, but they obviously can when motivated properly.

I knew we needed a new vehicle because in my background in sales, I asked my wife to let me handle the negotiations. If you've ever purchased a car before and seen the little trick where the salesperson writes the price down on paper so he or she doesn't have to say it, that's what our car salesperson did.

There is some sales psychology behind writing the price down

Tangibility: Seeing a price written down can make it feel more real and concrete to the customer. This can make him/her more likely to consider it and be willing to pay the price.

Authority: When you write a price down, it can give the impression that you are serious about it and that it is a legitimate offer. This can make the customer more likely to trust you and believe that the price is fair.

Anchoring: The first price that a customer sees can anchor his/her perception of value. If you write down a high price and then offer a discount, the customer may be more likely to see the discounted price as a good deal.

In this case when our car salesperson wrote a number down, I took the same piece of paper crossed out that figure and wrote my own price actually lower than what I was willing to pay.

After writing that number down, I showed it to him and stuck my hand out to shake his hand thus finalizing the deal even though we hadn't agreed on the price yet.

He didn't agree to that price nor did he shake hands yet, but eventually we did come to a fair agreement and the handshake technique before an actual agreement did help to save my family and me a little money on the price of the car in my professional opinion.

Limit The Time or Amount to Increase Your Sales

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Look at the word finally as well. That implies a long delay for an opening which means you’d better act now.

Have you seen the expiration dates on coupons? Having a discount coupon expire creates a sense of urgency in your prospective buyer. I’m sure you’ve also seen advertisements where a certain number of products are available. A used car salesman told a friend of mine,

“Yes, we still have one left in that color."

Meaning my friend had better buy now before someone else gets the make, model and color of the car my friend wanted.

More on the art of the softsell to increase your sales

I’m afraid with the internet forming instant, untrained business owners, the art of the softsell is disappearing. Those of us who understand how to use the softsell have a huge advantage over those untrained individuals who do not understand it.

Throughout your presentation, website or YouTube video use the softsell

For example, I just mentioned those of us who understand the softsell have an advantage over those untrained business owners who do not know how to use the softsell. That is itself a softsell leading to the offer of one on one Zoom lessons on custom sales training including the softsell. Using the softsell throughout your presentation builds the need for the product or service greater than the need for you to sell your product or service. That’s exactly what you want!

To sell is not just a matter of showing the product or service with a price

It’s building value and uniqueness. Softly closing the sale throughout the presentation. Even a business card can do this. A business card is one of the least properly used advertising media that exists. A business card should have….

You offer to take it away first

I offer a really good deal for remote computer clients here on Oahu. I only charge $9.95 per month for one hour of service per month. This helps with troubleshooting and regular computer maintenance and optimization There are a few people left that treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. By stating

“There are only a few people who"

That’s a reverse bandwagon sales technique. People want to do what other people do and they want to know what other people know. By stating there are just a few people who still treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. In other words, getting the computers services regularly as they would their cars, I’m suggesting everyone knows this should be done.

Okay back to the take it away first sales technique

I actually had a remote computer client who thought this also included house calls. When this happened I immediately said,

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding shall I cancel your remote service?"

She immediately said no.

Why did she keep the remote computer service after I offered to cancel

People don’t want things taken away from them. Since I made it my idea to cancel it was my remote computer client who was going to have her service “taken away".

As a behavior modification expert I can tell you a big secret to increase sales or do anything else….

Children and adults react the same way to the same stimuli. Adults are simply more suppressed with their reactions. Remember when your parents tried to take away a toy you were playing with because it was bedtime? If you’re a parent you can tell me how your own children react. They scream and fight for it. Just like my computer client did in a more subtle manner. That’s why car salespeople have a shiny pen they hand you to make a sale. The child in us wants to reach for the shiny object!

Bandwagon effect to increase sales

“Everyone is going crazy over J. Richard Kirkham’s ability to help small business owners increase their sales whether it’s a webpage or a flyer. As both a sales psychology and SEO expert Mr. Kirkham helps you to be found both online and offline as well as increasing your sales through the traffic you have now!

Just what it says. The implication is everyone else is doing this so you should too. People don’t want to be left out.

Fake it till you make it

Years ago an author ask how to promote in a social media group that didn't allow direct advertising. I told her

“Fake it till you make it"

I then instructed her to post an announcement thanking everyone for the supportive emails about how much they loved her new book name goes here I can't remember it.

Now the bandwagon effect will occur and people, not wanting to be left out will not only ask about the book, they'll order it. Now we have an increase both in exposure for future sales and an increase in immediate sales.

She loved the idea and it worked for her.

Again the secret here is the soft sell. Don't go into hardcore sales mode the minute someone asks you about your book. When someone asks you about your book reply with something like:

Oh I'm sorry you must not be on my preferred customer list. I can post a link or DM it to you whichever you prefer.

Obviously a preferred customer list is an email or mailing list. Which means that person is now feeling left out and wants to be on your mailing list.

If you did your job of networking with other people in the group, people will reply they would like the link to so just post it.

The Four Aspects of a Sales Presentation or Webpage All Sales Media Must Have

  • Demonstrate a problem
  • Show a solution
  • Show why your buyer should buy from you
  • Call to action

Let’s look at a business card. Just the text obviously though you should have a graphic on it.

Affordable website promotion to increase sales!

Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

No one does what I do

Problem: The busy business owner trying to promote his/her website Solution: Affordable website promotion to increase sales! Why prospective buyers should buy from me: Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. No one does what I do

Note: The B.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science and denotes a college degree.

No one does what I do creates curiosity.

When one of my website site analysis clients saw that she wondered what it meant explaining to me that a lot of people did SEO until I not only helped her with her SEO, but with her sales as well with this video Free Website Sales Analysis IncludingThe Importance of The Word Even by She told me she was pausing the video taking notes and emailing her website manager for the changes I recommended.

Call to Action: Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

You'll also note in the call to action I included why prospective buyers should buy from me.

Giving directions instead of information to increase your sales texts or calls

Note on the business card example I had text or call NOT just a phone number. By giving directions instead of just providing information, you increase the number of people who contact you about your product or service.

Bonus tip: I get a lot more texts than I do phone calls for my three businesses. By using text or call you’ll also be using The Choice Close! Now instead of a prospective buyer wondering whether he/she should call you, the prospective buyer is wondering whether or not he/she should text or call you!

Want to learn more about increasing your sales

This is just a small example of how I can help you increase your sales. There are two ways I can help you increase your sales.

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