The Dangerous Time Loop for Part Time Businesses

I spoke to a part time business owner who is working full time while building her kava business. Here's the advice I gave her....

What The Part Time Business Owner Said to Me

I was telling her about Rick Kirkham's Online Breaking News Service. When I got to the part about the "title add on" I stopped and asked her if she had a website.

She told to me no she was waiting to have more time to get a website and market her business to take it to the next level.

And That's The Trap!

It's why most businesses never break out of the part time income and mindset. There is never more time!

All you keep saying is

  • I need more time.

  • I wish I had more time.

  • If I had more time I could do this.

I'm sorry to report the number of hours in a day remains the same. It's the thought patterns that must change.

So Rick. What Are a Part-Time Business Owner's Options If There's Never More Time?

You could quit your job

Some business experts suggest when your part time business has the same net income as your full time job it's time to quit your job and run your business full time. What if you need more time for that to happen?

I admit I didn't wait....

I thought about for what I believe must have been almost six months. I was paid commission and had a great month. I wasn't a Christian yet, but was convinced there was some type of higher intelligence steering things along.

I was ready to give notice and thought to myself, maybe I should wait another month and save more money. Just then a client called wanting to return the hearing aids I'd sold and fitted for her because she'd found the one's she'd lost. I thought to myself,

"Well shoot. I'm going self-employed anyway this month."

When my client showed up she said,

"You know I hear so much better with these new ones I think I'll keep them."

I genuinely believe that was God giving me a nudge. For most people quitting their job is not an option until it can be replaced by another income of equal pr greater value.

You can take out a loan

I'm not a fan of this myself. It's one thing starting at 0. It's another starting in debt. Just my opinion. Successful businesses have started out with loans.

Find investors for your business

This is not something I know a lot about myself, but don't worry I won't leave you hanging. Watch this video.

Automate your marketing!

This is my choice.

You will never have enough time to do everything that needs to be done for your business EVEN when you go from part time to full time.

Especially for a part time business owner. Use the power of automation to help you overcome the challenges of managing a

  • Part-time business

  • Full-time job

  • Family and children

Okay Rick. How do I automate my part-time business so I can eventually go full-time?

The best way to get automated on-topic news is with Rick Kirkham's Online Breaking News Service

I spent months using this program I wrote myself before making it available to you. The features were made by me for me so they are the best.


If you don't have a website yet for your part time business I will supply you with one for only an additional $20.00 per month.

I'll pick the keyworded domain (website address). Don't worry, I'll get your approval on it before I pay for it. Your domain, website and hosting are all included for a grand total of only $49.00 per month! This is an introductory price and I reserve the right to increase it for new customers at any time.

Okay NOW you can go visit the web page and order Rick Kirkham's Online Breaking News Service!

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