Writing Articles For Seo To Rank High In The Search Engines A Unique Teacher's Perspective By Seo And Sales Psychology Expert, Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham

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Long before my ADHD brain hyper-focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increasing search engine rankings, I went to college to become a teacher. In this article, I'm going to teach you a unique and interesting way to look at Google and other search engines to help you understand how to write articles for SEO and rank them in the search engines higher than your competition.

Before We Discuss Writing Articles for SEO to Rank Higher in The Search Engines, A Bit of Writing Advice from a Teacher….

Write for your guests, THEN for the search engines to increase your search engine ranking.

The longer your guests spend on your webpage, the more the search engines such as Google and Bing give your article relevance. Therefore, making your article informative will help increase your search engine ranking for the keywords you're targeting in your article.

Use proper punctuation.

I do a lot of substitute teaching at the middle school level. Texting is ruining people's ability to write coherently. Capitalize your I's, use commas and other forms of punctuation.

To help with both grammar and spelling I use the this grammar and punctuation Chrome extension and app. Sometimes proper Grammar needs to be sacrificed. The average person reads at a middle school level. So keep that in mind while you're writing your SEO article.

Even for an SEO article to increase your search engine ranking, I'd advise using conversational writing. That means writing the way we talk and even ending a phrase in a preposition now and then. Though I admit to cringing when I do :-).

Okay Mr. Kirkham Or Mr. K As Your Students Call You, What's This Unique Way Of Looking At Google, Bing And Other Search Engines For Seo And Improving My Search Engine Ranking?

When you're writing an article for SEO, treat Google and other search engines like a five-year-old child!

Repeat your keywords in the SEO article just like you have to repeat things to a 5 year old. Sometimes the 5-year-old doesn't understand the way you're saying something, so state it a different way. The same thing applies to SEO and search engines. Using your keywords in the article differently implies a natural, organic way of writing, as opposed to keyword stuffing.

Use complete sentences and complete thoughts in your SEO article for search engine ranking just like you would a 5-year-old. Let each sentence answer as many questions as possible.

You don't use abstract or incomplete language when you're speaking to a 5-year-old. For example;

I can help you with it there.

Now compare that to

Affordable private in home tutoring in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

This is an example of a complete thought and there are no questions that have not been answered in this sentence.

How much is the service?

What is the service?

Where is the service?

Statements like that will satisfy both the search engines for SEO and search engine ranking purposes and a five-year-old.

"Where" for SEO articles to improve your search engine ranking

If you're a local business, every one of your SEO articles should have your nap.

Business name

Address or service area

Phone number

And your website address

Affordable private in home tutoring

Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

Text or call 808.224.1870

Visit https://InHomeTutoringHonolulu.com

Your 5 year old child or the search engine should be able to find out where you're at on any of your SEO articles. Just like a five-year-old, search engines want you to be consistent with your nap, name address and phone number. Don't change them. Stay consistent, don't confuse the five-year-old and don't confuse the search engines.

The same information should also go in the description on your YouTube videos, local directories and social media.

SEO for multiple business locations or service areas

If you have offices in more than one city or service more than one city be sure to take advantage of my service city web page generator. You should have a web page for each city or even state that you service. Once again, when the five-year-old wants to know where you work you tell them all the places you work. When Google wants to know where you work you tell Google all the places you work separately so that the five-year-old or Google does not get confused.

One of my fully managed website promotion clients One Team Realty, who offers both property management and buying and selling homes right here on Oahu, is located in Kapolei Hawaii. I recently instructed Darren, the president and founder of One Team Realty, to use this phrase

"One Team Realty is your locally owned one team for property management, renting, buying and selling homes located in Kapolei Hawaii covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu. Text or Call phone"

This way two major cities in Hawaii on Oahu are mentioned on a regular basis on his website. This does not replace having a list of cities such as One Team Realty's in this example, you service or have offices, since Google loves lists, which links to individual webpages targeting each city as created by Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator.

Internal linking of other applicable web pages on your SEO article

A five year old will follow the shiny objects, usually toys, from one room to another. Similarly, Google and other search engines will follow links. One old term for indexing a website is spidering the website. Note the term web in website due to the links.

If you have other articles related to an article, service or product be sure to add a link to it in your article. A guest clicking on an applicable link and then staying on that web page for a while also helps to give that article more authority thus possibly increasing the search engine rankings of webpages linked to your article.

That's about as far as I can go with the 5-year-old analogy to Google for SEO and search engine ranking

Just remember when you want to keep the attention of a five year old or Google, use complete sentences and complete thoughts. Make it very easy for the five year old and Google to find the next shiny object by linking to on topic web pages. Speak (write) with confidence because you are the authority. You know more about the subject of the SEO article than a five year old or Google.

About SEO and sales psychology expert J Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

J. Richard Kirkham spent over 20 years in sales and P.R.. As a self-employed SEO expert, website promoter and in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD since he has ADHD himself, Mr. Kirkham still considers himself to be in sales and P.R..

His unique background in both teaching and sales offers an effective, unique perspective to increasing sales and search engine ranking.

Mr. Kirkham is currently for higher to edit, tweak and even create sales pages for the purpose of increasing sales and SEO. Currently, his rate is $95.00 per hour. You may reach Mr. Kirkham for an estimate by emailing him admin@busybusinesshosting.com

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