Increase Sales - Why You Need Help with Your Web Page and Other Sales Copy to Increase Your Sales and Make More Money

It’s the job of a sales expert, such as myself, to make your prospective buyers as passionate about your product or service as you are and by the time your web page readers are getting to the bottom of your web page they have already become your buyers. By the time people leave your office, your prospects are your new customers. By the time you leave their home, everyone is smiling and happy after signing the contract.

  1. Are you an expert in your product or service?
  2. Are you passionate about your product or service and believe EVERYONE in your demographics would benefit from it?
  3. Are you one of the best there is in your field (you’d better be saying yes if you’re in business)?

NOW, here’s the BIG question. Are you confused why your prospective buyers are NOT as passionate as you are about your product or service and do you wonder why your prospective buyers are not buying from you?!

THAT’S Where an Expert in Sales-Psychology Becomes a Necessity! enter image description here

It’s the job of a sales expert, such as myself, to make your prospective buyers as passionate about your product or service as you are and by the time your web page readers are getting to the bottom of your webpage, your buyers: By the time people leave your office, your prospects are your new customers. By the time you leave their home, everyone is smiling and happy after signing the contracts. Your new customers...


Rick texted me some advice to help me with my dog training website. I stared at the screen for an hour and a half before giving up. Then Rick suggested we meet and he showed me how to make some GREAT changes to my website including sales suggestions. Rick also showed me which directories and social media to add my website to.

“Rick Kirkham is dangerously effective in tweaking sales pages.”, Lisa Hendrickson IT professional and Office 365 specialist.

“Rick had a serious talk with me about something I was saying to my students that may have allowed them to think it was okay to flunk my test! He helped both my students and possibly kept angry parents from calling me.” Teacher Honolulu Hawaii.

“I Don’t Need Your Sales Expertise Rick. I Got This”

Then why are you reading this? The three most dangerous words a business owner can utter are “I got this” when “this” is not directly related to the business owner’s product or service. It’s a fact, to increase your business you must LEAVE your comfort zone. So if you’ve “HAD THIS” all this time, it’s time to hire me and have me take that part of your business off your shoulders! I’ll give you more time to do what you do best! You will help more people, increase your sales and make more money.

Okay Rick. What Can You Do to Help My Business Increase Sales and Make More Money?

Edit (tweak) your sales material including: Business Cards I put this first because some people don’t think of business cards as being a sales tool. ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you hand someone can be a sales tool, either to increase sales or remove future sales.

Here’s an idea I came up with a while back. A way to make free, searchable, text style sms business cards. I send this every time I get a business call.

Web Pages

Create a sales funnel to get contact information, increase sales and build your mailing list. Despite the great marketing of the phrase sales funnel, sales funnels have been around online since affiliate marketing started back in the 90’s. You’ll also need me to find the right keyword phrases people use to search for your product or service.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an excellent source of sales and income. Supplying someone with just enough information to make your prospect want more information by subscribing to your newsletter, which presents more information on your product or service followed by a soft-sell for your product or service at the end of each newsletter is a proven way of making money online with your product or service or even a great marketing method for off-line services and products. The wording for each one of these emails is very important. Especially the lost art of the softsell. Lost by those who sell and market without training in sales-psychology.

SMS Text Marketing

A single text could get you your next sale or client for your service. I personally use sms text marketing to stay in contact with my own clients. A response when you first meet someone should take place within 24 hours. Texting is one of the easiest ways to stay in contact with new clients, prospects and people in your circle of referrals. Sometimes it’s just a message to say hi to keep my name in front of people.

Letters and Postcards

Direct mail marketing in this digital marketing world is definitely a way to stand out and be different. Every word must be carefully looked at to make sure it takes your prospect to your desired goal. In this case it’s probably not to buy direct, but to call you instead. A limited time offer and call to action are a must for this type of sales letter or postcard.


NOTHING is more powerful than face to face presentations. With that in mind I have a short story for you….

The worst presentation I’d ever seen was from the owner of a company believe it or not SELLING ADVERTISING! When someone asks a question during a presentation that gives the salesperson a chance to perform a soft-close (That’s a very good question. What will your company be using that feature for if I may ask? Assumed close) and a chance to customize your presentation based on your prospect’s answer.
When this business owner was asked a question, he got confused and acted as though he was being interrupted instead of using it as an opportunity to customize the presentation and increase the chances of a sale.

Google Slides are a great replacement for Power Point. I've used them to create videos and then convert the Google Slides into ebooks for even more advertising.

Maybe the company owner should have hired a salesperson to do the presentation. I’ll tweak (edit) your presentation and even prepare you for questions with soft-sells.

Youtube Videos

Video marketing and advertising is very powerful. It’s one of the most powerful forms of sales and marketing media. Videos can be self-produced with free software, all the way to paying thousands of dollars for a professionally done video. I’ll edit your script for sales and proper English (I’m a dual certified teacher).

Social Media Posts

Advertising in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter requires a combination of soft-sell, information sales, marketing and networking. The most powerful of these being networking. Networking also takes the most skill and the greatest patience.
Example: “LOL that same thing recently happened to one of my sales copy clients.” Versus: “Now Available! Get Help with Your Advertising Sales Copy, Increase Sales and Make More Money! Limited Time Offer.

The second response especially in a comment will get you ignored, banned or the ever popular flame, GET OUT SPAMMER!

I Got Restarted in My Sales Editing Copy Career Because of Social Media. Let Me Explain…

I spent over 20 years making a living in commission based sales. One company even sent me to sales school. I utilized those sales skills to build my business as an in home, onsite and virtual computer, tablet and cell phone trainer, tutor, virus removal and repair specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu and remotely for the rest of the U.S.A.. I used to belong to an IT business owners group on Facebook. A fellow member asked people to critique her sales page. I looked at it and saw some good improvements I could make in several areas. I messaged her and asked her if I could rewrite it and share it as a Google Doc. She said yes.

Now I Was Hooked Again!

She was so impressed with my rewrite she hired me for some other ad copy jobs. Now I was hooked again. I love sales-psychology and I love writing. Put the love and skill together and you get one of the best in the profession.

What I Don’t Do

Graphics. It’s simply not my forte’. People may tell you they can do both, but it’s really two completely different sides of the brain. Most people, like being left or right handed, have a dominant side of their brain. That’s why we have scientists and artists, yet one person is rarely both. I love sales and sales-psychology. I have a background in sales, teaching and behavior modification. This puts me more on the scientific side.

How Much Do You Charge for Writing Sales Copy Rick?

Let’s be very clear about something first. There’s a HUGE difference in investment between making a sales page or any kind of ad copy from scratch versus editing and tweaking your ad copy for sales and even SEO. So, if you write something up first that is editable, in other words not some pamphlet you took a picture of and sent me. An actual Word Doc or Google Doc I can edit and share back to you. That’s a one day job compared to all the research that would go into doing anything from scratch and a good savings for you.

Ad Copy Can Be Anywhere from $25.00 to Thousands of Dollars

If you’re in Hawaii feel free to Call or Text 224.1870. Anyone in the U.S.A. outside of Hawaii Text only 808.224.1870 only due to time differences. Anyone in the world may email me at Give me an idea of

  • What you need.
  • Your goals of the sales ad
  • What type of close you need whether it’s to call you, order or subscribe

I look forward to helping you with your ad copy to increase your sales and make more money.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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