How to Join The Free Ganoderma Healthy Coffee Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

Finally, there's a free affiliate program for the most popular drink in the world - COFFEE! Thanks to the health benefits of the Ganoderma also called the Reishi mushroom, you not only have coffee drinkers for customers and lower tier affiliates, you have the health community as well!

Menu for the Ganoderma Healthy Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Directions

What's a multi-tier affiliate program Rick?

How much does the Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Pay

Sounds great Rick. How do I become an affiliate and even make money from reorders?

Repeat Business from The Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

I can’t find my affiliate link Rick. Where is it?

Rick, I don’t have time to start any kind of online business. Can you help me?

What's a multi-tier affiliate program Rick?

A multi-tier affiliate program is an affiliate program in which you not only earn a commission on your own sales, but you also earn a commission based on the sales of those affiliates you helped sign up using your affiliate link. The company pays you all the money you've earned online, and nothing is taken away from you or those affiliates you've helped to join the affiliate marketing program using your affiliate link. Everyone keeps everything they earned.

How much does the Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Pay

Personally, I find the affiliate program system a bit confusing. It makes sense for it to be a bit confusing since it is multi-tier, and they pay you even more as your sales increase.

According to the affiliate webpage, you can earn up to 47% commission, with the absolute minimum being 10% per sale. Not bad for a non-digital product.

Repeat Business from The Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program

I just verified with Ganoderma Coffee Club for you, once someone enrolls and orders from your affiliate link, they remain your customer! I'm on my fourth box of hot chocolate myself.

Sounds great Rick. How do I become an affiliate and even make money from reorders?

The absolute easiest way to join the affiliate program is to Place your first coffee order! When you order, you’re automatically put in the affiliate program. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you have to sell coffee if you just want to drink good healthy coffee. They don’t even send you affiliate information. This company is definitely not in your face.

If you’re not ready for delicious, healthy coffee yet for some reason and just want to join the affiliate program.

Go to the Ganoderma Coffee Club website. That’s my affiliate link. I thank you for your support.

Click on the GCC Affiliate Program near the top

Follow the directions

Quick tipDon’t forget to set up your payment system so you can get paid for your sales. I had one automated passive income client that forgot to do that.

I can’t find my affiliate link Rick. Where is it?

Yeah, I had trouble with that too.

On a desktop

  • Obviously, make sure you’re logged in

  • Click on My Account near the upper right-hand corner

  • Quick tip Scroll down on this page to set your payment information so you can get paid for selling coffee

  • Click Affiliate Information. There you’ll see your stats

  • There’s a black bar. Put your mouse over the word Marketing

  • Click on Affiliate Links when the menu automatically drops down

  • You’ll find your default link on that page and you can make other affiliate links there for different campaigns as well if you’re an experienced marketer.

On your mobile phone

  • Tap the menu icon that states MENU to the right of the icon
  • Tap My Account
  • Scroll down by swiping up until you see Affiliate Information
  • Tap Affiliate Information
  • Scroll down by swiping up until you see Marketing
  • When you tap Marketing a sub-menu will appear.
  • Tap Affiliate Links
  • Scroll down by swiping up until you see your default affiliate link
  • Do a long press over your affiliate link
  • Copy your link address
  • I’d suggest emailing it to yourself. That way you can use it on your computer or phone
  • To paste your affiliate link do a long press in the location where you want to paste it.

Well, those graphics took a while but I believe you’ll find them very helpful.

Rick, I don’t have time to start any kind of online business. Can you help me?

I’m glad you asked. Yes, I can. In fact, I’m already helping people make money online passively through a program I wrote myself.

If you don’t have a website already click here for more information on how you can make money online passively

By the way, you can promote multiple products with my system.

If you already have a website and would like it promoted or even have the Ganoderma Coffee Club Affiliate program promoted on it click here

Questions Even After Reading The Entire Page?

Just send me an email I’m happy to help you.

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How does this online business system work, Rick?

I'm going to keep the explanation as simple as possible.

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Affiliate marketing is...

Affiliate marketing is basically representing someone else’s product with a special link that gives credit and a commission when people order. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you exactly what to do and do most of it for you, depending on your business interest.

How much is my investment, Rick?

First congratulations on investing in yourself. I’d recommend just the automated marketing service unless you have an idea you want to fly with. Your investment is $49.00 per month and includes everything you need to get your online business started. The reason I can do this at such a low cost is because of my programming skills. Almost everything is automated from your on-topic news to your ads and articles my program produces being shared on social media.

Okay, Rick, what do you need from me?

A belief in yourself that you're even better than what you're doing now. Other than that, nothing. It can take me up to two weeks to set things up. I do not charge a setup fee, though part of your subscription is used to set up the program and your website. Don’t worry. There’s nothing you have to do to the website. I automate everything or write it up myself. This system is very flexible, so if you get to that point where you want to add your own content, I’ll set that up as well at no additional charge.

Eventually, I’ll need a Twitter (X) account and a LinkedIn account from you. Preferably one you already have. If not, just create one of each.

Okay, Rick, I’m getting started by clicking here

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Legal Stuff

There are no guarantees of income either implied or otherwise. Since you own a business, it is possible you can lose money.

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