Help to Improve Your Website Marketing, Promotion and Increase Your Sales is Now Available!

Even if you have a DIY do it yourself website such as Wicks, Squarespace or Groovefunnels, personal help to:

  • Promote your website

  • increase sales

  • search engine ranking

  • increase traffic

  • improve social media marketing

    is now available for you!

Noncustomers of May Now Benefit From The Same Features and Advice Customers Do

  1. To increase sales on your website I will:

  2. Edit and tweak your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  3. Edit and tweak your website to increase your sales

  4. Edit and tweak your website to improve your call to action

For this, I'm normally paid $95.00 per hour.

You'll also receive these products and services to improve traffic and sales to your website

I'll make a separate domain (website address) for you using the proper keywords to attract customers from search engines.

Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service A $29.00 Per Month Value will bring you fresh content from news sources linked back to your website or special offer.

Rick Kirkham's Post Repeater Script Also a $29.00 PER MONTH VALUE will be set up for any posts made on your website proved your website has an RSS feed (almost all websites do).

Types of Services for You to Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Basic Website and Marketing Management of Any Hosting Service

You'll get one critique of your website per month and ALL the auto marketing programs listed above for only $49.00 per month.

Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing

We'll treat your website with as much care as you do. We got this website and marketing.

We'll add and edit content whenever it's needed or you request it. Plus you get all the additional features above for only $150.00 per month.

Time to Decide on Your Future

If you continue to do what you're doing you will probably get the same results. You're an expert in your product or service. We're experts in getting your prospects as excited as you are. Let us do our jobs and help you....

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Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service

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