How to Automatically Post The Same Affiliate Offer or Product Over and Over on Twitter Successfully with NO WEBSITE! Rick Kirkham's Social Media Post Repeater Online Service

Many affiliate marketers start out with no website while working a full-time job or running another business. No time to promote affiliate products. Know nothing about websites. Just posting your affiliate offer on social media when you can. Here's a way to post your affiliate product up to 5 times a day automatically to Twitter!

UPDATE! You no longer need a Twitter account. A free upgrade through my software will now post to 4 to 5 different social media including Twitter and Blogger (Google loves Google)

Your First Thought May Be Why Twitter?

Twitter is fast

Twitter has fresh user-driven content

Twitter allows multiple accounts in case you have unrelated products to promote

Google LOVES Twitter because of the fresh content

What's the fastest way to get your affiliate product listed on Google?


Don't worry if you don't have a Twitter account for some reason I'll help you with it. (See the update)

I got kicked out of one major social media!

For using this method to increase posts and the number of followers. I'm getting love on Twitter! I told you Twitter is fast. Posting the same affiliate offer 4 or 5 times a day on Twitter is no big deal to its algorithm - AS LONG A YOU UTILIZE MY SECRET!

So Rick, how do you post the same thing to Twitter without getting your post blocked for duplicate content?

I won't tell you the whole thing, but did you know my nickname is Rick "The Automationman" Kirkham? :-)

Look at this example of repeated content

Get On-topic Breaking News Monetized On Your Website or Linked to Your Special Offer WITH or WITHOUT a Website!

See the different hashtags and the changes in the date? That's part of it.

Hold on Rick. Why isn't this posted 4 or 5 times a day?

Remember my nickname? I post A LOT of affiliate offers of which I am and automatic, on topic monetized news from another automation program I wrote which is NOW PART OF YOUR PROMOTION PACKAGE!

Okay, Rick. GREAT, but you have a website. I don't.

Hey, I got you! Rick Kirkham's Monetized for Your On Topic Breaking News will actually produce a website for you hands-free! Anything from an actual domain gets more traffic and hits and finally more sales than just any affiliate link hidden with a shortener.

Additional bonus about using a redirect from my own website instead of the raw affiliate link

Have you been around long enough to have an affiliate offer shut down or change affiliate management companies? I HAVE! This is one reason I tell people in direct sales and MLM to get their own domain name even if it just redirects. If you get caught with your affiliate link changing or your product shutting down ALL THAT MARKETING you did is in the toilet. The link leads to nothing!

HOWEVER! By creating a redirect link for you all you have to do is let me know your link has changed and I change it in the redirected webpage link! All your marketing efforts remain consistent and no time is wasted!

Rick automating content while I work and sleep sounds great! How do I get started?

Click Here for my main order page. Feel free to shop while you're there. and Sign up for Rick Kirkham's Monetized for You On Topic News Service. Don't worry, the post repeater is now included! Fill out the Google Form and click the subscribe button for as low as $49.00 per month.

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