Video - How Local Businesses Benefit from Monetized On-Topic Breaking News Releases Linking Back to Their Websites

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After talking to several local business owners ALL of whom thought on-topic news linking to their websites was a GREAT idea, I have a special deal for anyone who owns a local business who wants to take advantage of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service.

A few interesting challenges I had when talking to local vendors at The Farmer's Market about Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service. enter image description here

No one knew what a news aggregator was.

After I explained it was a program to bring news from around the world into one location they understood what it was, but,

After they understood, they didn't quite understand how it could help their business.

Which is understandable, so I explained further that

So I continued... Most local business owners' websites are stagnant

They hardly add anything to their websites. When they do they rarely understand how to utilize keyword phrases in their website copy in order to increase their search engine rankings above their competition.

That's where Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service comes in to help the local business owners.

Let me give you the same example I gave to one vendor at The Farmer's Market !enter image description here

When I was talking to the poi vendor and used a couple of examples.

First, I would set my program to find the keyword phrase poi recipes. The same program would automatically create a backlink to the poi website.

Second, Since the poi vendor's clientele are all here on Oahu, I would target another keyword phrase for Oahu News. all of the Oahu News generated breaking news pages would also link back to the poi vendor website.

This solves the stagnant website problem while creating both backlinks to the poi website and product interest.

This helps to increase sales both now and in the future. As the search engines such as Bing and Google see all the on-topic backlinks going to the poi website, the search engine ranking increases and eventually will rise above any stagnant competitors' websites.

The higher search engine ranking due to the increased on-topic backlinks from Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service also makes it easier for customers to find the poi website ONCE AGAIN increasing sales!

All the local business owners loved the idea and I hadn't even told them what else I would do for them

To get their on-topic breaking news web pages with links to their websites to Google faster I'll set up automatic news posts to Twitter! Google loves Twitter. Fresh content. Twitter even has content posted by major news stations. People visit Twitter at least once a day for local news. enter image description here

Once again I'm doubling up on the local business owners' marketing exposure

  • Local prospective customers will follow you on Twitter thanks to the way I keyword your posts.

  • Local prospective customers will click the auto-generated news links in Twitter and visit your website.

  • Local prospective customers will eventually find you on Google, Bing, and other search engines due to the fresh content linking back to your website.

As I was walking around the Farmer's Market I decided I should do one more thing for the local business owners.

Unlike internet marketers, who can promote their primary products to the world, local business people are limited to a reasonable travel distance. Therefore I'm going to make one more entry in Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service for local news! Naturally, this will also have backlinks leading to the local business owners' websites.

To be clear, I'm not just doing this for local businesses here on Oahu, I'll do this second entry for any local business around the world.

Now when you combine the entries for both local area news and product news....

You get the whole SEO and social media package! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now when people for example search for poi in Honolulu Hawaii, my client for Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service would show up near the top of the search results.

I hope I made it clear what Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service can do for local business owners who barely touch their websites or may not even have a website.

I could always link to an email address or social media account such as a Facebook page (not a fan by the way). Internet marketers without a website have me link to their primary affiliate marketing offer. For us local business people I highly recommend at least a basic website. I can always help you with that. HOLD THAT THOUGHT...!

The Exciting New Service Now Available for You

I run across so many businesses both full time and part time that don't have time to get a domain, website hosting and design a website. I'll get you a keyworded domain and website hosting AND install Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service onto your new website!

Now you don't have to find time to add content to your website. The most recent on-topic content will be added automatically and port to Twitter EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP!

The sooner you get started automatically promoting your local business with Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service the better. enter image description here

A good piece of advice I remember when I first started marketing products and my local services on the internet.

"Don't wait till it's perfect to get started. Just launch it and fix it as you go!"

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