Why You Should Subscribe To My YouTube Channel On Increasing Sales And Traffic To Your Website

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My name is Rick Kirkham. I'm going to use all of my life experience to help you increase your sales on almost any type of advertising from fliers to websites. As a sales psychology and SEO expert, one way I'll help increase your sales is by showing you how to drive more quality traffic to your website and then help you make more sales from that traffic, but it doesn't stop there….

Here's my background to give you an idea of how I can help you increase your sales and why you should subscribe to my YouTube channel

I spent over 30 years in sales earning commissions and taking care of my family on my earnings. I got into computers in 1993. There were no SEO experts back then. I had to learn everything about SEO and websites myself. Fortunately, I have something called ADHD. I hyper-focused on SEO and became scary good at it.

I'm a coder, specializing in automation and an expert in sales psychology. I've written books and articles and as a dual-certified teacher have taught English

When you combine all of that, you end up with someone who can teach you how to increase your sales and traffic to your website. I'm someone who doesn't just know, but knows how to teach.

Your Best Free Resource for Increasing Sales on Any Media from Business Cards to Websites

In my YouTube channel on increasing sales, I'm going to be covering from very basic to very advanced sales and SEO practices. Some of these practices other SEO experts would not agree with such as automating and monetizing my SEO and social media content.

So subscribe, like, click the bell and most importantly, comment on what else you'd like to learn.

All I ask is that you support my YouTube channel by liking and subscribing and most importantly commenting which will give me an idea of what to do next or what to make more clear. As far as supporting my channel monetarily, if you need a service such as website hosting, automated marketing or webpage sales enhancement, a product I supply or if I have an affiliate product and you need it please order from me.

Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian)
J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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