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a new upgrade is now available from to help increase your search engine ranking through a special search box

Why should you be excited about your new Google Search feature being installed for all business promotion and website hosting clients?

The more that people click your various webpages in Google search the more this signals Google's algorithm that people are interested in that particular webpage on your website. This is a factor in increasing your search engine ranking.

Okay now hold on I know what you're thinking.

"Great I'll stay home and click my own links all day!"

That may have worked 20 years ago to increase your search engine ranking and indeed was an old SEO black hat trick, but hundreds of clicks from the same location and IP address will no longer impress any search engine including Google.

How does a search box on the promotion website help my primary website, Rick?

I just gave away a secret, didn't I?

It's true! For my website promotion clients who already have a website, I build a flexible website system and optimize it with both SEO and automated programs I've written myself. All backlinks created lead back to my website promotion client's primary website. Contact information is also added for service businesses. After all, the goal is for your prospect to hire you not visit your website.

This is no different than being found via an article or press release. I had one business promotion client who was concerned about this so I thought I'd bring it up.

Thanks for explaining Rick, but that still doesn't answer the question. Why does a Google search box help me and my search engine ranking?

Originally the search box I created would only allow your prospective buyers to search the promotional website on Google. Since my goal is to get more people to your website, I didn't t like that idea.

This new Google search box solves that problem!

Your new Google search box which will go on your website promotion site will search two websites at the same time!

I set the Google search box variables to search your website first, then your promotional website. So if your website has the keywords that your prospective buyers are searching for then the Google search box will take your future buyers to your website. If your website doesn't have the keywords your prospective buyers are searching for, then your prospective buyers will land on your promotion website. This will then take your prospective buyers to your primary website!

This Google search box you came up with Rick to get more people to click on your website links to help improve search engine ranking sounds like a great idea. Does it have any other features?

There's one feature I worked very hard on. Have you ever noticed Google withholds webpages from your search results unless you click a link at the bottom of the search page? You then click the link and you see results Google doesn't think are important.

ALL of Googles search results show with this special Google search box by Rick Kirkham of

The trouble is not too many people will click the link. The Google search box I created SHOWS ALL SEARCH RESULTS!

Why’s it so important to show all search results Rick?

Remember earlier when I told you Google will give more authority to links that are clicked on a lot by your prospective buyers? You now have a chance to give those links enough authority so they’ll show up in normal search results!

So now website promotion-wise, you get the best of both worlds!

Even as I'm helping you to make changes to your primary website to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines to help increase traffic to your website in order to increase your sales, I'm creating a website with customized and automated features linking back to your primary website to help you in the background. Backlinks continue to be an important factor in search engine ranking.

This two site Google search box is an additional feature to help people and search engines find your web pages. Getting clients to your website, increasing your business's traffic to your website and increasing sales by helping you make more money online is what I do best and why I can help you!

Are you one of my website promotion or website hosting clients yet?

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