Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More Updated 1-5-2024

An ever-growing list of where to advertise your products and services along with a reason to bookmark and visit THIS web page regularly since I use it myself to promote my own products and services. Follow me on Twitter to keep up.

What's Different About This List of Free Submission Sites Rick?

I'M USING IT! Every time I promote an article, service or product I go to this list! Unlike the other list of places to submit articles or add your ad which gets published and forgotten, THIS SUBMISSION LIST will be edited regularly and get updated!

Rick, How Can I Get a Link to My Website or Offer On This Huge List of Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More

I like the way you're thinking! So you help me and I help you. After going through this list, if you find a free advertising or marketing resource I missed email me at a title, description and link to the free advertising resource and your own title, description and link of your website or offer. If your resource is accepted I'll post it along with your website or offer! Feel free to use the social media buttons to share this, especially after your own link and contribution is added.

Reporting Dead Links
If you click on a link which is no longer available email me at with the link along with a title, description and link to your website or offer. Reporting dead links deserves a link back as much as adding to this huge list of advertising and marketing resources.

AND THAT'S how we network and help each other!

Table of Contents for FREE Submission Social and Discussion Sites

Free Advertising Forums

Discussion Forums Leave Your Signature

Social Media

Local Social Networks

Public Bookmarking Sites

Submit Articles Article Submission Sites

Free Link Submission Sites

Upload Videos Video Sharing

Directory and Business Listings

Upload Slide Shows

PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook Marketing

Press Releases

Submit Your Ebooks

Bulk Submission Sites

Sell Products Online Sites

FREE Advertising Forums

Free advertising forums offer PERMANENT adverting. Unlike classified ads, your free advertising posts do not disappear after one to two weeks. This give you the advantage of your free ad being up long enough to be found on search engines such as Google and Bing!


Free Ads Forum

Marketers Dream Free Advertising Forum

This showed up in Google searching for 5 ways to reuse advertising j. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Google Search
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Discussion Forums Leave Your Signature


Quora gets A LOT of traffic. It's a question and answer forum with about any topic of which you can think.The best way to get kicked out is to drop links and add no useful content.

There are "gurus" out there that tell you to research or even copy and paste an answer then after a long thorough answer drop a link. Even then an affiliate link will get you banned. Use a link leading to your website or one of your YouTube videos. When I do this I even add

"Please forgive any advertising in this article."

My Quora Topic Advice

Don't look for something that will make you money. Answer questions on a topic at which you excel. You'll enjoy the discussion as you help people and gain notoriety.

As an in home tutor with ADHD specializing in specializing in students with ADHD here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, I joined the Living with Adult ADHD forum to both get help and to help. I shared articles and YouTube videos I had made after giving well thought out answers.

Shortly after that I was made a contributor of that section. The conclusion once again being share and answer something you enjoy. Whatever your friends ask your advice about, that's your topic in Quora. Then monetize it. Nothing wrong with writing a new article on your website and monetizing it before you answer the question.


It's similar to Quora so I'd follow the same guidelines.

The Warrior Forum This forum is for business and marketing. You'll find a lot of digital marketing discussions on The Warrior Forum. It's highly monitored so use your signature file and add quality answers to the discussions.
Stupid Questions Get Stupid Answers
Let me explain with examples:

"Can people still make money online?"

Oh boy now people will see my signature and buy stuff - NOT.
"Great post I learned a lot thank you"

Oh boy now people will see my signature and buy stuff - NOT.

Some Advice
Actually trying to help people instead of just trying to make money will make you more money.

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Social Media

Increase Sales - Why You Need Help with Your Web Page and Other Sales Copy to Increase Your Sales and Make More Money


Mastodon is a micro blog similar to Twitter.


Listed as a Facebook alternative. The nastier Facebook gets the better and more traffic to your links. Notice I didn't list Facebook or Facebook groups in here. These are the links I use and I simply do not like Facebook's secret rules.


LinkedIn is one of my favorites. I've made friends.

Sold affiliate products using a program I wrote .

I've received business personally from LinkedIn for my In Home Cell Phone, Computer and Tablet Tutoring and Troubleshooting business for Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

LinkedIn also has a section for submitting articles.

Live Journal

Live Journal is similar to LinkedIn. Article submission and community networking. Post quality content only.


Plurk has a little different format and looks like fun. It's basically a micro blog with a short link and text limit.


I like Gab. They're fighting like h* for their freedom of speech even in this time of government and social media censorship. Gab is a GREAT facebook (small f on purpose) alternative.

Truth Social

Owned by President Donald Trump. It spring up after he was censored on Twitte and Facebook. Free speech is allowed on Truth Social. I started getting followers and following people immediately. There's a place for your profile and banner for your business. Again I suggest quality content not just dropping links.


I just posted a link to an article on Minds. Here's the description - Minds is an open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom. Speak freely, protect your privacy, earn crypto rewards and take back control of your social media. We're on a mission to elevate global discourse through Internet freedom.

Again I want to motivate you to give quality content. On any site dropping links can get you band and WILL NOT get you any sales despite what your "guru" told you.


I got an email from them letting us know Twitter closed a big user account GETTR stating censorship on Twitter's part was the reason. GETTR is another uncensored replacement for Facebook. As censorship increases due to government pressure more and more social media sites respecting your rights to free speech will arise. I still love Twitter. The lesson is an old one which is simply don't put all your eggs in one basket. Always diversify your products and marketing.


Google and Twitter are having a love affair. If you're not using Twitter you haven't seen how quickly your Tweets end up on Google and other search engines. Another GREAT thing about Twitter is it's setup for multiple Twitter accounts. I have three main business online and a Twitter account for each business. Thus I can keep my Tweets on topic.

Embedding Tweets on Your Web Page!
One of the great features Twitter offers is the ability to embed tweets on your website. I have mine set to show my last four Tweets. Near the top is a Follow Me On Twitter Link.


I use Tumblr only with my automation program and an online service. Tumblr offers the ability for other sites to link to its feed. Searching my links one day I found this site which had the feed from one of my Tumblr accounts.
Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo to try to get a younger crowd. This was before Yahoo was sold twice.


uTattler is similar to Facebook. When you post make sure you select public if you're promoting. uTattler also has groups you can join and create.


A nice Facebook alternative. I just found it and posted to it.

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Local Social Networks

The Only Website Hosting That Sets Up Your Blog and Automatic Marketing For You!

Nextdoor DIY Section

Add your articles and ads there. Paid is available to extend your area.

Make a business page. Post articles twice a month for free


Alignable is a great place to network locally. I've received business personally from Alignable for my In Home Cell Phone, Computer and Tablet Tutoring and Troubleshooting business for Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

Make local connections

Message individuals

Join group and forum discussions

Add articles and promotions and your connection will be notified via email.

The Patch

The Patch is similar to NextDoor. It doesn't seem to be as heavily moderated as The Patch. I wouldn't suggest direct advertising, but I have posted titles, descriptions and links to articles.

Meetup Local Networking
Meetup has been around a long time and has been purchased by another company. Meetup has business groups as well as fun activity groups. I've personally gone to networking events found on Meetup.

City-Data Forum
City Data Forum has a board for each of the 50 states. I don't see any advertising in there so use your username and profile to advertise.

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Public Bookmarking Sites

The Big Plain English Computer Cell Phone and Tablet Help and Tips eBook

By in home and remote computer cell phone and tablet tutor and troubleshooter J. Richard Kirkham of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu and the mainland U.S.A. Text 808.224.1870 for computer help or download this tell all secrets computer cell phone and tablet tips and help eBook which even contains links to computer video tutorials created by Mr. Kirkham himself!

Posteazy Post & Share with No Login


I like Folkd's easy to use format.


Add your link and Pocket will get your information from your web page. I've seen my links from Pocket in Bing search engine.

Sitejot Bookmarking Site

Be sure to go into settings and mark your posts as public.


Diigo is a well established site offering several services from public or private bookmarking to digital annotation. I used Diigo's annotation when I was teaching history.

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Submit Articles Article Submission Sites

Online Writing Job That Pay $25 - $50 Per Hour. No Experience Required. Work At Home

Learn how to be an SEO copywriter. This ebook teaches you how to write SEO articles (and other SEO content). You work from home as a freelance writer, working for firms that need SEO content.


Submit the link to your article. Use http not https

Submit Your Health Fitness and Weight Loss Article or Press Release FREE


I love Medium. It has a chat for discussion of articles. A profile page you can add. It gets a ton of visitors. Medium is also video friendly! You can add videos to your article or even primarily make it a video article. Medium is affiliate link friendly as long as you place a message "This is an affiliate link" next to the link.


Instapaper is a cross between a link site and article submission site. Just post your link from your article and Instapaper gets all the information from the metatags. It's easy and fast. Just make sure you have your tags setup correctly for SEO (search engine optimization) and Instapaper will do the rest!


Flipboard is an interesting premise. You make a magazine and in that magazine you links to your articles. Add a description. Flipboard populates your articles through the title tag and description tag.


SpinSnap is interesting. Like some other sites they get their information from your website. They hide their submission link in the upper right hand corner of a Window like looking logo. I almost didn't find it.

Google Sites

There's an old saying, Google loves Google. Get a free site from Google. Don't forget to point links back to your website. No you shouldn't use that as your main site you're in business act like it. Get your own domain and your own hosting. That said,

Yes I have access to a FREE website and marketing tools. Sign up while it's still being offered.


Same reason as above. I actually use an online automated service to submit posts and product announcements to my blogger site.


Digg is old and established. Submit your link, title and description.

This offers the whole publishing spectrum from traditional articles to PDFs and videos.


ISSUU offers a variety of ways to publish. Upon first use the Google Drive share didn't work, but I was on a guest network so that may have been a factor. So I downloaded my article into a PDF and dragged it into ISSUU.

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Free Link Submission Sites

In Home, Onsite and Remote Computer Lessons and Training for Businesses and Senior Citizens For Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu Text or Call 808.224.0870 Mainland U.S.A. Text Only for Remote Lessons and Troubleshooting Due to Time Differences


Free URL submission to 776 search engines and directories

Social Submission Engine

Submit your URL for Free to 8000+ Free Link Pages

This one is old. Use http instead of https

Free Web Submission

Free Web Submission 2

Active Search Results


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Upload Videos Video Sharing

Affordable Private In Home Tutoring Honolulu Hawaii Covering all of Oahu and Remotely for The Entire U.S.A. Text or Call 808.224.1870 Computers, Cell Phones and Troubleshooting and Repair, Behavior Problems Poor Grades Self-Defense Mainland U.S.A. Text Only Due to Time Differences Tutoring Available From 6-Senior


YouTube has one of the largest search engines in the world. Utilize your profile to attract subscribers. Take time to fill out everything you can. More features become available as you gain subscribers and viewing hours. Add appropriate links back to your products or website in the description.

Change your profile name when you can. That way commenting on on-topic videos will draw attention to your own channel.


Flickr last time I checked was owned by Yahoo. You can post photos and videos. Be sure to use keywords in your titles and descriptions. Add appropriate links back to your products or website in the description.


Dailymotion has been around a long time. They do not allow links in the description so do all your marketing and advertising with your video as you should be regardless.


Bitchute is competing with YouTube. With the exception of traffic you'll find many similar features.

One thing I'll mention so you're prepared is the need a "cover" for your video. A graphic. From Bitchute

"The preferred aspect ratio of the cover is 16:9 but we do accept all sizes. If you upload other aspect ratios some cropping or filling the unused space with a black background may occur. Accepted file types include jpg and png. The cover, also know as a thumbnail is required when uploading a video."


Pinterest gets A LOT of views. It's well worth uploading your videos and images to Pinterest.

You Can Make Money with Rumble


NewTube is, well, new. At this point you may not get that many views of your video, but at the same time there's not as much competition for view a viewer's time. I'd try them out and give them a chance.


Similar to YouTube

From BrandNewTube's about section

Its SIMPLE..... Here at Brand New Tube we want our users to enjoy building their own personality up on our platform. There are so many additions on the way...including live stream but more of that later. Rest assured however, we will not de-platform you, remove your content simply because it may question a particular narrative or upset someone else's point of view. Yes we have guidelines and standards but as certain platforms have shown recently, some individuals having their channel removed from certain platforms...we simply would not do that! So we say...join our platform and share what you have with the rest of the World.

Kind Regards Team BNT


Threaten to shut something down and it becomes popular. Should I try that with my business? TikTok actually made YouTube (Google) take notice by starting YouTube shorts. One minute or less videos just like, let's see who else does that - TikTok.

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Directory and Business Listings

Video - How Local Businesses Benefit from Monetized On-Topic Breaking News Releases Linking Back to Their Websites

Google Merchant Listings

I really haven't checked this out.

Merchantcircle Business Listing Directory

Local Business Listing Directory

Places on Apple Maps

With so many iPhones out there Apple Maps as a place to list your business and improve local SEO needed a mention. You don't have to have an Apple product just an Apple ID which is free for anyone.

Google My Business
Shhhhh. This is how I got my businesses on Google Maps. One of the tips I normally reserve for my Sales and SEO clients

Bing Places

Same deal but with Microsoft. Bing places is easier to use as a phone app.

List your businesses in my forums as well

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Upload Slide Shows

Help is Now Available for Google Drive The Microsoft Office 365 Replacement and Gmail by Remote Computer Tutor and Troubleshooter J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

This is unfortunately a short list of places to share your slides. I personally think the idea is brilliant.


Upload your PowerPoint presentation with applicable keywords. You don't have to go out and buy Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use Google Drive and download the Google Slides as a PowerPoint presentation.


For SpeakerDeck download your Google Slides as a PDF. It will then convert your PDF into a slideshow.


Scribed takes a lot of formats. Here's their description from the website

Scribd gives you instant access to ebooks, audiobooks, articles, podcasts, sheet music, and documents — all in one simple digital subscription.

We pronounce it /skribbed/

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PLR (Private Label Rights) eBook Marketing

Resale Rights Granted 5 Ways to Reuse Your Advertising by Sales-Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

This marketing strategy may require a little explanation.

Edit the ebooks to make them unique

Add affiliate links to them for more income

Give the ebooks away or sell them.

Upload the PLR ebook to free ebook sites

If you've changed the ebook enough you can sell it on other sites such as Amazon.
Google Play

I admit. I haven't set this up yet, but it's Google. You'll make sales just from the numbers.

Instant Product Publisher

Is a resource for PLR. There is no upload feature to market and sell your own eBooks.


Lulu's been around a long time. It has both a print on demand service for pbooks (paper books) and a place to upload and sell your ebooks.

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Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get back links to your website. You need a domain based email address. I used a forwarder to my gmail account. For quality affordable website hosting see my list of website hosting and service companies


PRLog has been around a long time. They have a free version and paid versions. Be sure to fill out the profile thus getting a backlink to your website.

PR Sync

This service is completely free, with the platform relying on its community to promote the most relevant stories to the homepage.

This is a community platform, rather than a distribution service.

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Submit Your Ebooks

Sell Your Ebooks on Lulu

Obviously I have to mention KDP Kindle Digital Publishing. Amazon's ebook publishing section.

Once again quality content. If your submitting a PLR ebook edit it and change it. Change the cover as well. Not my number one recommendation. We all have something we're good at . Write about it AND you can place affiliate links inside the ebook to make even more money online selling ebooks!

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Bulk Submission Sites

Free Social Media Submission

Free Google Submission

Free Website Submission

Free Url Submission

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Sell Products Online Sites

Don't forget to place other offers in products such as ebooks so you can increase your profits. Make them good quality, on topic products. If you sell garbage you will not keep your customer base.


Gumroad is an easy place to sell digital products and it's free. I believe they take a small commission, but I'm okay with that. Gumroad does not require a website.


Payhip is a great place to sell digital products, courses and more. They do not require a website and will pay you through PayPal, my choice, or Stripe. There is no monthly or entry fee. Payhip takes a small commission from each sale.

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Final Recommendation

Bookmark and always check back for the most up to date list.

Follow me on Twitter at where I will personally post updates to the submission list. Don't forget to take advantage of my offer to you to add your link to your promotion or website by helping to keep this submission and free advertising list up to date. Working together we can all help each other.

Some links are affiliate links which support my efforts to bring you up to date information such as this. They cost you nothing when you click on them.

Thank you for your support,


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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