Video - Affiliate Marketers Stop Posting Affiliate Links! Do this instead….

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90% of the link dropping, do what everyone else is doing to try to make money online working from home affiliate marketers will not make it to the end of this page. Will you be one of the 10% ready to make a real change in your online affiliate marketing business?

You've spent months dropping your affiliate link trying to make money online working from home just like some, possibly well meaning, affiliate marketing product owner told you to do or worse yet, some fake Guru on YouTube just trying to sell his/her own product. Suddenly that link leads to a blank page! All that time spent wasted. Here's what to do instead....

Ever Hear of These Direct Sales and MLM Companies?


PrePaid Legal?


All three of these companies were either MLM or direct sales which offered their salespeople subdomain websites. That means a website based on the main site is how the format would look.

All three of these well established companies changed their domains. This made ALL marketing salespeople had done for months or even years useless.

Well Rick, I'm an Affiliate Marketer. That Won't Happen to Me

It’s actually more likely to happen to you or any affiliate marketer, myself included! You are dependent on both an affiliate management company and a vendor of the affiliate product. Either of which could change at any moment. The companies I mentioned above were very well established. Product vendors could switch affiliate management companies any time they wish.

As You Know By Now Many Websites Do Not Allow You to Post Affiliate Links

Even the shortener bitly gets recognized by websites such as Facebook as probably being affiliate links.

Okay Rick, what do I do instead to promote my affiliate links?

You get a website, HEY, don't you go anywhere. I've been right where you are right now trying to make money online working from home.

Have you seen the youtube videos that say “Make $1000 a Day No Website Required”

And then the guru says, “For more information VISIT MY WEBSITE!”


If you can name one person making life changing money online working from home WITHOUT a website, feel free to leave….

Still Here and Ready to Listen - Good

Make a presell page. Original content has a much better chance of being indexed by Google and other search engines. Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn have no problem with original content that happens to have an affiliate link at the end of it. Use the opportunity to invite people to follow you on social media such as Twitter. Twitter is fast and Google loves Twitter.

Okay Rick. Let’s say I get a website from you WITH your automated content and social media marketing. What happens when the affiliate link changes?

That’s easy! All this time you’ve been promoting a webpage right? You just go into the webpage and change the link to the affiliate product. As my website client, you can even ask me to do it for you!

Remember The Definition of Insanity?

To continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. It’s time for a positive change in your life. If you’re an affiliate marketer who has never owned a website, visit for information on my automated and fully managed promotion packages that include a website. As this becomes even more popular the price will inevitably rise. So get started now and save money so you can make money online affiliate marketing!

Questions on Website Hosting and Automated Promotion?


Enjoy your new freedom


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.