How to Use Google and Social Media to Promote Your Website and Make More Money Online by Sales Psychology and SEO Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Here’s a little outside-of-the-box free way to get yourself and your online or offline business found easier in both social media and in Google and other search engines all at the same time. This is mostly for my website promotion clients, but I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world as well. Expensive SEO software is not always necessary with a little thought and knowledge.

You'll Be Utilizing a Google Trick for This SEO and Social Media Promotion Technique

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The Little Google Trick You'll Be Using to Promote Your Website is... my keywords associated with my product or service.

This goes in the search box on Google. What you’ll get is most of the (according to research no longer all) posts for that social media that Google has indexed. That means Google has placed that post in its search engine.

Let’s Get a Few Things Ready First to Promote Your Website with This Social Media and Google Trick

Join as many social media sites as you can

Use this article I wrote for starters, then use Google Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising: Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites, and More

Make sure you fill out the profiles with keyworded titles and descriptions. If you have a local business, add your NAPW for your citations. That’s:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website

Google likes seeing that, and most profiles on social media are public.

Add a simple banner using Google Draw or Canva. I’m a Google Draw fan myself. Once you design a single banner, use that one all the time for consistency. You may need to make a copy and resize it for some of the social media.

Again, if you’re a local business and people call you on the phone, get your phone number on that banner. Why? Because your goal is to increase your business, not get more traffic to your website. The easier it is for your prospective buyer to get your local business contact information, the better the chances are they’ll contact you!

Time to get started promoting your service or product and website. Start with Twitter (X). It’s fast with a lot of content.

Let’s use my website promotion service as an example.

In the Google search box, I’ll type in:

with NO space. Next, I add my keywords related to my service. how do I increase sales

This is a question someone may ask on social media. You can see the results of the search in the link I’ve provided. Obviously, replace the question with something related to your product or service.

Now answer the questions or comment on answers

DO NOT just drop links or try to sell immediately. This is a common mistake I see so often, especially from affiliate marketers with no training. Add value. Do a soft sell if you’ve had sales training. A soft sell is just something you “happen to mention” during the conversation.

“One of my website promotion clients has that same problem.” The rest of the post is answering the question.

I’ve established myself as an expert, mentioned what I do, and now I provide value by using my expertise. Don’t be lazy on this by copying and pasting the same answer over and over. People reading this will see what you’re doing and consider you a spammer with useless content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content either. As people read your answer, they’ll check your profile if they’re interested in your product or service.

“Good article” or “Thanks for the info” will NOT get people interested in viewing your profile. Again, something I see from so many untrained marketers.

Actually, click the links and read the articles. Some articles will have their own comment section. I usually use my website address for my name in the website comments. Most website owners are okay with this as long as you are commenting with real value. Most comment sections will have to be approved by the website owner. Some comments never get approved, which is another reason for using social media.

If you click the link and it’s a dead link…

This is one of the few times it’s appropriate to share your own article. I say something like,

“Username, that link is dead. Allow me to share one of my own links on the name of the keyworded subject.” Then add your own link to the article.

If you’re one of my automated on-topic, monetized content clients, be sure to check your promotional website as well for good, on-topic, helpful articles. Remember all those links lead back to your primary website. You can use the search box I wrote myself which uses Google and the site: trick to search your promotional website AND primary website for an appropriate article. If you’re not writing on-topic keyworded articles for your website on a regular basis, you should be doing so.

Okay Rick, I get the idea of the website promotion method, but why not go directly to social media?

Google doesn’t index everything on social media. By searching the social media site through Google, you stand a better chance of your own reply being indexed by Google as well. Even if your reply doesn’t get indexed by Google, your prospective buyers will find the original post on Google and then your reply.

There are some social media benefits as well. By commenting on a post on social media, you make that social media algorithm pay more attention to that post, possibly showing the post more, and therefore your own reply will be shown more often. This gives not only the people following the post a chance to view your reply, but new people as well.

Do this Google and social media website and sales promotion trick on as many social media sites as you can

If it’s a social media site you haven’t registered with yet, remember what I said about making a complete, keyworded profile. Make your first post as well. You can even just copy and paste the title, description, and URL of your website just to have a post and find people interested in your subject matter. I wrote a JavaScript program to copy your title, description, and link at the click of a button. Making it easy for guests to copy and paste website information. If you want that for your own website, you may have it.

Yes, I can make new profiles in social media for you and even reply with keywords for your product or service, BUT...

It’s time-consuming and NOT covered even under my Fully Managed Website Promotion SEO and Sales Enhancement Service My normal hourly rate of $95.00 would apply. I’d recommend at least two hours to get anything done worthwhile. Just order from my main page.

As a secondary option of hiring me to save your valuable time, consider hiring one of the best global virtual assistant companies I’ve yet to see, Core Hire Desk, and one of my latest website promotion and sales enhancement clients. That means they’re going to be increasing their business even more, so call right away.

In the meantime, my fellow business owners, you now have yet another tool to promote your business, website, products, and services.


Rick J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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