How To Use Leverage To Increase Your Sales By Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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As a sales psychology expert and enthusiast, I’ve always been a big proponent of using leverage to increase sales. Whether that sales close involves making money, getting a new subscriber, or selling more affiliate products, utilizing and gaining leverage will increase your sales.

What is meant by leverage in sales

Leverage in sales is the act of making your prospective buyer want your product more than you want to sell it.

Examples of using leverage to increase sales

Many years ago I went with a friend of mine to look at used cars. For those of you in Honolulu Hawaii, it was the old Schuman Carriage, which was so well established they used to sell horse-drawn carriages.

A used car salesman approached my friend and me.

“Which one of you is the buyer?”, he asked. I immediately recognized the subliminal message he was sending while isolating the prospective buyer.

The used car salesman then asked, “What kind of car are you looking for?”

My friend gave his answer.

“The used car salesman said, “We have a few of those left.” This suggested two things.

  1. There were only a few of these cars so he’d better buy one now. Notice “a few of those left”. It doesn’t mean they just ordered a few.

  2. It means people keep buying them, therefore that particular car is popular so my friend should buy one too.

“What color?”, asked the used car salesman.

“Green”, I think is what my friend said.

“I think we have one of those left.”, replied the salesman. Once again the same technique is used creating a stronger need to buy the car as opposed to the salesman trying to sell the car.

I still remember that exchange as I hadn’t seen that many classic sales techniques used in such a short period of time like that.

Television examples of using leverage to increase sales…

Watch television commercials! You’ll see

  • Limited-time discounts.

  • Limited inventory (“While supplies last”)

  • A chance to win a prize.

Examples of using leverage in closing sales

For those of you with no sales training at all, closing a sale means finalizing the deal to where a contract is signed or money is exchanged. If you’re in business and have had no sales training, GET SOME SALES TRAINING, You won’t know what a difference that makes in increasing your sales until you do.

Yes, I can give you custom one-on-one instructions in sales training over Zoom.

I have a few slots open for custom one on one sales training so you’d better get ahold of me now….

Note the increase in value created by the word “custom” and the leverage created with having just a few slots left followed by a call to action of getting ahold of me now.

Limited call to action is a form of leverage used to increase sales

I have a website promotion client who literally said on her website,

“I hope you select us to ‘blah’. Call us and together we’ll find a time suitable for us both.”

I had my website promotion client change that to

“Call us now to guarantee the best appointment time available for you.”

Note the word available. This creates a sense of urgency since it implies appointment times are being snatched up by other customers.

Okay Rick, So How Do I Use Leverage to Increase My Sales?

Obviously, you can email me to arrange lessons on how to use leverage to increase sales. For those of you who don’t want to save time by utilizing my experience as both a sales psychology expert and dual certified teacher, think about how you can create an environment in which your prospective buyer needs to purchase your product or service more than you need to sell it to him/her.

Here’s another example of using leverage to increase sales

During the Windows 7 era, as an in computer tutor and troubleshooting specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, I got really good at removing computer viruses. I went past my research and training and began doing things to remove ransomware viruses that I hadn’t even heard of people doing.

I got a call from a prospective computer client who had a computer virus. I was literally trying to squeeze this guy in between appointments. When he heard me humming and hawing trying to find an appointment time he said,

“Maybe I should just call someone else.”

I replied, “That’s fine. Just make sure the person is a virus removal specialist, not just some guy that repairs computers and removes viruses on the side.”

The now client said, “Maybe we’d better wait for you.”

I found him an appointment time.

So in the previous example of using leverage in this case to schedule an appointment…

Note that I told the client something about me that would uniquely solve his problem as compared to other computer repair specialists who also removed computer viruses. He needed my special skill set, in order to solve his problem.

Think about using leverage to increase sales this way...

Think of what makes you unique compared to anyone else who has the same product or service.

  • How can you help this customer in a way that no one else can?

  • What makes you different?

  • What makes you stand out?

  • What can this customer get from you that the customer cannot get from anyone else?

Get that customer to want to buy more than you want to sell.

Or just take lessons from someone who's already done this by emailing me

About Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham !

Rick Kirkham has spent over 30 years in sales earning commission in different fields. He graduated college with dual teaching certificates and spent time using and honing behavior modification techniques in his first job after college.

Rick now manages and providing both website hosting and website promotion with the unique service of providing automated on-topic monetized content to increase sales both now and in the future by combining automated SEO and social media marketing. Additionally, Rick has the unusual combination of skills that allow him to edit your sales page to increase sales while increasing traffic to your website with his coding and SEO skills.

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