How to Saturate Google with Your Local Business Citations Using Google by J Richard Kirkham SEO and Sales Enhancement Specialist

A business citation is a fancy word for listing your business name, address, phone number and website address in business directories and social media. This gives you quality backlinks which help to increase your search engine ranking.

There's a little trick to listing your local business in as many different places as possible to create good, quality backlinks and make your website easier to find on Google possibly increasing your search engine ranking. Even if your business is completely online, you have to live somewhere. Here's a way to list your business and get backlinks from as many appropriate places as possible….

These local business citation instructions are primarily for my website promotion clients,

but I thought I'd share this to try to help even more business owners.

Be sure to use proper keyword phrases whenever possible when you're adding your business citations. Keyword phrases are what people search with in order to find your business or your competitor's business. See me if you need help with keyword phrases.

Make sure your business is listed for free so you get backlinks on….

Google My Business which will put you at the top of Google search in Google Maps. Be aware this is affected by distance.

Apple maps due to the popularity of iPhones.

MapQuest simply because I've seen businesses show up there in search results.

Bing Places is another place to list your business for free. Bing is a huge search engine. Did you know Amazon's Alexa uses search results from Bing. Yahoo also uses Bing for search results last time I checked.

Now Google your own business name.

You may have business citations you don't even know about you can claim and optimize with a good keyworded description.

Search your website address by placing quotes around it.

"". Follow the same procedure as above.

Search your local business competition

Wherever you see them listed whether it's a search directory, social media, press release or anything else figure out how to get your business citation listed.

Search your competitors' business names first. Now place their URLs in quotes and do the same thing. Every time you see them listed somewhere add your listing.

Now search Free Business Citations Honolulu

Or wherever your city is located. You can also search list your local business free etc, but your first search needs to mention your city.

Be consistent

Google and other search engines are looking for reasons to trust your website in order to give it a higher authority and therefore a higher ranking in the search engine. Use the same name address and phone number and website with all your listings.

Every local directory asks you to upgrade

It's up to you, but here's what I did. I would email the local directory back and ask them for the contact information of three businesses that upgraded that can tell me they had an increase in business from upgrading.

Is that the sound of crickets from those local business directories?

Never once did I get a reply back from any of the directories when I asked for references.

Weird story from a businessman who wanted to hire me to add citations

He was referred by one of my more recent website promotion clients. He called me and asked me if I use a popular SEO analysis tool.

I said no, I wrote my own

He asked me if I did citations.

I said yes.

He asked me how many.

I said as many as I can find on Google.

He was confused.

I could tell from the questions he was asking he'd been talking to the more traditional SEO "experts" who seem to fill the coffee shops sending emails using their free wifi promising so many backlinks and so many business citations.

I told him the problem wasn't his search engine ranking, it was his sales webpage. His reply was an SEO "expert" recently told him Google can understand his webpage just fine.

I told him once people land on your web page Google has nothing to do with a human being buying your product.

He never understood the difference between sales psychology and SEO. He is currently losing sales to his competitors.

Good luck adding your citations

Feel free to hire me if you need help,

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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