Rick, Exactly What Do I Get When I Sign Up for Your Automated Promotion Only Service?

There are five different exceptional and unique services you receive with your Automated Website Promotion Service System to help increase search engine ranking, increase traffic to your website, give you a social media presence, increase calls and contacts to your business and help you to make more money with your business.

Automated on-topic content to help boost your position in the search engines

? That sounds good Rick, how long will it take to begin to show results using this automated content method?

A. It depends on the topic. I’ve seen some results after two weeks, but for truly significant results give it six months to one year. Remember, 252,000 new web pages are published on the internet every day! Although I see results from this method usually in about two weeks. I don’t expect significant results to take place with this method alone for 6 to 12 months. Being indexed and ranked on Google and other search engines is a process not an event.

? So do I just have to wait for Google and other search engines for anything to happen?

A No. I pay for a service that also sends your web pages generated by the program to Twitter and LinkedIn. Between the two, you’ll get more traffic from Twitter because it pushes content out so fast, but LinkedIn gives you a better opportunity to network if you want to be involved yourself. This content, especially from Twitter will also show eventually (and never hold your breath when it comes to Google) in Google and other search engines such as Bing.

A program I wrote so that duplicate content can be repeated over and over on social media

? How does repeating the same posts over and over help Rick?

A The propose of this program is to give everyone a chance to see your website sales pages and articles. Especially on Twitter. Here’s a good example of how this program is used by BusyBusinessHosting.com on Twitter. Note the date in from of the posts, Eventually this very article will be in that loop. This program includes your Generated Local City Web Pages which you’re about to hear about.

A program I wrote to produce city-targeted web pages.

? I’m in Honolulu Rick. Why do I need webpages for each city.

A This gives local business a chance to be found in Google and other search engines when people search for your product or service in one of your surrounding cities. Here on Oahu I simply listed every city on Oahu and a separate web sales page is generated for each city.

Social Media Promotion

Q I try to stay on top of my social media promotion Rick, but I just don’t have time to run my business and post to social media. What do I have to do for this social media promotion service?

A This is automated! Using a service I pay for that’s included in your monthly service fee for all of these services and more, all of the on topic content about your service or product goes into social media automatically. I primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter because it’s so fast and LinkedIn due to the networking possibilities.

Your Own Promotional Website

? Rick, why do I need a second website?

A The website hosting I use from BusyBusinessHosting.com is fully functional website hosting in which I can control everything in the backend. This website hosting will support the programs I use to run your automated marketing and advertising. Website hosting services such as Wix and Squarespace do not support the programs I run because they do not support a programming language called PHP.

? Won’t people landing on another website confuse people?

A People do not get confused because it’s not any different than landing on a press release or article about your website or service. ALL LINKS on your promotional website lead back to your primary website. Backlinks remain important to Google and other search engines.

Local businesses be aware my goal is not just to drive traffic to your website, but to increase your business! Therefore your business contact information will prominently be displayed in your on-topic articles, city-targeted web pages, and your main promotional website.

? Rick, what’s the difference between this automated promotion service and your fully managed service?

A To keep it simple, me, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.! My normal hourly rate thus far is $95.00 per hour. As a sales psychology and SEO expert and a dual certified teacher, fully managed promotional clients get my help with anything they need from business cards, fliers and naturally their websites. I even helped one client create a Google Form for her business. In fact my slogan is

“Show me your business cards, website and flier and I’ll make your profits soar higher.”

I do have a heart and probably give my automated promotion clients too much, therefore I do make myself available once to month to give them personal help,

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