Basic Sales Techniques to Increase Sales on Your Website or In Person by sales psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham

You always hear business owners talking about increasing their sales by getting more traffic to their website or local business, but what if, when people land on your webpage, or hear your sales pitch, or receive your email your ad copy sucks? What if you could increase your sales simply by improving what you say to prospective buyers already on your website or listening to your sales presentation…?

Basic sales techniques and tactics are a must for any business whether you have an online business, global or local business. Yet, sales techniques are often one of the most neglected means of increasing your business and making more money online and offline. Furthermore, by not understanding sales psychology you’re losing money because you think lowering the price is always the answer. The price is a lot less important than the perceived value of the product or service.

In fact, you can sell your product or service for whatever you want to sell it for, as long as the price is lower than the perceived value of the product or service!

Here's your list of basic sales techniques to increase your business, sales and make more money online and offline….

Talk to the prospective buyer

No third-person stuff. Use you in your website sales page, radio commercial or YouTube video.

“You've finally found the right webpage to help increase your sales with the following basic sales techniques every business owner and salesperson should know!"

Use conversational English on your sales page or in your sales pitch

In other words, use your contractions! Talk as though you were talking to the person. It's amazing when I do a website analysis for SEO and sales the number of highly intelligent people that completely forget to use contractions when they're writing is astounding. Heck, you might stand out just by using contractions. For those of you who don't know what a contraction is,

Don't instead of do not

Is an example of a contraction. Write the way you speak!

Create or show value in your sales presentation or webpage of your product or service

Uniqueness of your product or service increases value

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This concept of showing uniqueness in your product or service, even if it's an affiliate product, must be demonstrated in order for you to make sales. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people just dropping affiliate links on social media like everyone else. If you're not standing out, you're not being noticed and therefore you're not making sales. To aid in this uniqueness and increase your sales make sure you have your own website hosting and domain name.

DO NOT listen to the gurus who tell you that you can make $1,000 a day with no website. Usually after that it's followed by for more information visit my website. See my article Video - Why MLMers and Network Marketers Need Their Own Website Even Though The Company Gives Them One This applies to affiliate marketers and anyone else in business local or global.

Bonuses increase the value of your product or service and will increase sales

Usually, this is followed by a limited call to action.

“For a limited time, you’ll also receive this widget as a bonus with your order. This widget is valued at $1,000,000 and will make your life easier as well as take your dog for a walk. So act now while supplies last."

Note the phrases “Act now while supplies last" and “For a limited time" as limited calls to action. A limited number of products or openings or a limited time to act to purchase your product or service also increases the value. I’ll discuss that in more detail later on in this basic sales technique article.

The bonus is used by affiliate marketers as well to help them stand out from others. That is yet another reason why affiliate marketers need their own website to do a presell and offer a bonus if the prospective buyer orders from that affiliate marketer. Direct sales representatives can do the same bonus technique on their own presell website.

Empathize with your prospective buyer to increase your sales

People buy from someone with whom they can relate or feel like they have something in common.

For example, let’s use this humorous made-up product example for men.

I was once like you, ugly. People avoided me. I couldn’t keep a job and women, no woman would even look at me or if one did she’d scream and call the Area 51 authorities. I had no friends and stayed at home in the dark, covering all the mirrors.

Then someone told me about The Handsome Man System hoping I would go away.

The Handsome Man System gives you everything you need to look attractive to people. I now have a successful job, I’m the life at parties and I’m dating Miss Ultimate Universe, Miss Entire World and Miss Infinity all at the same time AND they don’t mind sharing me!

There’s hope for you now. No more screaming children, laughing women and being fired from your job because you too, are ugly.

Get The Handsome Man System while supplies last.

At only $999.99 it’s a steal. The price will be going up soon due to demand from the Quasimoto family so order now!

Don't argue with your prospective buyers. This will decrease sales

Use Feel Felt Found instead.

I used to feel the same way you do. I felt The Handsome Man System was too expensive too, until I found out how much more money I actually make as a handsome man. This system pays for itself and then some!

Versions of Feel Felt Found can be used to solve verbal objections or can even be used on websites in the FAQ section. FAQ for those unaware stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

A.B.C. Always Be Closing to Increase Your Sales

Closing a sale basically means asking for the money, signing the contract, or clicking the order button. Don’t always use hard closes though use soft closes throughout your presentation whether it’s verbal or on your website. This basically means subtle hints of ordering and buying. Such as using the

Assumed Sales Close

When you order your widget I’d suggest you order it in green. A hard close using the assumed sale technique would be

What color do you like in that shirt?


I’ll ring up a blue shirt for you


Did the customer ever say he/she wanted to buy the shirt? Did the salesperson ever ask if the customer wanted the shirt? No! The assumed sales technique was used.

Try this if you’re single.

Is Friday a good time to meet at Joe’s Tavern for a drink? Yes it is Would 7 or 8 be better for you? (Choice Close) 8 Great I’ll see you then

As you can see learning good sales techniques helps in all aspects of your life.

Speaking of the choice close to increase sales….

You see the choice close all the time especially online or if you're listening to a sales presentation.

Which one of my website promotion packages would you like?

I have the automated marketing package for only $49.00 per month or my fully managed package for just $150.00 per month.

Redirect close to increase your sales

My own son at around 6 years old gave me a great example of the redirect close. He saw something he wanted while we were shopping and said to me,

“Dad, can we buy this? I'll carry it."

Just as I was about to say there's no need to carry it son just throw it in the cart I thought to myself,

“Hey wait a minute."

And that's when I started laughing and I bought it for him. In real life you can combine the redirect close with the choice close. Let's say you're selling something heavy like refrigerators.

I see you looking at both of these refrigerators. Which one would fit best in your home?

The one on the left

How are you going to get it home? We could arrange delivery."

No need I have my truck.

Let's get the paperwork out of the way.

Nodding to increase your sales in person or on videos

“So John shall we get started with your automated marketing today?" and give a slight nod as you ask the question to close your sale. It's a psychological thing and it works especially for prospective buyers on the fence about buying your product or service.

NOT a huge obvious nod. Think subtle. Barely noticeable.

Asking a series of questions that are answered yes

Are you too busy to advertise and market your own product or service?

Do you need to expand your business but just don't have the time?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a system that would advertise, market and promote automatically taking none of your valuable time away from you?

Then order your automated SEO and social media advertising system by programmer, SEO and sales enhancement specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. today!

The handshake as a close to increase sales

This example is done actually before the deal has been made.

Our van stopped working, was making weird noises and would barely accelerate. We barely got the van into a car dealership. I wasn't aware that car salespeople could move at the speed of light, but they obviously can when motivated properly.

I knew we needed a new vehicle because in my background in sales, I asked my wife to let me handle the negotiations. If you've ever purchased a car before and seen the little trick where the salesperson writes the price down on paper so he or she doesn't have to say it, that's what our car salesperson did.

There is some sales psychology behind writing the price down

Tangibility: Seeing a price written down can make it feel more real and concrete to the customer. This can make him/her more likely to consider it and be willing to pay the price.

Authority: When you write a price down, it can give the impression that you are serious about it and that it is a legitimate offer. This can make the customer more likely to trust you and believe that the price is fair.

Anchoring: The first price that a customer sees can anchor his/her perception of value. If you write down a high price and then offer a discount, the customer may be more likely to see the discounted price as a good deal.

In this case when our car salesperson wrote a number down, I took the same piece of paper crossed out that figure and wrote my own price actually lower than what I was willing to pay.

After writing that number down, I showed it to him and stuck my hand out to shake his hand thus finalizing the deal even though we hadn't agreed on the price yet.

He didn't agree to that price nor did he shake hands yet, but eventually we did come to a fair agreement and the handshake technique before an actual agreement did help to save my family and me a little money on the price of the car in my professional opinion.

Limit The Time or Amount to Increase Your Sales

Mr. Kirkham is finally accepting two more in home tutoring students here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

Look at the word finally as well. That implies a long delay for an opening which means you’d better act now.

Have you seen the expiration dates on coupons? Having a discount coupon expire creates a sense of urgency in your prospective buyer. I’m sure you’ve also seen advertisements where a certain number of products are available. A used car salesman told a friend of mine,

“Yes, we still have one left in that color."

Meaning my friend had better buy now before someone else gets the make, model and color of the car my friend wanted.

More on the art of the softsell to increase your sales

I’m afraid with the internet forming instant, untrained business owners, the art of the softsell is disappearing. Those of us who understand how to use the softsell have a huge advantage over those untrained individuals who do not understand it.

Throughout your presentation, website or YouTube video use the softsell

For example, I just mentioned those of us who understand the softsell have an advantage over those untrained business owners who do not know how to use the softsell. That is itself a softsell leading to the offer of one on one Zoom lessons on custom sales training including the softsell. Using the softsell throughout your presentation builds the need for the product or service greater than the need for you to sell your product or service. That’s exactly what you want!

To sell is not just a matter of showing the product or service with a price

It’s building value and uniqueness. Softly closing the sale throughout the presentation. Even a business card can do this. A business card is one of the least properly used advertising media that exists. A business card should have….

You offer to take it away first

I offer a really good deal for remote computer clients here on Oahu. I only charge $9.95 per month for one hour of service per month. This helps with troubleshooting and regular computer maintenance and optimization There are a few people left that treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. By stating

“There are only a few people who"

That’s a reverse bandwagon sales technique. People want to do what other people do and they want to know what other people know. By stating there are just a few people who still treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. In other words, getting the computers services regularly as they would their cars, I’m suggesting everyone knows this should be done.

Okay back to the take it away first sales technique

I actually had a remote computer client who thought this also included house calls. When this happened I immediately said,

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding shall I cancel your remote service?"

She immediately said no.

Why did she keep the remote computer service after I offered to cancel

People don’t want things taken away from them. Since I made it my idea to cancel it was my remote computer client who was going to have her service “taken away".

As a behavior modification expert I can tell you a big secret to increase sales or do anything else….

Children and adults react the same way to the same stimuli. Adults are simply more suppressed with their reactions. Remember when your parents tried to take away a toy you were playing with because it was bedtime? If you’re a parent you can tell me how your own children react. They scream and fight for it. Just like my computer client did in a more subtle manner. That’s why car salespeople have a shiny pen they hand you to make a sale. The child in us wants to reach for the shiny object!

Bandwagon effect to increase sales

“Everyone is going crazy over J. Richard Kirkham’s ability to help small business owners increase their sales whether it’s a webpage or a flyer. As both a sales psychology and SEO expert Mr. Kirkham helps you to be found both online and offline as well as increasing your sales through the traffic you have now!

Just what it says. The implication is everyone else is doing this so you should too. People don’t want to be left out.

Fake it till you make it

Years ago an author ask how to promote in a social media group that didn't allow direct advertising. I told her

“Fake it till you make it"

I then instructed her to post an announcement thanking everyone for the supportive emails about how much they loved her new book name goes here I can't remember it.

Now the bandwagon effect will occur and people, not wanting to be left out will not only ask about the book, they'll order it. Now we have an increase both in exposure for future sales and an increase in immediate sales.

She loved the idea and it worked for her.

Again the secret here is the soft sell. Don't go into hardcore sales mode the minute someone asks you about your book. When someone asks you about your book reply with something like:

Oh I'm sorry you must not be on my preferred customer list. I can post a link or DM it to you whichever you prefer.

Obviously a preferred customer list is an email or mailing list. Which means that person is now feeling left out and wants to be on your mailing list.

If you did your job of networking with other people in the group, people will reply they would like the link to so just post it.

The Four Aspects of a Sales Presentation or Webpage All Sales Media Must Have

  • Demonstrate a problem
  • Show a solution
  • Show why your buyer should buy from you
  • Call to action

Let’s look at a business card. Just the text obviously though you should have a graphic on it.

Affordable website promotion to increase sales!

Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

No one does what I do

Problem: The busy business owner trying to promote his/her website Solution: Affordable website promotion to increase sales! Why prospective buyers should buy from me: Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. No one does what I do

Note: The B.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science and denotes a college degree.

No one does what I do creates curiosity.

When one of my website site analysis clients saw that she wondered what it meant explaining to me that a lot of people did SEO until I not only helped her with her SEO, but with her sales as well with this video Free Website Sales Analysis IncludingThe Importance of The Word Even by She told me she was pausing the video taking notes and emailing her website manager for the changes I recommended.

Call to Action: Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

You'll also note in the call to action I included why prospective buyers should buy from me.

Giving directions instead of information to increase your sales texts or calls

Note on the business card example I had text or call NOT just a phone number. By giving directions instead of just providing information, you increase the number of people who contact you about your product or service.

Bonus tip: I get a lot more texts than I do phone calls for my three businesses. By using text or call you’ll also be using The Choice Close! Now instead of a prospective buyer wondering whether he/she should call you, the prospective buyer is wondering whether or not he/she should text or call you!

Want to learn more about increasing your sales

This is just a small example of how I can help you increase your sales. There are two ways I can help you increase your sales.

I’ll look at your webpage, presentation, video or email for you and fix it to help increase sales. If it’s a webpage I’ll help you with the onpage SEO as well. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It increases the chances of you being found in search engines such as Google and Bing and be higher than your competitors for the same keyword phrases. Keyword phrases are what people type on the search engines to find webpages.

Rick, I Want to Hire You by The Hour for Sales Lessons

In person custom sales lessons and tips if you’re in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu. Zoom anywhere in the world.

Hourly Rate

Email me with the details

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Hi Rochelle,

It's me Rick Kirkham. I wanted to do a quick sales and SEO analysis on your website for our meeting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice; I know how busy you must be.

First, I wanted to make sure I have your name spelled correctly, so I can create a folder for you. So, don't get upset with me; when I do this analysis, I'll look for areas that can be improved on or identify what's wrong with the website. But, for starters, it actually looks pretty good, even better than many others I've seen.

One thing that confused me is when I do a mouse-over here, it shows what Google sees, "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii Core Hire Desk." Does this mean you're only virtual assistants for Honolulu, Hawaii? Would you like the title to be "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii and Beyond" or something similar?

Now, let's talk about your contact page. I noticed that the phone number is required. If you're targeting a global audience, should a phone number be mandatory? There are various ways to communicate worldwide, like Zoom and Google Meet.

Your page looks great, but let's work on some minor improvements. For example, use "Reviews" instead of "Testimonials" since more people search for "reviews." Also, make sure the text in your video is bigger and spans the screen. Make the text more prominent.

Consider making your call-to-action stronger. Instead of "Contact Us Today," use "Contact Us Today to Check Our Availability." This encourages a quicker response. And don't forget to hyperlink the email address on this page.

Your images need alt tags for SEO and accessibility. These tags should describe the images and include relevant keywords.

Regarding the H1 tag, it's essential for SEO. Instead of just "Aloha," consider using "Global Virtual Assistants" to reflect your broader audience. Similarly, modify your description and content to emphasize global services more.

Finally, let's improve your headings for better SEO. Instead of "Get to Know Us," use "Get to Know Core Hire Desk" to strengthen your branding.

These are some suggestions to enhance your website's content and SEO. I hope this helps, and I'll see you tomorrow for our meeting.

Why You're In Sales If You're A Business Owner By Sales Psychology Expert And Business Owner J Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I was talking to a buddy of mine who owns a computer repair business. During the conversation, he told me he hated sales. This confused me. Let me explain why….

I've spent a long time in sales

Earning commission and feeding my family and pay my bills with what I earned from sales.

When I took the leap to full time business owner….

It was an in-home computer tutoring and repair business right here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. I went to a Geek Meet to meet with fellow computer people, website designers and other business owners in the technology industry.

It's not how good you are. It's how well you can sell.

I met a man who was starting his computer repair business at the same time I was starting my computer tutoring and repair business. At that time he was better at repairing computers than me.

However, I'd been in sales over 20 years. I knew how to schedule appointments using the choice close. I knew how to increase the perceived value of my computer services. Basically, I knew how to sell.

He was a better computer technician, but I was a better salesman.

My business began thriving within one month while he struggled with his. My advantage? My ability to sell....

  • Sell the appointment

  • Sell the computer service

  • Sell my value

Eventually, thanks to my gift of ADHD, I hyper-focused on computers and I was able to catch up to and even exceed the computer skills of the businessman who started at the same time as me.

So if you're in business, you're in sales. Don't just get over it. Embrace it!

The skill of selling is probably one of the least sought after by business owners and is THE most important skill any business owner in ANY media, face to face, online or radio, needs to learn to increase business.

You have three choices to increase your sales

Study everything you can on sales psychology online for free. Be warned, however, I always tell people the great thing about the internet is anyone can publish an article or webpage. The bad thing about the internet is anyone can publish an article or webpage.

Take lessons from me or someone like me. Be aware there are not that many sales psychology experts who are also experienced, trained teachers. There's a huge difference between having knowledge and being able to transfer that knowledge to another individual in an efficient, positive, enjoyable manner which promotes retention of knowledge. Email me at so I can secure a time slot for you.

Don't have time to learn to increase your sales with sales psychology lessons?

Then utilize option three. Just hire me!

You'll find monthly automated and full services to increase traffic to your website as well as increase the percentage of sales of your present traffic.

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About Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham !

Rick Kirkham has spent over 30 years in sales earning commission in different fields. He graduated college with dual teaching certificates and spent time using and honing behavior modification techniques in his first job after college.

Rick now manages and providing both website hosting and website promotion with the unique service of providing automated on-topic monetized content to increase sales both now and in the future by combining automated SEO and social media marketing. Additionally, Rick has the unusual combination of skills that allow him to edit your sales page to increase sales while increasing traffic to your website with his coding and SEO skills.

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How To Use Leverage To Increase Your Sales By Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Banner for How To Use Leverage To Increase Your Sales By Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

As a sales psychology expert and enthusiast, I’ve always been a big proponent of using leverage to increase sales. Whether that sales close involves making money, getting a new subscriber, or selling more affiliate products, utilizing and gaining leverage will increase your sales.

What is meant by leverage in sales

Leverage in sales is the act of making your prospective buyer want your product more than you want to sell it.

Examples of using leverage to increase sales

Many years ago I went with a friend of mine to look at used cars. For those of you in Honolulu Hawaii, it was the old Schuman Carriage, which was so well established they used to sell horse-drawn carriages.

A used car salesman approached my friend and me.

“Which one of you is the buyer?”, he asked. I immediately recognized the subliminal message he was sending while isolating the prospective buyer.

The used car salesman then asked, “What kind of car are you looking for?”

My friend gave his answer.

“The used car salesman said, “We have a few of those left.” This suggested two things.

  1. There were only a few of these cars so he’d better buy one now. Notice “a few of those left”. It doesn’t mean they just ordered a few.

  2. It means people keep buying them, therefore that particular car is popular so my friend should buy one too.

“What color?”, asked the used car salesman.

“Green”, I think is what my friend said.

“I think we have one of those left.”, replied the salesman. Once again the same technique is used creating a stronger need to buy the car as opposed to the salesman trying to sell the car.

I still remember that exchange as I hadn’t seen that many classic sales techniques used in such a short period of time like that.

Television examples of using leverage to increase sales…

Watch television commercials! You’ll see

  • Limited-time discounts.

  • Limited inventory (“While supplies last”)

  • A chance to win a prize.

Examples of using leverage in closing sales

For those of you with no sales training at all, closing a sale means finalizing the deal to where a contract is signed or money is exchanged. If you’re in business and have had no sales training, GET SOME SALES TRAINING, You won’t know what a difference that makes in increasing your sales until you do.

Yes, I can give you custom one-on-one instructions in sales training over Zoom.

I have a few slots open for custom one on one sales training so you’d better get ahold of me now….

Note the increase in value created by the word “custom” and the leverage created with having just a few slots left followed by a call to action of getting ahold of me now.

Limited call to action is a form of leverage used to increase sales

I have a website promotion client who literally said on her website,

“I hope you select us to ‘blah’. Call us and together we’ll find a time suitable for us both.”

I had my website promotion client change that to

“Call us now to guarantee the best appointment time available for you.”

Note the word available. This creates a sense of urgency since it implies appointment times are being snatched up by other customers.

Okay Rick, So How Do I Use Leverage to Increase My Sales?

Obviously, you can email me to arrange lessons on how to use leverage to increase sales. For those of you who don’t want to save time by utilizing my experience as both a sales psychology expert and dual certified teacher, think about how you can create an environment in which your prospective buyer needs to purchase your product or service more than you need to sell it to him/her.

Here’s another example of using leverage to increase sales

During the Windows 7 era, as an in computer tutor and troubleshooting specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, I got really good at removing computer viruses. I went past my research and training and began doing things to remove ransomware viruses that I hadn’t even heard of people doing.

I got a call from a prospective computer client who had a computer virus. I was literally trying to squeeze this guy in between appointments. When he heard me humming and hawing trying to find an appointment time he said,

“Maybe I should just call someone else.”

I replied, “That’s fine. Just make sure the person is a virus removal specialist, not just some guy that repairs computers and removes viruses on the side.”

The now client said, “Maybe we’d better wait for you.”

I found him an appointment time.

So in the previous example of using leverage in this case to schedule an appointment…

Note that I told the client something about me that would uniquely solve his problem as compared to other computer repair specialists who also removed computer viruses. He needed my special skill set, in order to solve his problem.

Think about using leverage to increase sales this way...

Think of what makes you unique compared to anyone else who has the same product or service.

  • How can you help this customer in a way that no one else can?

  • What makes you different?

  • What makes you stand out?

  • What can this customer get from you that the customer cannot get from anyone else?

Get that customer to want to buy more than you want to sell.

Or just take lessons from someone who's already done this by emailing me

About Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham !

Rick Kirkham has spent over 30 years in sales earning commission in different fields. He graduated college with dual teaching certificates and spent time using and honing behavior modification techniques in his first job after college.

Rick now manages and providing both website hosting and website promotion with the unique service of providing automated on-topic monetized content to increase sales both now and in the future by combining automated SEO and social media marketing. Additionally, Rick has the unusual combination of skills that allow him to edit your sales page to increase sales while increasing traffic to your website with his coding and SEO skills.

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? So do I just have to wait for Google and other search engines for anything to happen?

A No. I pay for a service that also sends your web pages generated by the program to Twitter and LinkedIn. Between the two, you’ll get more traffic from Twitter because it pushes content out so fast, but LinkedIn gives you a better opportunity to network if you want to be involved yourself. This content, especially from Twitter will also show eventually (and never hold your breath when it comes to Google) in Google and other search engines such as Bing.

A program I wrote so that duplicate content can be repeated over and over on social media

? How does repeating the same posts over and over help Rick?

A The propose of this program is to give everyone a chance to see your website sales pages and articles. Especially on Twitter. Here’s a good example of how this program is used by on Twitter. Note the date in from of the posts, Eventually this very article will be in that loop. This program includes your Generated Local City Web Pages which you’re about to hear about.

A program I wrote to produce city-targeted web pages.

? I’m in Honolulu Rick. Why do I need webpages for each city.

A This gives local business a chance to be found in Google and other search engines when people search for your product or service in one of your surrounding cities. Here on Oahu I simply listed every city on Oahu and a separate web sales page is generated for each city.

Social Media Promotion

Q I try to stay on top of my social media promotion Rick, but I just don’t have time to run my business and post to social media. What do I have to do for this social media promotion service?

A This is automated! Using a service I pay for that’s included in your monthly service fee for all of these services and more, all of the on topic content about your service or product goes into social media automatically. I primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter because it’s so fast and LinkedIn due to the networking possibilities.

Your Own Promotional Website

? Rick, why do I need a second website?

A The website hosting I use from is fully functional website hosting in which I can control everything in the backend. This website hosting will support the programs I use to run your automated marketing and advertising. Website hosting services such as Wix and Squarespace do not support the programs I run because they do not support a programming language called PHP.

? Won’t people landing on another website confuse people?

A People do not get confused because it’s not any different than landing on a press release or article about your website or service. ALL LINKS on your promotional website lead back to your primary website. Backlinks remain important to Google and other search engines.

Local businesses be aware my goal is not just to drive traffic to your website, but to increase your business! Therefore your business contact information will prominently be displayed in your on-topic articles, city-targeted web pages, and your main promotional website.

? Rick, what’s the difference between this automated promotion service and your fully managed service?

A To keep it simple, me, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.! My normal hourly rate thus far is $95.00 per hour. As a sales psychology and SEO expert and a dual certified teacher, fully managed promotional clients get my help with anything they need from business cards, fliers and naturally their websites. I even helped one client create a Google Form for her business. In fact my slogan is

“Show me your business cards, website and flier and I’ll make your profits soar higher.”

I do have a heart and probably give my automated promotion clients too much, therefore I do make myself available once to month to give them personal help,

Get started with automated website promotions by clicking this link now.

Don’t worry, if you want the fully managed website promotion service you can get signed up for that with the same link.

Questions about your automated website promotion system?

United States business owners may text me 808.224.1870. Text only please for the initial contact due to time differences.

Will I Lose Money if I Don't Increase My Website's Sales and Traffic with Professional Webpage Editing and SEO Services?

Banner Increase website traffic and sales

SEO, sales psychology expert and dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. answers this important question concerning how to make more money online and increase sales through your website…. SEO and sales psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

To answer whether or not you'll actually lose money by not improving SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and website sales, ask yourself these four questions….

Is your website an expense or asset to your business?

  1. Does your website help your business make more money or is it costing you money?
  2. Are you trying to get more targeted traffic to your website but just aren’t sure how?
  3. When prospective buyers do find your website, how fast do they leave without buying your product or service?
  4. Are your competitors, who are only one click away, trying to improve their SEO and website sales?

If your website isn’t set up to get as much targeted traffic as possible and increase sales by funneling prospects into ordering your product or service, you’re losing money!

It doesn’t matter if you built your own website or hired someone to do it for you. Most people who build or edit website sales pages have no sales experience themselves. They may or may not know how to optimize your webpage for search engines. This optimization process for search engines such as Google and Bing is referred to as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is just a part of the formula to increase traffic to and sales on your website

Search Engine Optimization will help your website be found in the search engines such as Google and Bing using keyword phrases connected to your product or service. It's the content, or ad copy, on the web page that helps your prospective buyer decide to buy from you, not your next competitor one click away on Google.

You need both SEO and good sales copy on your website in order to sell

As you can see, your website not only needs to be found which calls for SEO, you also need to be able to sell which calls for sale psychology and limited calls to action.

The problem for most business owners and website owners…

They don't understand why prospective buyers aren't as passionate about the business owner's product or service as the business owner himself/herself. Very few business owners, especially nowadays with business strategies such as affiliate marketing, have had any actual sales training or experience writing articles and ad copy that sells. In the case of affiliate marketing, a vendor may produce a product and provide untested advertising copy for his/her affiliates due to a lack of experience with actually selling products.

As a trained teacher with a background in behavioral modification, sales psychology and SEO expertise…

It's my job to:

  1. Increase qualified traffic to your website. Then, once your prospective buyers find your website in the search engines or social media….
  2. Demonstrate a problem while empathizing with your prospective buyer visiting your website.
  3. Show how your product or service is your prospective buyer's solution to the problem.
  4. Convince your prospective buyer he/she should buy the product or service from you.
  5. Increase the perceived value of your product or service past the selling price.
  6. Create a call to action with a limited time or limited bonus so your prospective buyer must buy now!

Now you see the value of having an SEO specialist and sales psychology expert on your team!

It doesn't hurt to have an experienced, trained teacher as well in case you want to understand a little of the marketing and sales practice for your product or service.

Okay Rick. You've convinced me. Will $225.00 per hour be enough for your SEO and increasing website sales services?

Actually, for right now my hourly rate is only $95 per hour. I usually need about two hours per page to fix SEO and sales closing issues. Eventually, that rate of $225 per hour will be closer to my hourly rate.

Order your SEO and increase website sales service NOW before the rates inevitably increase as Rick Kirkham becomes even more popular.

Hourly Rate

Email me your details

After I fix your SEO and Sales Issues get signed up for my website promotion package

Your competitors don’t have stagnant websites therefore you cannot either, BUT added content must have the purpose and keywords in it to help you increase your search engine ranking for the keyword phrases that attract buyers, My two services will do this for you. Click the link above now for more information.

Questions and Details About Rick Kirkham’s SEO and Increasing Sales Service

Honolulu Hawaii, Oahu and the rest of the United States text me at 808.224.1870. Text only initially due to time differences.

Email me your questions

Help to Improve Your Website Marketing, Promotion and Increase Your Sales is Now Available!

Even if you have a DIY do it yourself website such as Wicks, Squarespace or Groovefunnels, personal help to:

  • Promote your website

  • increase sales

  • search engine ranking

  • increase traffic

  • improve social media marketing

    is now available for you!

Noncustomers of May Now Benefit From The Same Features and Advice Customers Do

  1. To increase sales on your website I will:

  2. Edit and tweak your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  3. Edit and tweak your website to increase your sales

  4. Edit and tweak your website to improve your call to action

For this, I'm normally paid $95.00 per hour.

You'll also receive these products and services to improve traffic and sales to your website

I'll make a separate domain (website address) for you using the proper keywords to attract customers from search engines.

Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service A $29.00 Per Month Value will bring you fresh content from news sources linked back to your website or special offer.

Rick Kirkham's Post Repeater Script Also a $29.00 PER MONTH VALUE will be set up for any posts made on your website proved your website has an RSS feed (almost all websites do).

Types of Services for You to Increase Your Traffic and Sales

Basic Website and Marketing Management of Any Hosting Service

You'll get one critique of your website per month and ALL the auto marketing programs listed above for only $49.00 per month.

Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing

We'll treat your website with as much care as you do. We got this website and marketing.

We'll add and edit content whenever it's needed or you request it. Plus you get all the additional features above for only $150.00 per month.

Time to Decide on Your Future

If you continue to do what you're doing you will probably get the same results. You're an expert in your product or service. We're experts in getting your prospects as excited as you are. Let us do our jobs and help you....

Fill out the form first, then subscribe to the service you want for your website

Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service

Why Businesses Fail and How to Make Sure You Don't

I don't care if your business is online or offline. The basics of running a successful business remain the same. I met a man who was starting his computer repair business at the same time I was starting mine. His computer repair skills were better than mine at that time. My business picked up quickly while his eventually failed. Here's the difference in our backgrounds as to why my computer repair business thrived and his did not....

I have no idea why people have made this a bad phrase

SALES TECHNIQUES. Lazy people and employee-minded people just left this page. You always hear people mention marketing. by the way, for those of you who choose to continue reading. I have a free tip for you that will increase your sales.

  • Digital Marketing

  • Internet Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

But when was the last time you read about sales techniques or closing techniques? Okay, if you're about to Google what closing techniques are you'd better stay on this page.

What Does Sales Techniques Have to Do with Our Difference in Backgrounds?

I spent 20 years testing hearing and selling hearing aids on a commission basis. The man I met designed websites for a large company. This gave me the skills I need to:

  • Write ad copy

  • Design websites with a call to action which is another phrase meaning closing in sales

  • Schedule appointments on the phone using choice closes

  • Not be afraid of my labor fee

  • Request my money directly after the appointment whether the job was completed or not

I Can Go On But Here's My Point

Being able to use sales techniques helped me to stand out in my business field. New marketers, see there I go, the phrase is NEW BUSINESS OWNERS, usually start out with employee minds waiting to be told by the affiliate marketing vendor (i.e. product owner i:e BUSINESS OWNER) what to do. Chances are the vendor has never had any sales training either. So what does he/she tell the new business owner?

"Just drop your affiliate link in Facebook groups."

How Does That Make You Stand Out?

From the thousands of people dropping links in the same groups? The new business owners are probably even copying and pasting the same advertisements the vendor told them to copy and paste.

We Use Sales Techniques Everyday of Our Lives!

I still remember my son at 8 years old. We were shopping and my son said,

"Dad, can we buy this? I'll carry it."

That's a redirect close. For a split second, it worked as I was about to say,

"You don't have to carry it son. Just put it in the shopping cart."

I laughed. As both a trained, experienced teacher and expert in sales-psychology I appreciated my son's attempt and told him to just put it in the shopping cart.

We Also Use Sales Techniques When

  • We ask people out on dates

  • Proposing marriage. Think of the sales presentation you set up yourself when you proposed to your mate.

  • Job interview

  • Asking for a raise

  • Getting recognition to get a promotion

Again, I Can Go On....

You can see my original point on how many businesses fail may also be a reason why you may be failing in other parts of your life. If that sounds to harsh, I'm sorry, but maybe a reality check is just what you need to give you that nudge.

Remember The Definition of Insanity?

To do the same thing over and over and expect different results.

So, There are a Few Things I Can Do to Help You

Get signed up with and I'll give you a one-time complimentary email you a custom report on how to improve the ad copy on your web page.

I'll give you private Zoom or Google Meet basic sales technique lessons customized toward your profession at only $95.00 per hour. Let me explain this.

No, I'm not an expert in your field. I do, however, have the unique background of being a trained teacher as well as an expert in sales. So with a few questions, I'll teach you how to close your sales better with some customized sales techniques geared toward you, your personality, and your profession.

One quick tip I'll give you for free right now. Stop selling technology. Sell the benefits. This is a very common error.

Email me to set this up. Time and appointments are limited.

I found one decent book on ad copy. Be aware this is an affiliate link so I make a small commission when you order. It costs you nothing extra and supports my efforts to bring you information such as this.

Why Would I Tell You This Ad Copy Ebook Does Not Seem to Be Popular?

Two reasons:

To demonstrate that the phrase sales techniques remains unpopular for some reason when in fact it's the phrase that will make or break your business.

If it's not popular you'll have an edge over your competition! This same thing obviously applies to Zoom or Meet customized sales lessons!

So Get Yourself an Edge Over Your Competition

Embrace and learn more about sales techniques to increase your business and make more money.


Scroll up and reread the definition of insanity and embrace it.

About The Author enter image description here

J. Richard Kirkham lives in Honolulu Hawaii with his wife and one of his children. He's spent over 30 years making a living earning commission in sales-related and health-related fields. Rick used his ADHD gifts to become an expert in computers later becoming an in home computer and cell phone tutor and troubleshooter specializing in senior citizens and small businesses. Mr. Kirkham's love of automation programming and helping others finally lead to providing an all-in-one website hosting and automated marketing package for busy and part-time business people.

It's time for a change....

Increase Sales - Why You Need Help with Your Web Page and Other Sales Copy to Increase Your Sales and Make More Money

It’s the job of a sales expert, such as myself, to make your prospective buyers as passionate about your product or service as you are and by the time your web page readers are getting to the bottom of your web page they have already become your buyers. By the time people leave your office, your prospects are your new customers. By the time you leave their home, everyone is smiling and happy after signing the contract.

  1. Are you an expert in your product or service?
  2. Are you passionate about your product or service and believe EVERYONE in your demographics would benefit from it?
  3. Are you one of the best there is in your field (you’d better be saying yes if you’re in business)?

NOW, here’s the BIG question. Are you confused why your prospective buyers are NOT as passionate as you are about your product or service and do you wonder why your prospective buyers are not buying from you?!

THAT’S Where an Expert in Sales-Psychology Becomes a Necessity! enter image description here

It’s the job of a sales expert, such as myself, to make your prospective buyers as passionate about your product or service as you are and by the time your web page readers are getting to the bottom of your webpage, your buyers: By the time people leave your office, your prospects are your new customers. By the time you leave their home, everyone is smiling and happy after signing the contracts. Your new customers...


Rick texted me some advice to help me with my dog training website. I stared at the screen for an hour and a half before giving up. Then Rick suggested we meet and he showed me how to make some GREAT changes to my website including sales suggestions. Rick also showed me which directories and social media to add my website to.

“Rick Kirkham is dangerously effective in tweaking sales pages.”, Lisa Hendrickson IT professional and Office 365 specialist.

“Rick had a serious talk with me about something I was saying to my students that may have allowed them to think it was okay to flunk my test! He helped both my students and possibly kept angry parents from calling me.” Teacher Honolulu Hawaii.

“I Don’t Need Your Sales Expertise Rick. I Got This”

Then why are you reading this? The three most dangerous words a business owner can utter are “I got this” when “this” is not directly related to the business owner’s product or service. It’s a fact, to increase your business you must LEAVE your comfort zone. So if you’ve “HAD THIS” all this time, it’s time to hire me and have me take that part of your business off your shoulders! I’ll give you more time to do what you do best! You will help more people, increase your sales and make more money.

Okay Rick. What Can You Do to Help My Business Increase Sales and Make More Money?

Edit (tweak) your sales material including: Business Cards I put this first because some people don’t think of business cards as being a sales tool. ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING you hand someone can be a sales tool, either to increase sales or remove future sales.

Here’s an idea I came up with a while back. A way to make free, searchable, text style sms business cards. I send this every time I get a business call.

Web Pages

Create a sales funnel to get contact information, increase sales and build your mailing list. Despite the great marketing of the phrase sales funnel, sales funnels have been around online since affiliate marketing started back in the 90’s. You’ll also need me to find the right keyword phrases people use to search for your product or service.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an excellent source of sales and income. Supplying someone with just enough information to make your prospect want more information by subscribing to your newsletter, which presents more information on your product or service followed by a soft-sell for your product or service at the end of each newsletter is a proven way of making money online with your product or service or even a great marketing method for off-line services and products. The wording for each one of these emails is very important. Especially the lost art of the softsell. Lost by those who sell and market without training in sales-psychology.

SMS Text Marketing

A single text could get you your next sale or client for your service. I personally use sms text marketing to stay in contact with my own clients. A response when you first meet someone should take place within 24 hours. Texting is one of the easiest ways to stay in contact with new clients, prospects and people in your circle of referrals. Sometimes it’s just a message to say hi to keep my name in front of people.

Letters and Postcards

Direct mail marketing in this digital marketing world is definitely a way to stand out and be different. Every word must be carefully looked at to make sure it takes your prospect to your desired goal. In this case it’s probably not to buy direct, but to call you instead. A limited time offer and call to action are a must for this type of sales letter or postcard.


NOTHING is more powerful than face to face presentations. With that in mind I have a short story for you….

The worst presentation I’d ever seen was from the owner of a company believe it or not SELLING ADVERTISING! When someone asks a question during a presentation that gives the salesperson a chance to perform a soft-close (That’s a very good question. What will your company be using that feature for if I may ask? Assumed close) and a chance to customize your presentation based on your prospect’s answer.
When this business owner was asked a question, he got confused and acted as though he was being interrupted instead of using it as an opportunity to customize the presentation and increase the chances of a sale.

Google Slides are a great replacement for Power Point. I've used them to create videos and then convert the Google Slides into ebooks for even more advertising.

Maybe the company owner should have hired a salesperson to do the presentation. I’ll tweak (edit) your presentation and even prepare you for questions with soft-sells.

Youtube Videos

Video marketing and advertising is very powerful. It’s one of the most powerful forms of sales and marketing media. Videos can be self-produced with free software, all the way to paying thousands of dollars for a professionally done video. I’ll edit your script for sales and proper English (I’m a dual certified teacher).

Social Media Posts

Advertising in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter requires a combination of soft-sell, information sales, marketing and networking. The most powerful of these being networking. Networking also takes the most skill and the greatest patience.
Example: “LOL that same thing recently happened to one of my sales copy clients.” Versus: “Now Available! Get Help with Your Advertising Sales Copy, Increase Sales and Make More Money! Limited Time Offer.

The second response especially in a comment will get you ignored, banned or the ever popular flame, GET OUT SPAMMER!

I Got Restarted in My Sales Editing Copy Career Because of Social Media. Let Me Explain…

I spent over 20 years making a living in commission based sales. One company even sent me to sales school. I utilized those sales skills to build my business as an in home, onsite and virtual computer, tablet and cell phone trainer, tutor, virus removal and repair specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu and remotely for the rest of the U.S.A.. I used to belong to an IT business owners group on Facebook. A fellow member asked people to critique her sales page. I looked at it and saw some good improvements I could make in several areas. I messaged her and asked her if I could rewrite it and share it as a Google Doc. She said yes.

Now I Was Hooked Again!

She was so impressed with my rewrite she hired me for some other ad copy jobs. Now I was hooked again. I love sales-psychology and I love writing. Put the love and skill together and you get one of the best in the profession.

What I Don’t Do

Graphics. It’s simply not my forte’. People may tell you they can do both, but it’s really two completely different sides of the brain. Most people, like being left or right handed, have a dominant side of their brain. That’s why we have scientists and artists, yet one person is rarely both. I love sales and sales-psychology. I have a background in sales, teaching and behavior modification. This puts me more on the scientific side.

How Much Do You Charge for Writing Sales Copy Rick?

Let’s be very clear about something first. There’s a HUGE difference in investment between making a sales page or any kind of ad copy from scratch versus editing and tweaking your ad copy for sales and even SEO. So, if you write something up first that is editable, in other words not some pamphlet you took a picture of and sent me. An actual Word Doc or Google Doc I can edit and share back to you. That’s a one day job compared to all the research that would go into doing anything from scratch and a good savings for you.

Ad Copy Can Be Anywhere from $25.00 to Thousands of Dollars

If you’re in Hawaii feel free to Call or Text 224.1870. Anyone in the U.S.A. outside of Hawaii Text only 808.224.1870 only due to time differences. Anyone in the world may email me at Give me an idea of

  • What you need.
  • Your goals of the sales ad
  • What type of close you need whether it’s to call you, order or subscribe

I look forward to helping you with your ad copy to increase your sales and make more money.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Some of these links are affiliate links to help support my efforts in providing you with up-to-date help and information. They cost you nothing when you click on them.