Why Businesses Fail and How to Make Sure You Don't

I don't care if your business is online or offline. The basics of running a successful business remain the same. I met a man who was starting his computer repair business at the same time I was starting mine. His computer repair skills were better than mine at that time. My business picked up quickly while his eventually failed. Here's the difference in our backgrounds as to why my computer repair business thrived and his did not....

I have no idea why people have made this a bad phrase

SALES TECHNIQUES. Lazy people and employee-minded people just left this page. You always hear people mention marketing. by the way, for those of you who choose to continue reading. I have a free tip for you that will increase your sales.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

But when was the last time you read about sales techniques or closing techniques? Okay, if you're about to Google what closing techniques are you'd better stay on this page.

What Does Sales Techniques Have to Do with Our Difference in Backgrounds?

I spent 20 years testing hearing and selling hearing aids on a commission basis. The man I met designed websites for a large company. This gave me the skills I need to:

  • Write ad copy

  • Design websites with a call to action which is another phrase meaning closing in sales

  • Schedule appointments on the phone using choice closes

  • Not be afraid of my labor fee

  • Request my money directly after the appointment whether the job was completed or not

I Can Go On But Here's My Point

Being able to use sales techniques helped me to stand out in my business field. New marketers, see there I go, the phrase is NEW BUSINESS OWNERS, usually start out with employee minds waiting to be told by the affiliate marketing vendor (i.e. product owner i:e BUSINESS OWNER) what to do. Chances are the vendor has never had any sales training either. So what does he/she tell the new business owner?

"Just drop your affiliate link in Facebook groups."

How Does That Make You Stand Out?

From the thousands of people dropping links in the same groups? The new business owners are probably even copying and pasting the same advertisements the vendor told them to copy and paste.

We Use Sales Techniques Everyday of Our Lives!

I still remember my son at 8 years old. We were shopping and my son said,

"Dad, can we buy this? I'll carry it."

That's a redirect close. For a split second, it worked as I was about to say,

"You don't have to carry it son. Just put it in the shopping cart."

I laughed. As both a trained, experienced teacher and expert in sales-psychology I appreciated my son's attempt and told him to just put it in the shopping cart.

We Also Use Sales Techniques When

  • We ask people out on dates

  • Proposing marriage. Think of the sales presentation you set up yourself when you proposed to your mate.

  • Job interview

  • Asking for a raise

  • Getting recognition to get a promotion

Again, I Can Go On....

You can see my original point on how many businesses fail may also be a reason why you may be failing in other parts of your life. If that sounds to harsh, I'm sorry, but maybe a reality check is just what you need to give you that nudge.

Remember The Definition of Insanity?

To do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

So, There are a Few Things I Can Do to Help You

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No, I'm not an expert in your field. I do, however, have the unique background of being a trained teacher as well as an expert in sales. So with a few questions, I'll teach you how to close your sales better with some customized sales techniques geared toward you, your personality, and your profession.

One quick tip I'll give you for free right now. Stop selling technology. Sell the benefits. This is a very common error.

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Why Would I Tell You This Ad Copy Ebook Does Not Seem to Be Popular?

Two reasons:

To demonstrate that the phrase sales techniques remains unpopular for some reason when in fact it's the phrase that will make or break your business.

If it's not popular you'll have an edge over your competition! This same thing obviously applies to Zoom or Meet customized sales lessons!

So Get Yourself an Edge Over Your Competition

Embrace and learn more about sales techniques to increase your business and make more money.


Scroll up and reread the definition of insanity and embrace it.

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J. Richard Kirkham lives in Honolulu Hawaii with his wife and one of his children. He's spent over 30 years making a living earning commission in sales-related and health-related fields. Rick used his ADHD gifts to become an expert in computers later becoming an in home computer and cell phone tutor and troubleshooter specializing in senior citizens and small businesses. Mr. Kirkham's love of automation programming and helping others finally lead to providing an all-in-one website hosting and automated marketing package for busy and part-time business people.


It's time for a change....

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