Basic Sales Techniques to Increase Sales on Your Website or In Person by sales psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham

You always hear business owners talking about increasing their sales by getting more traffic to their website or local business, but what if, when people land on your webpage, or hear your sales pitch, or receive your email your ad copy sucks? What if you could increase your sales simply by improving what you say to prospective buyers already on your website or listening to your sales presentation…?

Basic sales techniques and tactics are a must for any business whether you have an online business, global or local business. Yet, sales techniques are often one of the most neglected means of increasing your business and making more money online and offline. Furthermore, by not understanding sales psychology you’re losing money because you think lowering the price is always the answer. The price is a lot less important than the perceived value of the product or service.

In fact, you can sell your product or service for whatever you want to sell it for, as long as the price is lower than the perceived value of the product or service!

Here's your list of basic sales techniques to increase your business, sales and make more money online and offline….

Talk to the prospective buyer

No third-person stuff. Use you in your website sales page, radio commercial or YouTube video.

“You've finally found the right webpage to help increase your sales with the following basic sales techniques every business owner and salesperson should know!"

Use conversational English on your sales page or in your sales pitch

In other words, use your contractions! Talk as though you were talking to the person. It's amazing when I do a website analysis for SEO and sales the number of highly intelligent people that completely forget to use contractions when they're writing is astounding. Heck, you might stand out just by using contractions. For those of you who don't know what a contraction is,

Don't instead of do not

Is an example of a contraction. Write the way you speak!

Create or show value in your sales presentation or webpage of your product or service

Uniqueness of your product or service increases value

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This concept of showing uniqueness in your product or service, even if it's an affiliate product, must be demonstrated in order for you to make sales. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people just dropping affiliate links on social media like everyone else. If you're not standing out, you're not being noticed and therefore you're not making sales. To aid in this uniqueness and increase your sales make sure you have your own website hosting and domain name.

DO NOT listen to the gurus who tell you that you can make $1,000 a day with no website. Usually after that it's followed by for more information visit my website. See my article Video - Why MLMers and Network Marketers Need Their Own Website Even Though The Company Gives Them One This applies to affiliate marketers and anyone else in business local or global.

Bonuses increase the value of your product or service and will increase sales

Usually, this is followed by a limited call to action.

“For a limited time, you’ll also receive this widget as a bonus with your order. This widget is valued at $1,000,000 and will make your life easier as well as take your dog for a walk. So act now while supplies last."

Note the phrases “Act now while supplies last" and “For a limited time" as limited calls to action. A limited number of products or openings or a limited time to act to purchase your product or service also increases the value. I’ll discuss that in more detail later on in this basic sales technique article.

The bonus is used by affiliate marketers as well to help them stand out from others. That is yet another reason why affiliate marketers need their own website to do a presell and offer a bonus if the prospective buyer orders from that affiliate marketer. Direct sales representatives can do the same bonus technique on their own presell website.

Empathize with your prospective buyer to increase your sales

People buy from someone with whom they can relate or feel like they have something in common.

For example, let’s use this humorous made-up product example for men.

I was once like you, ugly. People avoided me. I couldn’t keep a job and women, no woman would even look at me or if one did she’d scream and call the Area 51 authorities. I had no friends and stayed at home in the dark, covering all the mirrors.

Then someone told me about The Handsome Man System hoping I would go away.

The Handsome Man System gives you everything you need to look attractive to people. I now have a successful job, I’m the life at parties and I’m dating Miss Ultimate Universe, Miss Entire World and Miss Infinity all at the same time AND they don’t mind sharing me!

There’s hope for you now. No more screaming children, laughing women and being fired from your job because you too, are ugly.

Get The Handsome Man System while supplies last.

At only $999.99 it’s a steal. The price will be going up soon due to demand from the Quasimoto family so order now!

Don't argue with your prospective buyers. This will decrease sales

Use Feel Felt Found instead.

I used to feel the same way you do. I felt The Handsome Man System was too expensive too, until I found out how much more money I actually make as a handsome man. This system pays for itself and then some!

Versions of Feel Felt Found can be used to solve verbal objections or can even be used on websites in the FAQ section. FAQ for those unaware stands for Frequently Asked Questions.

A.B.C. Always Be Closing to Increase Your Sales

Closing a sale basically means asking for the money, signing the contract, or clicking the order button. Don’t always use hard closes though use soft closes throughout your presentation whether it’s verbal or on your website. This basically means subtle hints of ordering and buying. Such as using the

Assumed Sales Close

When you order your widget I’d suggest you order it in green. A hard close using the assumed sale technique would be

What color do you like in that shirt?


I’ll ring up a blue shirt for you


Did the customer ever say he/she wanted to buy the shirt? Did the salesperson ever ask if the customer wanted the shirt? No! The assumed sales technique was used.

Try this if you’re single.

Is Friday a good time to meet at Joe’s Tavern for a drink? Yes it is Would 7 or 8 be better for you? (Choice Close) 8 Great I’ll see you then

As you can see learning good sales techniques helps in all aspects of your life.

Speaking of the choice close to increase sales….

You see the choice close all the time especially online or if you're listening to a sales presentation.

Which one of my website promotion packages would you like?

I have the automated marketing package for only $49.00 per month or my fully managed package for just $150.00 per month.

Redirect close to increase your sales

My own son at around 6 years old gave me a great example of the redirect close. He saw something he wanted while we were shopping and said to me,

“Dad, can we buy this? I'll carry it."

Just as I was about to say there's no need to carry it son just throw it in the cart I thought to myself,

“Hey wait a minute."

And that's when I started laughing and I bought it for him. In real life you can combine the redirect close with the choice close. Let's say you're selling something heavy like refrigerators.

I see you looking at both of these refrigerators. Which one would fit best in your home?

The one on the left

How are you going to get it home? We could arrange delivery."

No need I have my truck.

Let's get the paperwork out of the way.

Nodding to increase your sales in person or on videos

“So John shall we get started with your automated marketing today?" and give a slight nod as you ask the question to close your sale. It's a psychological thing and it works especially for prospective buyers on the fence about buying your product or service.

NOT a huge obvious nod. Think subtle. Barely noticeable.

Asking a series of questions that are answered yes

Are you too busy to advertise and market your own product or service?

Do you need to expand your business but just don't have the time?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a system that would advertise, market and promote automatically taking none of your valuable time away from you?

Then order your automated SEO and social media advertising system by programmer, SEO and sales enhancement specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. today!

The handshake as a close to increase sales

This example is done actually before the deal has been made.

Our van stopped working, was making weird noises and would barely accelerate. We barely got the van into a car dealership. I wasn't aware that car salespeople could move at the speed of light, but they obviously can when motivated properly.

I knew we needed a new vehicle because in my background in sales, I asked my wife to let me handle the negotiations. If you've ever purchased a car before and seen the little trick where the salesperson writes the price down on paper so he or she doesn't have to say it, that's what our car salesperson did.

There is some sales psychology behind writing the price down

Tangibility: Seeing a price written down can make it feel more real and concrete to the customer. This can make him/her more likely to consider it and be willing to pay the price.

Authority: When you write a price down, it can give the impression that you are serious about it and that it is a legitimate offer. This can make the customer more likely to trust you and believe that the price is fair.

Anchoring: The first price that a customer sees can anchor his/her perception of value. If you write down a high price and then offer a discount, the customer may be more likely to see the discounted price as a good deal.

In this case when our car salesperson wrote a number down, I took the same piece of paper crossed out that figure and wrote my own price actually lower than what I was willing to pay.

After writing that number down, I showed it to him and stuck my hand out to shake his hand thus finalizing the deal even though we hadn't agreed on the price yet.

He didn't agree to that price nor did he shake hands yet, but eventually we did come to a fair agreement and the handshake technique before an actual agreement did help to save my family and me a little money on the price of the car in my professional opinion.

Limit The Time or Amount to Increase Your Sales

Mr. Kirkham is finally accepting two more in home tutoring students here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

Look at the word finally as well. That implies a long delay for an opening which means you’d better act now.

Have you seen the expiration dates on coupons? Having a discount coupon expire creates a sense of urgency in your prospective buyer. I’m sure you’ve also seen advertisements where a certain number of products are available. A used car salesman told a friend of mine,

“Yes, we still have one left in that color."

Meaning my friend had better buy now before someone else gets the make, model and color of the car my friend wanted.

More on the art of the softsell to increase your sales

I’m afraid with the internet forming instant, untrained business owners, the art of the softsell is disappearing. Those of us who understand how to use the softsell have a huge advantage over those untrained individuals who do not understand it.

Throughout your presentation, website or YouTube video use the softsell

For example, I just mentioned those of us who understand the softsell have an advantage over those untrained business owners who do not know how to use the softsell. That is itself a softsell leading to the offer of one on one Zoom lessons on custom sales training including the softsell. Using the softsell throughout your presentation builds the need for the product or service greater than the need for you to sell your product or service. That’s exactly what you want!

To sell is not just a matter of showing the product or service with a price

It’s building value and uniqueness. Softly closing the sale throughout the presentation. Even a business card can do this. A business card is one of the least properly used advertising media that exists. A business card should have….

You offer to take it away first

I offer a really good deal for remote computer clients here on Oahu. I only charge $9.95 per month for one hour of service per month. This helps with troubleshooting and regular computer maintenance and optimization There are a few people left that treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. By stating

“There are only a few people who"

That’s a reverse bandwagon sales technique. People want to do what other people do and they want to know what other people know. By stating there are just a few people who still treat their computers like refrigerators instead of cars. In other words, getting the computers services regularly as they would their cars, I’m suggesting everyone knows this should be done.

Okay back to the take it away first sales technique

I actually had a remote computer client who thought this also included house calls. When this happened I immediately said,

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding shall I cancel your remote service?"

She immediately said no.

Why did she keep the remote computer service after I offered to cancel

People don’t want things taken away from them. Since I made it my idea to cancel it was my remote computer client who was going to have her service “taken away".

As a behavior modification expert I can tell you a big secret to increase sales or do anything else….

Children and adults react the same way to the same stimuli. Adults are simply more suppressed with their reactions. Remember when your parents tried to take away a toy you were playing with because it was bedtime? If you’re a parent you can tell me how your own children react. They scream and fight for it. Just like my computer client did in a more subtle manner. That’s why car salespeople have a shiny pen they hand you to make a sale. The child in us wants to reach for the shiny object!

Bandwagon effect to increase sales

“Everyone is going crazy over J. Richard Kirkham’s ability to help small business owners increase their sales whether it’s a webpage or a flyer. As both a sales psychology and SEO expert Mr. Kirkham helps you to be found both online and offline as well as increasing your sales through the traffic you have now!

Just what it says. The implication is everyone else is doing this so you should too. People don’t want to be left out.

Fake it till you make it

Years ago an author ask how to promote in a social media group that didn't allow direct advertising. I told her

“Fake it till you make it"

I then instructed her to post an announcement thanking everyone for the supportive emails about how much they loved her new book name goes here I can't remember it.

Now the bandwagon effect will occur and people, not wanting to be left out will not only ask about the book, they'll order it. Now we have an increase both in exposure for future sales and an increase in immediate sales.

She loved the idea and it worked for her.

Again the secret here is the soft sell. Don't go into hardcore sales mode the minute someone asks you about your book. When someone asks you about your book reply with something like:

Oh I'm sorry you must not be on my preferred customer list. I can post a link or DM it to you whichever you prefer.

Obviously a preferred customer list is an email or mailing list. Which means that person is now feeling left out and wants to be on your mailing list.

If you did your job of networking with other people in the group, people will reply they would like the link to so just post it.

The Four Aspects of a Sales Presentation or Webpage All Sales Media Must Have

  • Demonstrate a problem
  • Show a solution
  • Show why your buyer should buy from you
  • Call to action

Let’s look at a business card. Just the text obviously though you should have a graphic on it.

Affordable website promotion to increase sales!

Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

No one does what I do

Problem: The busy business owner trying to promote his/her website Solution: Affordable website promotion to increase sales! Why prospective buyers should buy from me: Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. No one does what I do

Note: The B.Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science and denotes a college degree.

No one does what I do creates curiosity.

When one of my website site analysis clients saw that she wondered what it meant explaining to me that a lot of people did SEO until I not only helped her with her SEO, but with her sales as well with this video Free Website Sales Analysis IncludingThe Importance of The Word Even by She told me she was pausing the video taking notes and emailing her website manager for the changes I recommended.

Call to Action: Text or Call Website promotion, SEO & Sales-Psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. 808.224.1870

You'll also note in the call to action I included why prospective buyers should buy from me.

Giving directions instead of information to increase your sales texts or calls

Note on the business card example I had text or call NOT just a phone number. By giving directions instead of just providing information, you increase the number of people who contact you about your product or service.

Bonus tip: I get a lot more texts than I do phone calls for my three businesses. By using text or call you’ll also be using The Choice Close! Now instead of a prospective buyer wondering whether he/she should call you, the prospective buyer is wondering whether or not he/she should text or call you!

Want to learn more about increasing your sales

This is just a small example of how I can help you increase your sales. There are two ways I can help you increase your sales.

I’ll look at your webpage, presentation, video or email for you and fix it to help increase sales. If it’s a webpage I’ll help you with the onpage SEO as well. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It increases the chances of you being found in search engines such as Google and Bing and be higher than your competitors for the same keyword phrases. Keyword phrases are what people type on the search engines to find webpages.

Rick, I Want to Hire You by The Hour for Sales Lessons

In person custom sales lessons and tips if you’re in Honolulu Hawaii or anywhere on Oahu. Zoom anywhere in the world.

Hourly Rate

Email me with the details

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What's a multi-tier affiliate program Rick?

How much does the Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Pay

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How much does the Ganoderma Coffee Club Multi-Tier Affiliate Program Pay

Personally, I find the affiliate program system a bit confusing. It makes sense for it to be a bit confusing since it is multi-tier, and they pay you even more as your sales increase.

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Sounds great Rick. How do I become an affiliate and even make money from reorders?

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Quick tipDon’t forget to set up your payment system so you can get paid for your sales. I had one automated passive income client that forgot to do that.

I can’t find my affiliate link Rick. Where is it?

Yeah, I had trouble with that too.

On a desktop

  • Obviously, make sure you’re logged in

  • Click on My Account near the upper right-hand corner

  • Quick tip Scroll down on this page to set your payment information so you can get paid for selling coffee

  • Click Affiliate Information. There you’ll see your stats

  • There’s a black bar. Put your mouse over the word Marketing

  • Click on Affiliate Links when the menu automatically drops down

  • You’ll find your default link on that page and you can make other affiliate links there for different campaigns as well if you’re an experienced marketer.

On your mobile phone

  • Tap the menu icon that states MENU to the right of the icon
  • Tap My Account
  • Scroll down by swiping up until you see Affiliate Information
  • Tap Affiliate Information
  • Scroll down by swiping up until you see Marketing
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  • Tap Affiliate Links
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Well, those graphics took a while but I believe you’ll find them very helpful.

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What Rick Kirkham's online business system is not...

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Probably because I've never met anyone else with a background in:

How does this online business system work, Rick?

I'm going to keep the explanation as simple as possible.

The online business system is based on utilizing breaking on-topic news to draw visitors who then see your on-topic offer, whether it’s an affiliate link or your own product.

Affiliate marketing is...

Affiliate marketing is basically representing someone else’s product with a special link that gives credit and a commission when people order. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you exactly what to do and do most of it for you, depending on your business interest.

How much is my investment, Rick?

First congratulations on investing in yourself. I’d recommend just the automated marketing service unless you have an idea you want to fly with. Your investment is $49.00 per month and includes everything you need to get your online business started. The reason I can do this at such a low cost is because of my programming skills. Almost everything is automated from your on-topic news to your ads and articles my program produces being shared on social media.

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Legal Stuff

There are no guarantees of income either implied or otherwise. Since you own a business, it is possible you can lose money.

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A website promotion client asked me how to setup a PayPal subscribe button on her website. This Google Slideshow is for her and anyone that needs help. Be aware I can also setup your PayPal subscription button for you.

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I know I'm shooting myself in the foot when I say that but if you can keep them separate, then whoever is your website hosting provider does not have as much power over you. I've been in before I started finally deciding, you know, uh, please excuse my language but you know, screw this crap, I'm just gonna start my own website hosting company. But before that, I dealt with several website hosting companies and I don't want to name any names because I'm sure they're just anxious to sue somebody to try and make another you know, ten thousand bucks or whatever.

But, each one of these times, I had my own domain. In fact, I used namecheap, by the way. I'm not an affiliate of namecheap or anything like that, I just like them. And from namecheap, whenever one of these hosting companies would screw me over, I just, oh, there it goes again, sorry. I just told them they were fired. I actually, I looked for other hosting first, I told them they were fired, and then I got other hosting and then I pointed my domains names to my new website name servers. And that, that's really the best way to do it right there. And I'm thinking of you folks when I say that, I'm not thinking of myself. I try to be a good Christian, but anyway, that's how you get signed up.

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Let me go there now, I really wasn't planning on doing this, but let me show you. You can also go to and you could use PayPal to get signed up. This is especially for people that have never had a website and not really sure what to do. So, you know, I'm here to help. I'm a dual certified teacher, and I'm kind of got an OCB for helping people. So, you know, you can also go over there to busy business hosting, a bunch of stuff on what you, again, you say Rick I've already spoken to you. When you click on that, that takes you right down to the sign up page. There's some legal stuff, a note from me, and here you can sign up.

Now I know it says website promotion, but website promotion hosting is included in website promotion, and that's whether you have a primary website or not. I still build a secondary website so that I can promote you even better. Nobody else does that, and anyway, so there's a yearly and then a monthly sign up and then if you need to hire me by the hour to make some changes to your website, that's also possible to do.

And that's it. I plan on showing you that, but I wanted to anyway, so, good luck in your business. Consider me for your website hosting, and God bless you.

-Rick Kirkham

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How to Use Google and Social Media to Promote Your Website and Make More Money Online by Sales Psychology and SEO Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Here’s a little outside-of-the-box free way to get yourself and your online or offline business found easier in both social media and in Google and other search engines all at the same time. This is mostly for my website promotion clients, but I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world as well. Expensive SEO software is not always necessary with a little thought and knowledge.

You'll Be Utilizing a Google Trick for This SEO and Social Media Promotion Technique

Be sure to read at least two of my other articles on website promotions for free.

Video - The Best Ways to Promote Your Website When You Have Time

How to Saturate Google with Your Local Business Citations Using Google by J. Richard Kirkham SEO and Sales Enhancement Specialist

Both articles add two more pieces to the SEO and website sales and promotion puzzle for you.

The Little Google Trick You'll Be Using to Promote Your Website is... my keywords associated with my product or service.

This goes in the search box on Google. What you’ll get is most of the (according to research no longer all) posts for that social media that Google has indexed. That means Google has placed that post in its search engine.

Let’s Get a Few Things Ready First to Promote Your Website with This Social Media and Google Trick

Join as many social media sites as you can

Use this article I wrote for starters, then use Google Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising: Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites, and More

Make sure you fill out the profiles with keyworded titles and descriptions. If you have a local business, add your NAPW for your citations. That’s:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Website

Google likes seeing that, and most profiles on social media are public.

Add a simple banner using Google Draw or Canva. I’m a Google Draw fan myself. Once you design a single banner, use that one all the time for consistency. You may need to make a copy and resize it for some of the social media.

Again, if you’re a local business and people call you on the phone, get your phone number on that banner. Why? Because your goal is to increase your business, not get more traffic to your website. The easier it is for your prospective buyer to get your local business contact information, the better the chances are they’ll contact you!

Time to get started promoting your service or product and website. Start with Twitter (X). It’s fast with a lot of content.

Let’s use my website promotion service as an example.

In the Google search box, I’ll type in:

with NO space. Next, I add my keywords related to my service. how do I increase sales

This is a question someone may ask on social media. You can see the results of the search in the link I’ve provided. Obviously, replace the question with something related to your product or service.

Now answer the questions or comment on answers

DO NOT just drop links or try to sell immediately. This is a common mistake I see so often, especially from affiliate marketers with no training. Add value. Do a soft sell if you’ve had sales training. A soft sell is just something you “happen to mention” during the conversation.

“One of my website promotion clients has that same problem.” The rest of the post is answering the question.

I’ve established myself as an expert, mentioned what I do, and now I provide value by using my expertise. Don’t be lazy on this by copying and pasting the same answer over and over. People reading this will see what you’re doing and consider you a spammer with useless content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content either. As people read your answer, they’ll check your profile if they’re interested in your product or service.

“Good article” or “Thanks for the info” will NOT get people interested in viewing your profile. Again, something I see from so many untrained marketers.

Actually, click the links and read the articles. Some articles will have their own comment section. I usually use my website address for my name in the website comments. Most website owners are okay with this as long as you are commenting with real value. Most comment sections will have to be approved by the website owner. Some comments never get approved, which is another reason for using social media.

If you click the link and it’s a dead link…

This is one of the few times it’s appropriate to share your own article. I say something like,

“Username, that link is dead. Allow me to share one of my own links on the name of the keyworded subject.” Then add your own link to the article.

If you’re one of my automated on-topic, monetized content clients, be sure to check your promotional website as well for good, on-topic, helpful articles. Remember all those links lead back to your primary website. You can use the search box I wrote myself which uses Google and the site: trick to search your promotional website AND primary website for an appropriate article. If you’re not writing on-topic keyworded articles for your website on a regular basis, you should be doing so.

Okay Rick, I get the idea of the website promotion method, but why not go directly to social media?

Google doesn’t index everything on social media. By searching the social media site through Google, you stand a better chance of your own reply being indexed by Google as well. Even if your reply doesn’t get indexed by Google, your prospective buyers will find the original post on Google and then your reply.

There are some social media benefits as well. By commenting on a post on social media, you make that social media algorithm pay more attention to that post, possibly showing the post more, and therefore your own reply will be shown more often. This gives not only the people following the post a chance to view your reply, but new people as well.

Do this Google and social media website and sales promotion trick on as many social media sites as you can

If it’s a social media site you haven’t registered with yet, remember what I said about making a complete, keyworded profile. Make your first post as well. You can even just copy and paste the title, description, and URL of your website just to have a post and find people interested in your subject matter. I wrote a JavaScript program to copy your title, description, and link at the click of a button. Making it easy for guests to copy and paste website information. If you want that for your own website, you may have it.

Yes, I can make new profiles in social media for you and even reply with keywords for your product or service, BUT...

It’s time-consuming and NOT covered even under my Fully Managed Website Promotion SEO and Sales Enhancement Service My normal hourly rate of $95.00 would apply. I’d recommend at least two hours to get anything done worthwhile. Just order from my main page.

As a secondary option of hiring me to save your valuable time, consider hiring one of the best global virtual assistant companies I’ve yet to see, Core Hire Desk, and one of my latest website promotion and sales enhancement clients. That means they’re going to be increasing their business even more, so call right away.

In the meantime, my fellow business owners, you now have yet another tool to promote your business, website, products, and services.


Rick J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

If you’ve found this digital marketing how-to article by searching for website promotion techniques, Google and social media promotion, SEO for website promotion, using Google to promote your website, social media promotion strategies, increase sales through social media, effective website promotion, optimizing social media for website promotion, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. website promotion, sales psychology for online promotion, utilizing Google tricks for SEO and promotion, best ways to promote a website, improving online visibility through Google and social media, utilizing social media for business promotion, or Google search tips for website promotion, you’ve found the correct article to help you increase your business.

Video - The Word 'Even' Can Increase Your Sales! Watch This Free Video Website Sales and SEO Analysis to Learn How by Sales Psychology and SEO Expert, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Pay special attention to my explanation of how to use the word 'EVEN' to increase your sales not only on your website but also in your sales pitches, PowerPoint presentations, or anywhere else in any media. Affiliate marketers, other commission-based businesses, and people working from home or their offices, making money online and offline, will benefit from this free video website analysis on sales and SEO.

Important Links to Help Your Business Make EVEN More Money Online and Offline, Working from Home or Your Office

Video Increasing Sales with The Word Even for copy pasting and sharing

I'd like to thank Core Hire Desk, the best worldwide, bilingual virtual assistant company, for allowing me to share these important sales and SEO tips with our fellow business owners. As my latest website promotion client, they're going to get EVEN busier. So contact them right away to take the daily burden away from you, freeing you up to do what you do best and increase your business!

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Rick Kirkham’s On-topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

DFY (Done For You) Website Hosting and Promotion for the Busy Business Owner by

SEO, Website Promotion, and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic, and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE by

Get your FREE website analysis to help increase your sales and SEO by emailing me at

Here’s The Video Transcript for The Sales Enhancement and SEO Video Utilizing The Word Even

Hi Rochelle,

It's me Rick Kirkham. I wanted to do a quick sales and SEO analysis on your website for our meeting tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice; I know how busy you must be.

First, I wanted to make sure I have your name spelled correctly, so I can create a folder for you. So, don't get upset with me; when I do this analysis, I'll look for areas that can be improved on or identify what's wrong with the website. But, for starters, it actually looks pretty good, even better than many others I've seen.

One thing that confused me is when I do a mouse-over here, it shows what Google sees, "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii Core Hire Desk." Does this mean you're only virtual assistants for Honolulu, Hawaii? Would you like the title to be "Virtual Assistants Honolulu Hawaii and Beyond" or something similar?

Now, let's talk about your contact page. I noticed that the phone number is required. If you're targeting a global audience, should a phone number be mandatory? There are various ways to communicate worldwide, like Zoom and Google Meet.

Your page looks great, but let's work on some minor improvements. For example, use "Reviews" instead of "Testimonials" since more people search for "reviews." Also, make sure the text in your video is bigger and spans the screen. Make the text more prominent.

Consider making your call-to-action stronger. Instead of "Contact Us Today," use "Contact Us Today to Check Our Availability." This encourages a quicker response. And don't forget to hyperlink the email address on this page.

Your images need alt tags for SEO and accessibility. These tags should describe the images and include relevant keywords.

Regarding the H1 tag, it's essential for SEO. Instead of just "Aloha," consider using "Global Virtual Assistants" to reflect your broader audience. Similarly, modify your description and content to emphasize global services more.

Finally, let's improve your headings for better SEO. Instead of "Get to Know Us," use "Get to Know Core Hire Desk" to strengthen your branding.

These are some suggestions to enhance your website's content and SEO. I hope this helps, and I'll see you tomorrow for our meeting.

Why You're In Sales If You're A Business Owner By Sales Psychology Expert And Business Owner J Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I was talking to a buddy of mine who owns a computer repair business. During the conversation, he told me he hated sales. This confused me. Let me explain why….

I've spent a long time in sales

Earning commission and feeding my family and pay my bills with what I earned from sales.

When I took the leap to full time business owner….

It was an in-home computer tutoring and repair business right here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu. I went to a Geek Meet to meet with fellow computer people, website designers and other business owners in the technology industry.

It's not how good you are. It's how well you can sell.

I met a man who was starting his computer repair business at the same time I was starting my computer tutoring and repair business. At that time he was better at repairing computers than me.

However, I'd been in sales over 20 years. I knew how to schedule appointments using the choice close. I knew how to increase the perceived value of my computer services. Basically, I knew how to sell.

He was a better computer technician, but I was a better salesman.

My business began thriving within one month while he struggled with his. My advantage? My ability to sell....

  • Sell the appointment

  • Sell the computer service

  • Sell my value

Eventually, thanks to my gift of ADHD, I hyper-focused on computers and I was able to catch up to and even exceed the computer skills of the businessman who started at the same time as me.

So if you're in business, you're in sales. Don't just get over it. Embrace it!

The skill of selling is probably one of the least sought after by business owners and is THE most important skill any business owner in ANY media, face to face, online or radio, needs to learn to increase business.

You have three choices to increase your sales

Study everything you can on sales psychology online for free. Be warned, however, I always tell people the great thing about the internet is anyone can publish an article or webpage. The bad thing about the internet is anyone can publish an article or webpage.

Take lessons from me or someone like me. Be aware there are not that many sales psychology experts who are also experienced, trained teachers. There's a huge difference between having knowledge and being able to transfer that knowledge to another individual in an efficient, positive, enjoyable manner which promotes retention of knowledge. Email me at so I can secure a time slot for you.

Don't have time to learn to increase your sales with sales psychology lessons?

Then utilize option three. Just hire me!

You'll find monthly automated and full services to increase traffic to your website as well as increase the percentage of sales of your present traffic.

But do it now. You're losing money and sales to competitors as we speak. Visit

About Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham !

Rick Kirkham has spent over 30 years in sales earning commission in different fields. He graduated college with dual teaching certificates and spent time using and honing behavior modification techniques in his first job after college.

Rick now manages and providing both website hosting and website promotion with the unique service of providing automated on-topic monetized content to increase sales both now and in the future by combining automated SEO and social media marketing. Additionally, Rick has the unusual combination of skills that allow him to edit your sales page to increase sales while increasing traffic to your website with his coding and SEO skills.

Visit J. Richard Kirkham’s website promotion site to get started today.

How To Use Leverage To Increase Your Sales By Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Banner for How To Use Leverage To Increase Your Sales By Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

As a sales psychology expert and enthusiast, I’ve always been a big proponent of using leverage to increase sales. Whether that sales close involves making money, getting a new subscriber, or selling more affiliate products, utilizing and gaining leverage will increase your sales.

What is meant by leverage in sales

Leverage in sales is the act of making your prospective buyer want your product more than you want to sell it.

Examples of using leverage to increase sales

Many years ago I went with a friend of mine to look at used cars. For those of you in Honolulu Hawaii, it was the old Schuman Carriage, which was so well established they used to sell horse-drawn carriages.

A used car salesman approached my friend and me.

“Which one of you is the buyer?”, he asked. I immediately recognized the subliminal message he was sending while isolating the prospective buyer.

The used car salesman then asked, “What kind of car are you looking for?”

My friend gave his answer.

“The used car salesman said, “We have a few of those left.” This suggested two things.

  1. There were only a few of these cars so he’d better buy one now. Notice “a few of those left”. It doesn’t mean they just ordered a few.

  2. It means people keep buying them, therefore that particular car is popular so my friend should buy one too.

“What color?”, asked the used car salesman.

“Green”, I think is what my friend said.

“I think we have one of those left.”, replied the salesman. Once again the same technique is used creating a stronger need to buy the car as opposed to the salesman trying to sell the car.

I still remember that exchange as I hadn’t seen that many classic sales techniques used in such a short period of time like that.

Television examples of using leverage to increase sales…

Watch television commercials! You’ll see

  • Limited-time discounts.

  • Limited inventory (“While supplies last”)

  • A chance to win a prize.

Examples of using leverage in closing sales

For those of you with no sales training at all, closing a sale means finalizing the deal to where a contract is signed or money is exchanged. If you’re in business and have had no sales training, GET SOME SALES TRAINING, You won’t know what a difference that makes in increasing your sales until you do.

Yes, I can give you custom one-on-one instructions in sales training over Zoom.

I have a few slots open for custom one on one sales training so you’d better get ahold of me now….

Note the increase in value created by the word “custom” and the leverage created with having just a few slots left followed by a call to action of getting ahold of me now.

Limited call to action is a form of leverage used to increase sales

I have a website promotion client who literally said on her website,

“I hope you select us to ‘blah’. Call us and together we’ll find a time suitable for us both.”

I had my website promotion client change that to

“Call us now to guarantee the best appointment time available for you.”

Note the word available. This creates a sense of urgency since it implies appointment times are being snatched up by other customers.

Okay Rick, So How Do I Use Leverage to Increase My Sales?

Obviously, you can email me to arrange lessons on how to use leverage to increase sales. For those of you who don’t want to save time by utilizing my experience as both a sales psychology expert and dual certified teacher, think about how you can create an environment in which your prospective buyer needs to purchase your product or service more than you need to sell it to him/her.

Here’s another example of using leverage to increase sales

During the Windows 7 era, as an in computer tutor and troubleshooting specialist here in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu, I got really good at removing computer viruses. I went past my research and training and began doing things to remove ransomware viruses that I hadn’t even heard of people doing.

I got a call from a prospective computer client who had a computer virus. I was literally trying to squeeze this guy in between appointments. When he heard me humming and hawing trying to find an appointment time he said,

“Maybe I should just call someone else.”

I replied, “That’s fine. Just make sure the person is a virus removal specialist, not just some guy that repairs computers and removes viruses on the side.”

The now client said, “Maybe we’d better wait for you.”

I found him an appointment time.

So in the previous example of using leverage in this case to schedule an appointment…

Note that I told the client something about me that would uniquely solve his problem as compared to other computer repair specialists who also removed computer viruses. He needed my special skill set, in order to solve his problem.

Think about using leverage to increase sales this way...

Think of what makes you unique compared to anyone else who has the same product or service.

  • How can you help this customer in a way that no one else can?

  • What makes you different?

  • What makes you stand out?

  • What can this customer get from you that the customer cannot get from anyone else?

Get that customer to want to buy more than you want to sell.

Or just take lessons from someone who's already done this by emailing me

About Sales Psychology Expert J. Richard Kirkham !

Rick Kirkham has spent over 30 years in sales earning commission in different fields. He graduated college with dual teaching certificates and spent time using and honing behavior modification techniques in his first job after college.

Rick now manages and providing both website hosting and website promotion with the unique service of providing automated on-topic monetized content to increase sales both now and in the future by combining automated SEO and social media marketing. Additionally, Rick has the unusual combination of skills that allow him to edit your sales page to increase sales while increasing traffic to your website with his coding and SEO skills.

Visit J. Richard Kirkham’s website promotion site to get started today.

Rick, Exactly What Do I Get When I Sign Up for Your Automated Promotion Only Service?

There are five different exceptional and unique services you receive with your Automated Website Promotion Service System to help increase search engine ranking, increase traffic to your website, give you a social media presence, increase calls and contacts to your business and help you to make more money with your business.

Automated on-topic content to help boost your position in the search engines

? That sounds good Rick, how long will it take to begin to show results using this automated content method?

A. It depends on the topic. I’ve seen some results after two weeks, but for truly significant results give it six months to one year. Remember, 252,000 new web pages are published on the internet every day! Although I see results from this method usually in about two weeks. I don’t expect significant results to take place with this method alone for 6 to 12 months. Being indexed and ranked on Google and other search engines is a process not an event.

? So do I just have to wait for Google and other search engines for anything to happen?

A No. I pay for a service that also sends your web pages generated by the program to Twitter and LinkedIn. Between the two, you’ll get more traffic from Twitter because it pushes content out so fast, but LinkedIn gives you a better opportunity to network if you want to be involved yourself. This content, especially from Twitter will also show eventually (and never hold your breath when it comes to Google) in Google and other search engines such as Bing.

A program I wrote so that duplicate content can be repeated over and over on social media

? How does repeating the same posts over and over help Rick?

A The propose of this program is to give everyone a chance to see your website sales pages and articles. Especially on Twitter. Here’s a good example of how this program is used by on Twitter. Note the date in from of the posts, Eventually this very article will be in that loop. This program includes your Generated Local City Web Pages which you’re about to hear about.

A program I wrote to produce city-targeted web pages.

? I’m in Honolulu Rick. Why do I need webpages for each city.

A This gives local business a chance to be found in Google and other search engines when people search for your product or service in one of your surrounding cities. Here on Oahu I simply listed every city on Oahu and a separate web sales page is generated for each city.

Social Media Promotion

Q I try to stay on top of my social media promotion Rick, but I just don’t have time to run my business and post to social media. What do I have to do for this social media promotion service?

A This is automated! Using a service I pay for that’s included in your monthly service fee for all of these services and more, all of the on topic content about your service or product goes into social media automatically. I primarily use Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter because it’s so fast and LinkedIn due to the networking possibilities.

Your Own Promotional Website

? Rick, why do I need a second website?

A The website hosting I use from is fully functional website hosting in which I can control everything in the backend. This website hosting will support the programs I use to run your automated marketing and advertising. Website hosting services such as Wix and Squarespace do not support the programs I run because they do not support a programming language called PHP.

? Won’t people landing on another website confuse people?

A People do not get confused because it’s not any different than landing on a press release or article about your website or service. ALL LINKS on your promotional website lead back to your primary website. Backlinks remain important to Google and other search engines.

Local businesses be aware my goal is not just to drive traffic to your website, but to increase your business! Therefore your business contact information will prominently be displayed in your on-topic articles, city-targeted web pages, and your main promotional website.

? Rick, what’s the difference between this automated promotion service and your fully managed service?

A To keep it simple, me, J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.! My normal hourly rate thus far is $95.00 per hour. As a sales psychology and SEO expert and a dual certified teacher, fully managed promotional clients get my help with anything they need from business cards, fliers and naturally their websites. I even helped one client create a Google Form for her business. In fact my slogan is

“Show me your business cards, website and flier and I’ll make your profits soar higher.”

I do have a heart and probably give my automated promotion clients too much, therefore I do make myself available once to month to give them personal help,

Get started with automated website promotions by clicking this link now.

Don’t worry, if you want the fully managed website promotion service you can get signed up for that with the same link.

Questions about your automated website promotion system?

United States business owners may text me 808.224.1870. Text only please for the initial contact due to time differences.

Rick Kirkham's 45 Second BNI Pitch for Increasing Sales and Website Promotion

I'm Rick Kirkham and I can help you with my unique background in sales enhancement, SEO and automated marketing through online programs I wrote myself for you.

I've been told I'm "Scary Good" at increasing sales and traffic to a website and business.

As a dual certified teacher, I can explain in plain English the steps needed to increase your sales.

Text or call me for a free sales and SEO analysis for your 121.

Show me your website, business cards and fliers and I'll make your profits soar higher.


Why You Should Subscribe To My YouTube Channel On Increasing Sales And Traffic To Your Website

banner for Why You Should Subscribe To My Youtube Channel On Increasing Sales And Traffic To Your Website

My name is Rick Kirkham. I'm going to use all of my life experience to help you increase your sales on almost any type of advertising from fliers to websites. As a sales psychology and SEO expert, one way I'll help increase your sales is by showing you how to drive more quality traffic to your website and then help you make more sales from that traffic, but it doesn't stop there….

Here's my background to give you an idea of how I can help you increase your sales and why you should subscribe to my YouTube channel

I spent over 30 years in sales earning commissions and taking care of my family on my earnings. I got into computers in 1993. There were no SEO experts back then. I had to learn everything about SEO and websites myself. Fortunately, I have something called ADHD. I hyper-focused on SEO and became scary good at it.

I'm a coder, specializing in automation and an expert in sales psychology. I've written books and articles and as a dual-certified teacher have taught English

When you combine all of that, you end up with someone who can teach you how to increase your sales and traffic to your website. I'm someone who doesn't just know, but knows how to teach.

Your Best Free Resource for Increasing Sales on Any Media from Business Cards to Websites

In my YouTube channel on increasing sales, I'm going to be covering from very basic to very advanced sales and SEO practices. Some of these practices other SEO experts would not agree with such as automating and monetizing my SEO and social media content.

So subscribe, like, click the bell and most importantly, comment on what else you'd like to learn.

All I ask is that you support my YouTube channel by liking and subscribing and most importantly commenting which will give me an idea of what to do next or what to make more clear. As far as supporting my channel monetarily, if you need a service such as website hosting, automated marketing or webpage sales enhancement, a product I supply or if I have an affiliate product and you need it please order from me.

Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian)
J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

How to Saturate Google with Your Local Business Citations Using Google by J Richard Kirkham SEO and Sales Enhancement Specialist

A business citation is a fancy word for listing your business name, address, phone number and website address in business directories and social media. This gives you quality backlinks which help to increase your search engine ranking.

There's a little trick to listing your local business in as many different places as possible to create good, quality backlinks and make your website easier to find on Google possibly increasing your search engine ranking. Even if your business is completely online, you have to live somewhere. Here's a way to list your business and get backlinks from as many appropriate places as possible….

These local business citation instructions are primarily for my website promotion clients,

but I thought I'd share this to try to help even more business owners.

Be sure to use proper keyword phrases whenever possible when you're adding your business citations. Keyword phrases are what people search with in order to find your business or your competitor's business. See me if you need help with keyword phrases.

Make sure your business is listed for free so you get backlinks on….

Google My Business which will put you at the top of Google search in Google Maps. Be aware this is affected by distance.

Apple maps due to the popularity of iPhones.

MapQuest simply because I've seen businesses show up there in search results.

Bing Places is another place to list your business for free. Bing is a huge search engine. Did you know Amazon's Alexa uses search results from Bing. Yahoo also uses Bing for search results last time I checked.

Now Google your own business name.

You may have business citations you don't even know about you can claim and optimize with a good keyworded description.

Search your website address by placing quotes around it.

"". Follow the same procedure as above.

Search your local business competition

Wherever you see them listed whether it's a search directory, social media, press release or anything else figure out how to get your business citation listed.

Search your competitors' business names first. Now place their URLs in quotes and do the same thing. Every time you see them listed somewhere add your listing.

Now search Free Business Citations Honolulu

Or wherever your city is located. You can also search list your local business free etc, but your first search needs to mention your city.

Be consistent

Google and other search engines are looking for reasons to trust your website in order to give it a higher authority and therefore a higher ranking in the search engine. Use the same name address and phone number and website with all your listings.

Every local directory asks you to upgrade

It's up to you, but here's what I did. I would email the local directory back and ask them for the contact information of three businesses that upgraded that can tell me they had an increase in business from upgrading.

Is that the sound of crickets from those local business directories?

Never once did I get a reply back from any of the directories when I asked for references.

Weird story from a businessman who wanted to hire me to add citations

He was referred by one of my more recent website promotion clients. He called me and asked me if I use a popular SEO analysis tool.

I said no, I wrote my own

He asked me if I did citations.

I said yes.

He asked me how many.

I said as many as I can find on Google.

He was confused.

I could tell from the questions he was asking he'd been talking to the more traditional SEO "experts" who seem to fill the coffee shops sending emails using their free wifi promising so many backlinks and so many business citations.

I told him the problem wasn't his search engine ranking, it was his sales webpage. His reply was an SEO "expert" recently told him Google can understand his webpage just fine.

I told him once people land on your web page Google has nothing to do with a human being buying your product.

He never understood the difference between sales psychology and SEO. He is currently losing sales to his competitors.

Good luck adding your citations

Feel free to hire me if you need help,

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Questions about SEO Sales or Citations?

Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Rick Kirkham of and

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. has the unique background of being an SEO and Sales Enhancement Specialist, computer expert, coder and dual certified teacher. He is the owner and operator of and . Rick helps busy business owners' websites to be found on Google and other search engines, automating social media through a program he wrote himself and increasing his clients' sales once people land on his cliients' websites through his expertise in sales-psycology.

From Jennifer Perry Testimonial and Review for Rick Kirkham of and

Rick is extremely skilled and efficient at everything he does- websites, SEO, sales, marketing, and computers.

When I first met him, he found some very serious problems with my website, told me what needed to be done and corrected them.

I really appreciate his direct yet kind and honest advice and recommendations. His ideas about marketing are practical yet brilliant and clearly reflect his strong background in sales and education. I appreciate how he is able to quickly interpret the content related to my field into optimal wording for my website and SEO. Rick really takes the time to listen and understand and is very patient, supportive, and always positive about the direction of my business. He shares detailed video analytics and reports about my profile ranking and always responds to communications in a quick and timely manner.

He knows how to help me when I'm having technological emergencies and is such a pleasure to work with, and fun too. It is a huge relief to have someone I trust and really knows what they are doing.

Jennifer Perry Stress Relief at Hearts and Hands Wellness Honolulu Text or Call 808.256.1035

You're very kind Jennifer thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule helping people with pain here on Oahu for this wonderful review.


Video - Free Website Analysis to Increase Sales and for Local SEO for Veggi Dogs Honolulu Hawaii

Banner Free Website Analysis to Increase Sales and for SEO Veggi Dogs

This is one of the few times you'll see a website verbal report for both SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization and how to increase sales once your prospective buyer lands on your webpage. Most people who do SEO do not have a strong sales background. I happen to be one of those rare individuals that can help you with both.

Visit the Veggi Dog website More importantly go to The Farmers Market at Blaisdell in Honolulu Hawaii Wednesdays from 4PM - 7PM and buy a Veggi Dog! Tell Chad Rick says Aloha!

Get your free website analysis on YouTube for SEO and increasing sales

By emailing Rick Kirkham

Advertising Marketing and SEO Ideas for Your Business to Help Increase Traffic to Your Website and Increase Sales

Checkout Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Breaking News Monetized System

SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

Video - Getting Your First Website? Here's My Unique Service to Help with Both Hosting and Marketing

Finally, help is available for people getting their first website.

Rick Kirkham, owner of and will take you by the hand every step of the way from selecting your domain name, which is your website address, setting up automated promotion and marketing which comes FREE with either package, all the way to increasing your sales once prospective buyers land on your website by analyzing the website from both an SEO and sale psychology point of view.

If this is your first website go to because the automated method will not allow me to help you select a domain name.

I'm here for you,
J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Video - Affiliate Marketers Stop Posting Affiliate Links! Do this instead….

Banner for stop posting affiliate links while trying to work from home

90% of the link dropping, do what everyone else is doing to try to make money online working from home affiliate marketers will not make it to the end of this page. Will you be one of the 10% ready to make a real change in your online affiliate marketing business?

You've spent months dropping your affiliate link trying to make money online working from home just like some, possibly well meaning, affiliate marketing product owner told you to do or worse yet, some fake Guru on YouTube just trying to sell his/her own product. Suddenly that link leads to a blank page! All that time spent wasted. Here's what to do instead....

Ever Hear of These Direct Sales and MLM Companies?


PrePaid Legal?


All three of these companies were either MLM or direct sales which offered their salespeople subdomain websites. That means a website based on the main site is how the format would look.

All three of these well established companies changed their domains. This made ALL marketing salespeople had done for months or even years useless.

Well Rick, I'm an Affiliate Marketer. That Won't Happen to Me

It’s actually more likely to happen to you or any affiliate marketer, myself included! You are dependent on both an affiliate management company and a vendor of the affiliate product. Either of which could change at any moment. The companies I mentioned above were very well established. Product vendors could switch affiliate management companies any time they wish.

As You Know By Now Many Websites Do Not Allow You to Post Affiliate Links

Even the shortener bitly gets recognized by websites such as Facebook as probably being affiliate links.

Okay Rick, what do I do instead to promote my affiliate links?

You get a website, HEY, don't you go anywhere. I've been right where you are right now trying to make money online working from home.

Have you seen the youtube videos that say “Make $1000 a Day No Website Required”

And then the guru says, “For more information VISIT MY WEBSITE!”


If you can name one person making life changing money online working from home WITHOUT a website, feel free to leave….

Still Here and Ready to Listen - Good

Make a presell page. Original content has a much better chance of being indexed by Google and other search engines. Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn have no problem with original content that happens to have an affiliate link at the end of it. Use the opportunity to invite people to follow you on social media such as Twitter. Twitter is fast and Google loves Twitter.

Okay Rick. Let’s say I get a website from you WITH your automated content and social media marketing. What happens when the affiliate link changes?

That’s easy! All this time you’ve been promoting a webpage right? You just go into the webpage and change the link to the affiliate product. As my website client, you can even ask me to do it for you!

Remember The Definition of Insanity?

To continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. It’s time for a positive change in your life. If you’re an affiliate marketer who has never owned a website, visit for information on my automated and fully managed promotion packages that include a website. As this becomes even more popular the price will inevitably rise. So get started now and save money so you can make money online affiliate marketing!

Questions on Website Hosting and Automated Promotion?


Enjoy your new freedom


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Will I Lose Money if I Don't Increase My Website's Sales and Traffic with Professional Webpage Editing and SEO Services?

Banner Increase website traffic and sales

SEO, sales psychology expert and dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. answers this important question concerning how to make more money online and increase sales through your website…. SEO and sales psychology expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

To answer whether or not you'll actually lose money by not improving SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and website sales, ask yourself these four questions….

Is your website an expense or asset to your business?

  1. Does your website help your business make more money or is it costing you money?
  2. Are you trying to get more targeted traffic to your website but just aren’t sure how?
  3. When prospective buyers do find your website, how fast do they leave without buying your product or service?
  4. Are your competitors, who are only one click away, trying to improve their SEO and website sales?

If your website isn’t set up to get as much targeted traffic as possible and increase sales by funneling prospects into ordering your product or service, you’re losing money!

It doesn’t matter if you built your own website or hired someone to do it for you. Most people who build or edit website sales pages have no sales experience themselves. They may or may not know how to optimize your webpage for search engines. This optimization process for search engines such as Google and Bing is referred to as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is just a part of the formula to increase traffic to and sales on your website

Search Engine Optimization will help your website be found in the search engines such as Google and Bing using keyword phrases connected to your product or service. It's the content, or ad copy, on the web page that helps your prospective buyer decide to buy from you, not your next competitor one click away on Google.

You need both SEO and good sales copy on your website in order to sell

As you can see, your website not only needs to be found which calls for SEO, you also need to be able to sell which calls for sale psychology and limited calls to action.

The problem for most business owners and website owners…

They don't understand why prospective buyers aren't as passionate about the business owner's product or service as the business owner himself/herself. Very few business owners, especially nowadays with business strategies such as affiliate marketing, have had any actual sales training or experience writing articles and ad copy that sells. In the case of affiliate marketing, a vendor may produce a product and provide untested advertising copy for his/her affiliates due to a lack of experience with actually selling products.

As a trained teacher with a background in behavioral modification, sales psychology and SEO expertise…

It's my job to:

  1. Increase qualified traffic to your website. Then, once your prospective buyers find your website in the search engines or social media….
  2. Demonstrate a problem while empathizing with your prospective buyer visiting your website.
  3. Show how your product or service is your prospective buyer's solution to the problem.
  4. Convince your prospective buyer he/she should buy the product or service from you.
  5. Increase the perceived value of your product or service past the selling price.
  6. Create a call to action with a limited time or limited bonus so your prospective buyer must buy now!

Now you see the value of having an SEO specialist and sales psychology expert on your team!

It doesn't hurt to have an experienced, trained teacher as well in case you want to understand a little of the marketing and sales practice for your product or service.

Okay Rick. You've convinced me. Will $225.00 per hour be enough for your SEO and increasing website sales services?

Actually, for right now my hourly rate is only $95 per hour. I usually need about two hours per page to fix SEO and sales closing issues. Eventually, that rate of $225 per hour will be closer to my hourly rate.

Order your SEO and increase website sales service NOW before the rates inevitably increase as Rick Kirkham becomes even more popular.

Hourly Rate

Email me your details

After I fix your SEO and Sales Issues get signed up for my website promotion package

Your competitors don’t have stagnant websites therefore you cannot either, BUT added content must have the purpose and keywords in it to help you increase your search engine ranking for the keyword phrases that attract buyers, My two services will do this for you. Click the link above now for more information.

Questions and Details About Rick Kirkham’s SEO and Increasing Sales Service

Honolulu Hawaii, Oahu and the rest of the United States text me at 808.224.1870. Text only initially due to time differences.

Email me your questions

Video - How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking FREE by BusyBusinessPromotions com

Whether you have a local business or your business is fully online this SEO trick is well established and will work for any type of business.

Promote and market your business free with this method.

Get quality backlinks with this established SEO technique.

Advertise your business free to others using this search engine ranking SEO method.

SEO, Website Promotion and Sales Tips and Editing Service to Increase Search Engine Rankings, Traffic and Sales is Now Available to EVERYONE!

SEO Video Transcript


Alohai everyone I'm Rick Kirkham of



I set up automated marketing


and edit sales Pages for


uh what what mostly website sales pages


for all of my clients


and I'm happy to help you but what I


want to talk about today is a real easy


way to increase


your search engine ranking by getting




good quality backlinks


and even if


your complete business is online you can


still do this you have to live somewhere




let me show you what I'm talking about




let's see here


wow that's a lot of a lot of links there


okay let's go into here


in fact let's just create another tab


okay so going to Google


and now I live in Honolulu Hawaii


and you're seeing all my history here


but that's okay


and so type in business directory and


wherever you're from or wherever the


big major city is as close to you


and start using




business directories here and add your


link to these business directories now


don't get spammy


okay what I mean by that is


don't just go in there and drop a bunch


of links without giving good quality


information okay you need


good quality information


for human beings


you need keyword phrases


for the search engines to find you okay


obviously I can help you with the


keyword phrases I help all my clients


with that




let's go back into here again and take a


look now so these every single one of


these like




well here let's go to the top so skip


the sponsored ones at least I would


okay and let's let's go into 808 area


808 is our area code for Hawaii


we're also called the 808 State


and over here you can click on claim my




and if you get a pop-up here that says


you know




allow us to know your location go ahead


and click on that it'll it'll fill out


part of the information for you that way


and just fill out your information here


if you need a if you don't have a


business name you can use your website


for your business name


and uh every once in a while


I'm gonna I'm gonna give you one of my


speeches here sorry


every once in a while I run across some


affiliate marker that doesn't even have


a website


I've also run across two


highly intelligent people


now that's two out of thousands but two


highly intelligent people that say they


don't have a website because they're


building their brand




I was trying to get my ADHD brain


wrapped around that and I couldn't


your website is a big part of your brand


if you don't have an online presence uh


as a website


people are not going to take you


seriously okay it's like


you know it's like being a dentist and


not having a dentist office uh no no


I'll uh


I'll I'll meet you at this hotel and


I'll figure I'll fix your teeth there


you know maybe maybe that's a bad


example I don't know but


but you get the idea okay there's so


much that you can do with a website and


especially you know my




my clients a

4:35 whether they


have a website or not they still get a


website that I use for promotion


because a lot of websites don't have the


flexibility that the system that I use




anyway sorry let's


let's go back to business here so big


big picture get a website


but anyway scroll down


and you could see all of these uh you


know you know that's our that's our


local newspaper so that's probably not a


place that I would click on to to add my


business information and a link back to


my website but all of these are Chamber


of Commerce


you know if you don't mind spending


money in Chamber of Commerce is uh good


is a good place to start by building


links and networking and once again


even if you have an online business you


live somewhere okay




will buy from you after three things are


accomplished okay one is you demonstrate


a problem two you show a solution to


that problem and three you demonstrate


why they should buy the product or


service from you and being


a local person


even if they find you online being a


local person


helps with that okay that's one of the


reasons that people might buy from you


so Chamber of Commerce is a very legit


place to


add your link and and join and


before the pan academic uh


the Chamber of Commerce was meeting in


person I met some great people at these


events the events cost money I think it


was like


forty dollars or something like that two


years ago hopefully they're gonna


get started again with that


but anyway in the meantime there's these


other places here's the Yellow Pages


show me local


and you get the idea now


different sites


are going to say different things like


you know one of them there said claim my




others might say add your business


you'll get the idea


some of them will might require an




but after filling out that address in


most cases you have that option to not


show your address


so be aware of that


uh Yelp Yelp should definitely be in


that list my business has come up uh due


to Yelp


uh it's harder to get into


um Google my business without an address


nowadays but you know you can try it if


you did if they don't accept it you know


move on


Google is Google is just another place


to add your link


that's very good place to build they add


your link but you know it's not an


absolute necessity that you be in Google


my business


uh yelp's a lot easier to get into make


sure you get into LinkedIn and Twitter


I'm not a huge Facebook fan myself but


at least get a Facebook business page


and one more little tip for the


affiliate marketers you know you've got


um the vendors the the product owners


that uh you've signed up to given a


special link and now you're you don't


have a website so you're promoting just


that link


couple a lot of things can happen you


know the vendor could quit the


uh the link could change anything could


happen with that link because you're not


in control of it when you have a website


you're in control of that you just go to


their website and you change a link on


your website and you haven't lost any of


your marketing




uh once again uh even even for the


affiliate marketers or anybody else that


sells completely online


you have to live somewhere


and it doesn't hurt to start promoting


locally at all even even promoting


offline with business cards uh hi I'm uh


my name is Rick I represent this product


please visit my website


you know blah blah blah


but that's it and I'm already talking


too much




get started with the business




and obviously if you have any questions


you're welcome to email me and obviously


you're welcome to sign up and have me do


stuff for you yep


makes a lot more sense don't it


and that's it so uh God bless you


and good luck with your business



Writing Articles For Seo To Rank High In The Search Engines A Unique Teacher's Perspective By Seo And Sales Psychology Expert, Dual Certified Teacher J. Richard Kirkham

enter image description here

Long before my ADHD brain hyper-focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and increasing search engine rankings, I went to college to become a teacher. In this article, I'm going to teach you a unique and interesting way to look at Google and other search engines to help you understand how to write articles for SEO and rank them in the search engines higher than your competition.

Before We Discuss Writing Articles for SEO to Rank Higher in The Search Engines, A Bit of Writing Advice from a Teacher….

Write for your guests, THEN for the search engines to increase your search engine ranking.

The longer your guests spend on your webpage, the more the search engines such as Google and Bing give your article relevance. Therefore, making your article informative will help increase your search engine ranking for the keywords you're targeting in your article.

Use proper punctuation.

I do a lot of substitute teaching at the middle school level. Texting is ruining people's ability to write coherently. Capitalize your I's, use commas and other forms of punctuation.

To help with both grammar and spelling I use the this grammar and punctuation Chrome extension and app. Sometimes proper Grammar needs to be sacrificed. The average person reads at a middle school level. So keep that in mind while you're writing your SEO article.

Even for an SEO article to increase your search engine ranking, I'd advise using conversational writing. That means writing the way we talk and even ending a phrase in a preposition now and then. Though I admit to cringing when I do :-).

Okay Mr. Kirkham Or Mr. K As Your Students Call You, What's This Unique Way Of Looking At Google, Bing And Other Search Engines For Seo And Improving My Search Engine Ranking?

When you're writing an article for SEO, treat Google and other search engines like a five-year-old child!

Repeat your keywords in the SEO article just like you have to repeat things to a 5 year old. Sometimes the 5-year-old doesn't understand the way you're saying something, so state it a different way. The same thing applies to SEO and search engines. Using your keywords in the article differently implies a natural, organic way of writing, as opposed to keyword stuffing.

Use complete sentences and complete thoughts in your SEO article for search engine ranking just like you would a 5-year-old. Let each sentence answer as many questions as possible.

You don't use abstract or incomplete language when you're speaking to a 5-year-old. For example;

I can help you with it there.

Now compare that to

Affordable private in home tutoring in Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

This is an example of a complete thought and there are no questions that have not been answered in this sentence.

How much is the service?

What is the service?

Where is the service?

Statements like that will satisfy both the search engines for SEO and search engine ranking purposes and a five-year-old.

"Where" for SEO articles to improve your search engine ranking

If you're a local business, every one of your SEO articles should have your nap.

Business name

Address or service area

Phone number

And your website address

Affordable private in home tutoring

Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu

Text or call 808.224.1870


Your 5 year old child or the search engine should be able to find out where you're at on any of your SEO articles. Just like a five-year-old, search engines want you to be consistent with your nap, name address and phone number. Don't change them. Stay consistent, don't confuse the five-year-old and don't confuse the search engines.

The same information should also go in the description on your YouTube videos, local directories and social media.

SEO for multiple business locations or service areas

If you have offices in more than one city or service more than one city be sure to take advantage of my service city web page generator. You should have a web page for each city or even state that you service. Once again, when the five-year-old wants to know where you work you tell them all the places you work. When Google wants to know where you work you tell Google all the places you work separately so that the five-year-old or Google does not get confused.

One of my fully managed website promotion clients One Team Realty, who offers both property management and buying and selling homes right here on Oahu, is located in Kapolei Hawaii. I recently instructed Darren, the president and founder of One Team Realty, to use this phrase

"One Team Realty is your locally owned one team for property management, renting, buying and selling homes located in Kapolei Hawaii covering Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu. Text or Call phone"

This way two major cities in Hawaii on Oahu are mentioned on a regular basis on his website. This does not replace having a list of cities such as One Team Realty's in this example, you service or have offices, since Google loves lists, which links to individual webpages targeting each city as created by Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator.

Internal linking of other applicable web pages on your SEO article

A five year old will follow the shiny objects, usually toys, from one room to another. Similarly, Google and other search engines will follow links. One old term for indexing a website is spidering the website. Note the term web in website due to the links.

If you have other articles related to an article, service or product be sure to add a link to it in your article. A guest clicking on an applicable link and then staying on that web page for a while also helps to give that article more authority thus possibly increasing the search engine rankings of webpages linked to your article.

That's about as far as I can go with the 5-year-old analogy to Google for SEO and search engine ranking

Just remember when you want to keep the attention of a five year old or Google, use complete sentences and complete thoughts. Make it very easy for the five year old and Google to find the next shiny object by linking to on topic web pages. Speak (write) with confidence because you are the authority. You know more about the subject of the SEO article than a five year old or Google.

About SEO and sales psychology expert J Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

J. Richard Kirkham spent over 20 years in sales and P.R.. As a self-employed SEO expert, website promoter and in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD since he has ADHD himself, Mr. Kirkham still considers himself to be in sales and P.R..

His unique background in both teaching and sales offers an effective, unique perspective to increasing sales and search engine ranking.

Mr. Kirkham is currently for higher to edit, tweak and even create sales pages for the purpose of increasing sales and SEO. Currently, his rate is $95.00 per hour. You may reach Mr. Kirkham for an estimate by emailing him

You're Being Upgraded for Free! BusyBusinessHosting Website Promotion and Hosting Clients

a new upgrade is now available from to help increase your search engine ranking through a special search box

Why should you be excited about your new Google Search feature being installed for all business promotion and website hosting clients?

The more that people click your various webpages in Google search the more this signals Google's algorithm that people are interested in that particular webpage on your website. This is a factor in increasing your search engine ranking.

Okay now hold on I know what you're thinking.

"Great I'll stay home and click my own links all day!"

That may have worked 20 years ago to increase your search engine ranking and indeed was an old SEO black hat trick, but hundreds of clicks from the same location and IP address will no longer impress any search engine including Google.

How does a search box on the promotion website help my primary website, Rick?

I just gave away a secret, didn't I?

It's true! For my website promotion clients who already have a website, I build a flexible website system and optimize it with both SEO and automated programs I've written myself. All backlinks created lead back to my website promotion client's primary website. Contact information is also added for service businesses. After all, the goal is for your prospect to hire you not visit your website.

This is no different than being found via an article or press release. I had one business promotion client who was concerned about this so I thought I'd bring it up.

Thanks for explaining Rick, but that still doesn't answer the question. Why does a Google search box help me and my search engine ranking?

Originally the search box I created would only allow your prospective buyers to search the promotional website on Google. Since my goal is to get more people to your website, I didn't t like that idea.

This new Google search box solves that problem!

Your new Google search box which will go on your website promotion site will search two websites at the same time!

I set the Google search box variables to search your website first, then your promotional website. So if your website has the keywords that your prospective buyers are searching for then the Google search box will take your future buyers to your website. If your website doesn't have the keywords your prospective buyers are searching for, then your prospective buyers will land on your promotion website. This will then take your prospective buyers to your primary website!

This Google search box you came up with Rick to get more people to click on your website links to help improve search engine ranking sounds like a great idea. Does it have any other features?

There's one feature I worked very hard on. Have you ever noticed Google withholds webpages from your search results unless you click a link at the bottom of the search page? You then click the link and you see results Google doesn't think are important.

ALL of Googles search results show with this special Google search box by Rick Kirkham of

The trouble is not too many people will click the link. The Google search box I created SHOWS ALL SEARCH RESULTS!

Why’s it so important to show all search results Rick?

Remember earlier when I told you Google will give more authority to links that are clicked on a lot by your prospective buyers? You now have a chance to give those links enough authority so they’ll show up in normal search results!

So now website promotion-wise, you get the best of both worlds!

Even as I'm helping you to make changes to your primary website to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines to help increase traffic to your website in order to increase your sales, I'm creating a website with customized and automated features linking back to your primary website to help you in the background. Backlinks continue to be an important factor in search engine ranking.

This two site Google search box is an additional feature to help people and search engines find your web pages. Getting clients to your website, increasing your business's traffic to your website and increasing sales by helping you make more money online is what I do best and why I can help you!

Are you one of my website promotion or website hosting clients yet?

I will not accept clients with similar products or services. So make sure you get signed up as quickly as possible at for both hosting and automated marketing or get signed up here for my SEO, website promotion and sales service.

If you have questions email me at You may also Text me, Rick Kirkham, 808.224.1870 if you’re in the Unitied States. I ask that you not call me due to time differences here in Honolulu Hawaii and everywhere else. Don’t worry, we’ll set a time to Zoom or talk on the phone.

Video - Setting 2FA for DigiStore24 After Signing Up for FREE

DigiStore24 is part of the passive income clients of BusyBusinessHosting receive as part of their digital marketing package. 2FA, Two Factor Authentification is a method of securing your account despite the fact that someone may find out your password. Watch the Google Slideshow to see how to sign up for Digistore24 for free and setup 2fa....

Important Links

Video - Rick, I Just Want to Make Money Online I Don't Want a Website Can You Help Me?

Yes! I can help you make a passive income online without a website. Here's what I'll do so you DON'T have to work from home.

Digistore24 Registration

The Only Website Hosting That Sets Up Your Blog and Automatic Marketing For You!

DFY website hosting is for YOU! The small business owner and part-time business owner just doesn't have time to set up a blog for posting, while at the same time advertising and marketing. BusyBusinessHosting has your solution all in one simple package...!

Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

After talking to several local business owners ALL of whom thought on-topic news linking to their websites was a GREAT idea, I have a special deal for anyone who owns a local business who wants to take advantage of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service. My Son's Automatically Generated, Monetized Website

Example using ONLY Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

Rick Kirkham's Social Media Post Repeater Online Service

Many affiliate marketers start out with no website while working a full-time job or running another business. No time to promote affiliate products. Know nothing about websites. Just posting your affiliate offer on social media when you can. Here's a way to post your affiliate product up to 5 times a day automatically to Twitter!

Order your Done For You Hosting for The Busy Business Owner

Register a New Domain

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Feel free to email me, Rick Kirkham

Google Slideshow - Setting 2FA for DigiStore24 After Signing Up for FREE

DigiStore24 is part of the passive income clients of BusyBusinessHosting receive as part of their digital marketing package. 2FA, Two Factor Authentification is a method of securing your account despite the fact that someone may find out your password. Watch the Google Slideshow to see how to sign up for Digistore24 for free and setup 2fa....

Important Links

Video - Rick, I Just Want to Make Money Online I Don't Want a Website Can You Help Me?

Yes! I can help you make a passive income online without a website. Here's what I'll do so you DON'T have to work from home.

Digistore24 Registration

The Only Website Hosting That Sets Up Your Blog and Automatic Marketing For You!

DFY website hosting is for YOU! The small business owner and part-time business owner just doesn't have time to set up a blog for posting, while at the same time advertising and marketing. BusyBusinessHosting has your solution all in one simple package...!

Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

After talking to several local business owners ALL of whom thought on-topic news linking to their websites was a GREAT idea, I have a special deal for anyone who owns a local business who wants to take advantage of Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Online Service. My Son's Automatically Generated, Monetized Website

Example using ONLY Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

Rick Kirkham's Social Media Post Repeater Online Service

Many affiliate marketers start out with no website while working a full-time job or running another business. No time to promote affiliate products. Know nothing about websites. Just posting your affiliate offer on social media when you can. Here's a way to post your affiliate product up to 5 times a day automatically to Twitter!

Order your Done For You Hosting for The Busy Business Owner

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Feel free to email me, Rick Kirkham

Video - The Best Ways to Promote Your Website When You Have Time

Here are some proven marketing tactics to increase traffic and sales for your website. Some of my automated marketing clients and website promotion clients of have asked me how they can promote their websites and products when they have time to add to the automated marketing content and social media posts.

Write Articles on Your Website

This establishes you as an expert as well as creates more keyworded content for Google and other search engines.

E.A.T. stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It comes from Google's Search Quality Rater Guidelines. What I like to say it E.A.T. to eat :-)

Obviously, I can write articles for you. It would save you time and allow you to do what you do best for your business. I need about two to three hours to write a good keyworded customer and search engine loving article for you. Thus far my going rate is only $95.00 per hour. You can hire me and send me instructions on my main webpage.


More and more people are listening to podcasts. Think about something you're doing that's unique and start contacting podcasters. Local businesses look for local podcasts.

Press Releases

Search Google and Bing for submit press release free. Press releases are a good way of getting quality backlinks while building authority. As a cheapskate, they also happen to be one of the few services I would consider paying for.

Use the third person in your press release.

Make your press release newsworthy, not just advertising. Think of watching the news or reading the paper. Does your news fit in there? Then it's newsworthy.

In the about the author section make sure you use your citations. See the definition of those below.

Feel free to hire me to write your press release for you.

For Just Adding Links

Use my Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More

Search for Your Service or Product In Google and Bing

The purpose of the search is not to find your own product or service. It's to find directories, forums, and social media sites where your competitors are listed. Why? SO YOU CAN LIST YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE THERE AS WELL.

Stay away from paid submissions for now. You could always email me or ask a question below about a paid submission site. Every time I add my website promotion and hosting business to a website they have some type of paid upgrade. I get an email from them and reply asking for proof or references that the upgrade works and every single time I hear crickets. No response whatsoever.

Social Media

Don't just post on social media. Make a profile. See BusyBusinessHosting's Twitter profile. Feel free to follow me while you're there. By the way, DO NOT ignore Twitter. Google loves Twitter.

My Huge List Where to Add Your Links Articles and Free Advertising Social Bookmarking, Forums, Bookmarking Video Sites and More has social media sites.

How to Format Your Profile

When you make your profile be as consistent as you can. The search engines such as Google and Bing like the consistency but, possibly more importantly, the people visiting various social media will see the consistency as well.

If I've made a Twitter banner for you use that banner or something like it as part of your profile on other social media.

Free Twitter Tip

I try to include my website address along with keywords in my profile name. You can even change your user name for keywords which is rare amongst social media.

Keywords are what people type into search engines to find your website.

For Local Businesses

Local directories such as Yelp, Bing Places and Google Business Profile which now uses Google Maps are where your time sensitive efforts should be placed. After finding all the free local directories move onto social media.

Local Businesses Check Out Your Brand New Automated Service to Help You with Local SEO

Make Multiple City Targeted Webpages for Local SEO and Sales

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's how we adjust a website to make it more clear to search engines what your intentions are with your website. Fortunately, this also helps make it more clear to your prospective buyers as well.

Local businesses should have a web page for each city in which they're located or where you service your clients. It's easier for search engines to figure out the importance of that location and therefore you are placed higher in your search engine ranking.

Citations for Local Businesses

Citations are a fancy term that means placing your NAP all over the place. NAP stands for



Phone number

Whenever possible the website address should also be included.

Once again Google Business Profile and other directories like consistency. So be certain to use the same EXACT name address and phone number for your business. There's an old website tracking trick where you place ?camfromhere at the end of your URL which is your website address. I do not recommend even doing that for your citations.

Don't worry BusyBusinessHosting clients. I'm working on something to automate this.


Video Reviews

If a picture is worth 1000 words a video is worth a million. Use YouTube AND other video sharing sites to post video reviews from happy clients. Then take that video and embed it on a page of video referrals on your website. When I do a video I always make sure the word Video is in the title. For search engine purposes make sure you have the word review for each review. The word review is searched for more than the word testimonial according to Google Trends.

Convert Articles Into Videos

Next, convert some of your most popular articles you've written into video. I'm an in home tutor specializing in students with ADHD since I have ADHD myself. Don't worry, I hyperfocused on SEO and digital marketing :-).

One of my favorite articles I wrote for this venue is

ADHD - The Gift and Superpower of ADHD and How to Use It Not Manage It - Use It! by In Home Tutor Covering Honolulu Hawaii and All of Oahu J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. Text 808.224.1870 Note the phone number right in the title so prospective students don't have to search for my number to call me. Having my phone number in the title tag also means it will appear in Google and other search engines.

I did this same article on YouTube. Note in the description I linked back to the original article on my website. YouTube allows affiliate links so there are also some Amazon affiliate products related to ADHD.

I then made a new webpage and embedded the video into the page like so

So now we have new material, a video on a high traffic website and a link from the high traffic website back to my website. Adding a video to the original article would have also help with search engine optimization. I believe especially a YouTube video due to the old saying,

"Google loves Google."

Now Advertise Your Best Products or Services on YouTube

I just finished telling a prospective website hosting and website promotion client the importance of tracking and knowing what your most popular products and services are. Also which products or services make your business the most money?

Do a separate YouTube video for each popular product or service. Create a separate playlist for each product or service if they're different enough to require one.

Easiest Way to Do All This

Obviously, the easiest way to do all of this is to hire me to do it for you. For more information on my very affordable rates visit my main web page

You may email me at

US only residents may also text me. I ask you not to call due to time differences here in Hawaii. I know you're excited to get started, but please respect my wishes. Otherwise I'd be on the phone all night with no time for my family.

Make Multiple City Targeted Webpages for Local SEO and Sales

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator your local business solution to SEO targeted cities

  • Is your local business located in multiple cities?

  • Does your local business service multiple cities?

  • Have you tried to target multiple cities to make it easier for customers to find you but find it cumbersome?

  • Is it too time consuming to update every city targeted web page for your local business?

Why Do I Need a Web Page for Each City Where I Conduct Business?

You need a separate webpage for each city where your local business has offices or your local business services to make it easier for your prospective customers to find you through the search engines such as Google and Bing. Basically the more you mention your location for your local business web page the easier it is for the search engines to rank you above your competitors for local keyword phrases. Local keyword phrases are what people type into search engines to find your local business or service.

This is referred to as SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you with your search engine ranking placing you above your competition and making it easier for customers to find your local business or local service.

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator is Your Solution

What is Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator is a program written to solve the problem of both creating and updating multiple city targeted webpages to help promote your multiple city local business or service.

So Do I Have to Make a Local Web Page for Each City with Different Content to Help with My Local SEO?

That's what some SEO "experts" will tell you. I have never seen a local business reduced in search engine ranking due to duplicating local business city pages. Even search engines must realize if the local business is the same in one city it's the same in another city.

What are The Unique Features of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

Google and other search engines love lists.

List are an excuse to legitimately repeat your local keyword phrases in a natural manner.

Therefore Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator Work for My Local Business makes an index page. Take a look at one of my website promotion client's Any Kine Junk's multiple city service index page listing all of it's service cities here in Hawaii on Oahu for junk removal

Features of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator Index Page

The index page of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator has the same organization as the rest of the website. This is because the program grabs the template city page and uses it. Note Any Kine Junk's index page and compare it to the Any Kine Junk's main website you'll see the same format and style.

The Titles and Descriptions

All mention the cities, state, business and service.

Look At The URLs (website addresses)

I listed those on purpose in the generated index page because local keywords are part of the URL.

EVERY Instance of The City Name is Changed to The Target City

In the case of Any Kine Junk junk removal service, I used another program I use for all of my website promotion clients Rick Kirkham's On-Topic Monetized for You Breaking News Service. I targeted Oahu news since the business is based on Oahu, adding Any Kine Junk's own keyworded ad at the end of each news title.

If you look at Any Kine Junk's Ewa Beach city targeted webpage you'll note even the article titles along the side, or bottom on a mobile device, have been renamed to Ewa Beach. There will be no confusion for the search engines as to what that web page is about.

Automatic Promotion to Social Media

Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator produces an RSS feed. Don't worry, if you just clicked that link and saw what you thought of as gobbly goop that's what most people see, but to programmers and search engines, it's information candy! Plus I always tell my website promotion clients,

"You don't have to understand it. You have a Rick." :-)

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. It's a way to share information from or to another website including a social media sharing website I pay for so my website promotion clients will get their local business targeted cities automatically posted to social media.

Twitter and Blogger are Especially Targeted for Social Posting

Google and Twitter are dating. :-) Twitter's fast paced user generated content makes Twitter feed posts very popular with Google and other search engines. Often you'll see a Twitter post get ranked on Google before your own web page post does. That's a good thing by the way. It will help raise your web page post higher in the search engines due to the social backlinks.

Here's an automated city targeted Twitter post from Any Kine Junk. As one of my website promotion client's, I edited their Twitter account myself to ensure optimal prospect and search engine contact opportunities.

Duplicate City Targeted Social Media Posts Are Made Through Rick Kirkham's Social Media Post Repeater Online Service

See The Date in The Twitter Post above?

That's the date this Any Kine Junk's city targeted link was posted. If you click this search link for the same post on Twitter you'll see that the post has been repeated at least once a day some times more. Feel free to follow my client for the best Oahu breaking news while you're there.

Rick, Your Program Looks Great. It Looks Like You've Covered All The Digital Marketing Bases for The Local Businesses

Thank you! Believe me it helps that I'm a local business owner myself

How Do I Get Started Rick?

We can get started one of three different ways

  1. I need a link to one of your web pages that targets a city where your local business is located or where your local business services your clientele. You may send that via email if you like to or include it in your startup form when you get signed up.

  2. Hire me to write the city targeted web page for you. I charge $95.00 per hour and will require 2 hours. Give me one week to write the city targeted web page.

  3. On the Website Promotion Page select the Completely Manage Your Website and Marketing service. Then I write one and about anything else as part of this all encompassing website promotion service.

What is The Investment for Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator?

I'm happy to, at least for a limited time, give my fellow local business owners a break in their investment of Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator. I am, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE making Rick Kirkham's Multiple City Targeted Web Page Generator part of Your Website Promotion Package.

So Click Here to go to your Local Business Website Promotion Page and scroll down for pricing details or feel free to read the other digital marketing goodies you get with your website promotion package.

By the way my wife keeps telling me I should be charging more for all these services. So get signed up now before the words "yes dear" come out of my mouth.


I'm happy answer any questions you may have. Emal me at US only residents may also text me. I ask you not to call due to time differences here in Hawaii. I know you're excited to get started, but please respect my wishes. Otherwise I'd be on the phone all night with no time for my family.

Video - Rick, I Just Want to Make Money Online I Don't Want a Website Can You Help Me?

Yes! I can help you make a passive income online without a website. Here's what I'll do so you DON'T have to work from home.

Now back to your regularly scheduled how to make money online to get a passive income program....

I was speaking with the spouse of a military man

A friend of mine and great teacher told me she was moving. I knew I could help her get an income from an online system that I developed and now manage for people. God's timing. I recently launched this and made it available to the public. The advantage she saw of an online business was it could be run anywhere. You don't have to start over every time you move.

Why you don't hear about my passive method for making money online....

Because I wrote the program! Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service.

You just watched the video, but now I'll set this up so you don't have to sign up for website hosting. The problem I see with some of you doing that is you don't know what you're doing. No offense. I may need to help you find a category of affiliate products from either Digitstore24, Clickbank or another affiliate management company.

I may also need to pick a proper keyworded domain, which is a website address, for you. Don't worry you don't need a website, but this simply doesn't work as well with Google and other search engines without a domain getting regular on-topic content from my on-topic, monetized breaking news program.

You have the option for a blog, which I will install for you up to, but not including the first post, unless you've ordered the service to manage your website completely.

If you're just starting out I really don't think you need that. Just my automated on-topic, monetized content automatically going to social media and Blogger, which is a blog owned by Google. There's an old saying, "Google loves Google."

Rick, what's the main way I'll be making money from Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service?

Most of the monetized links are from affiliate marketing. I'll setup three different special links and text to add to your breaking news pages. You'll make a commission whenever someone orders a product or service. The products and services will naturally be related to the news topics thus people will already have an interest in them.

Be sure to watch the video

It will answer a lot of your questions.

Questions even after watching the video?

No problem email me, Rick Kirkham at

Anywhere in the U.S.A. Text me, Rick Kirkham at 808.224.1870. Text only please due to time differences.

What is my investment Rick?

For beginners who don't need me to manage a blog for you, I recommend the Automated Marketing Package for only $49.00 per month.

With the Automated Marketing Package, you get

  • Your own domain name (website address)

  • Rick Kirkham’s On-Topic Monetized Breaking News Online Service

  • A discussion system at the bottom of each breaking news web page. This increases the time people spend on your website. The search engines such as Google believe that's important. It also increases stickiness which is guests returning to your web page to continue in a conversation. Returning visits increase sales and your search engine ranking.

  • ME! To set it up DFY Done For You. While you continue with your busy life, a client of BusyBusinessHosting :-)

Fill out the form first, then Subscribe to get started today!

Rick Kirkham's Breaking News Online Service