Video - The Word 'Even' Can Increase Your Sales! Watch This Free Video Website Sales and SEO Analysis to Learn How by Sales Psychology and SEO Expert, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Pay special attention to my explanation of how to use the word 'EVEN' to increase your sales not only on your website but also in your sales pitches, PowerPoint presentations, or anywhere else in any media. Affiliate marketers, other commission-based businesses, and people working from home or their offices, making money online and offline, will benefit from this free video website analysis on sales and SEO.

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Here’s The Video Transcript for The Sales Enhancement and SEO Video Utilizing The Word Even

Hi Rochelle,

It's me Rick Kirkham. I wanted to do a quick sales and SEO analysis on your website for our meeting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice; I know how busy you must be.

First, I wanted to make sure I have your name spelled correctly, so I can create a folder for you. So, don't get upset with me; when I do this analysis, I'll look for areas that can be improved on or identify what's wrong with the website. But, for starters, it actually looks pretty good, even better than many others I've seen.

One thing that confused me is when I do a mouse-over here, it shows what Google sees, "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii Core Hire Desk." Does this mean you're only virtual assistants for Honolulu, Hawaii? Would you like the title to be "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii and Beyond" or something similar?

Now, let's talk about your contact page. I noticed that the phone number is required. If you're targeting a global audience, should a phone number be mandatory? There are various ways to communicate worldwide, like Zoom and Google Meet.

Your page looks great, but let's work on some minor improvements. For example, use "Reviews" instead of "Testimonials" since more people search for "reviews." Also, make sure the text in your video is bigger and spans the screen. Make the text more prominent.

Consider making your call-to-action stronger. Instead of "Contact Us Today," use "Contact Us Today to Check Our Availability." This encourages a quicker response. And don't forget to hyperlink the email address on this page.

Your images need alt tags for SEO and accessibility. These tags should describe the images and include relevant keywords.

Regarding the H1 tag, it's essential for SEO. Instead of just "Aloha," consider using "Global Virtual Assistants" to reflect your broader audience. Similarly, modify your description and content to emphasize global services more.

Finally, let's improve your headings for better SEO. Instead of "Get to Know Us," use "Get to Know Core Hire Desk" to strengthen your branding.

These are some suggestions to enhance your website's content and SEO. I hope this helps, and I'll see you tomorrow for our meeting.

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